Mini Bag Buying Guide: What Makes a Fashionable Mini Bag?

Putting the perfect outfit together requires more than standard tops, bottoms, and accessories. In order to truly bring a look together, you'll need the perfect bag. While oversized bags were the standard, the mini bag has taken the fashion world by storm. Mini purses pack a punch despite their small size, adding flair and style to just about any outfit, formal or casual.

If you're considering purchasing a mini bag, this guide can help you find the best one for you.

What is a mini bag?

What is a mini bag?

The mini bag is extremely versatile, whether you're looking for a sustainable crossbody bag, a mini tote bag, or a fancy mini purse for a black tie event. Mini bags are significantly smaller than standard purses and oversized handbags, making them an ideal accessory when you don't want to make a statement.

You've likely seen many mini bags throughout your life, especially if you're a fan of award shows and red-carpet events. These bags are favored for formal occasions and gatherings and can help to bring any outfit together when appropriately accessorized.

What is the purpose of a mini bag?

The mini bag is more than just a bag. It not only provides the space to carry necessities whenever you're on the go, but it allows you to focus more on whatever it is you're doing rather than watching over your purse at all times. Mini bags are optimal for carrying items, such as phones and credit cards, and can be the perfect choice when heading somewhere crowded.

Are mini bags in style?

Yes! Mini bags are becoming increasingly popular among those who enjoy casual looks and style icons. The mini bag comes in various shapes and sizes, providing total freedom when shopping for a new bag or selecting a purse to accent your favorite outfit.

What to look for in a mini bag?

What to look for in a mini bag?

Before choosing your next mini purse, there are a few considerations to keep in mind to ensure your bag is just right for you.


When searching for a mini purse, consider your preferred styles and the aesthetic you are going for with your new bag. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why am I interested in a mini bag?
  • When will I use my new purse?
  • Will I be using my mini bag daily or for special events?
  • Is the bag I'm interested in versatile so that it can be used with more than one outfit?
  • Am I trying to make a statement with my mini bag?
  • Am I using this mini bag at work, or only when I attend outings and formal events?

It's also a good idea to consider the type of pattern, colors, and overall shape before purchasing a mini purse, tote, or bag. Spend time researching patterns, styles, and shapes that appeal to you based on your own needs. The more familiar you become with the type of mini purse you want, the easier it'll be to find a bag, tote, or crossbody purse that fits your personal sense of style and wardrobe.


While some mini bags are designed for appearance, not function, most mini bags today have some level of functionality. If you intend to use your mini purse for storing necessities and personal items, you'll need to inspect the bag for pockets, access points, and closure mechanisms.

Before you begin shopping for a mini purse or a mini crossbody bag, think of when you will be using the bag and for what purpose. This will help you to find a mini bag that has the level of functionality you need. Some mini bags can only be carried and must be held at all times, while others include a crossbody design that makes it easy to keep track of when you are on the go.

Consider the care instructions that are provided for the mini bag you are interested in. Washable and sustainable bags are made better, plus they're likely to last longer when properly cared for.


Choosing the color of your mini purse is another major decision in the shopping process. Not all mini bags are designed the same or use identical dyes, impacting how vibrant a bag appears or how well a pattern is visible to the naked eye.

Compare the colors of mini bags and consider the type of outfits you intend to wear while carrying your purse. If your wardrobe is packed with over-the-top colors and patterns, you'll likely want to seek a mini bag that provides the same aesthetic.

If you're searching for a mini bag that's extremely versatile and can be worn just about anywhere, consider sticking to classic grays, black, white, and neutral browns, such as beige. Don't be afraid to play with patterns since this can help accent your outfit even more.

Quality of materials

When searching for a new mini bag, it's important to inspect the quality of the materials used to make the bag itself, including zippers, snaps, and other closure attachments.

Not all mini purses, totes, and bags are made equally. Learning about materials used by your favorite mini handbag designers can also help you find a purse that's just right for you.

If you're unsure what type of material is used on a bag you're interested in, research the designer. Most designers will inform their customers if they use sustainable materials to create their bags and other fashion accessories.

At Rothy's, all mini bags are made with sustainability in mind. The Mini Bag is specifically knit with our signature thread spun from single-use plastic bottles, helping keep about 302 grams of plastic out of our oceans.


Investing in a mini purse is a great way to have an accent bag for just about any occasion. However, once you begin looking for a mini tote bag or purse that is right for you, it is important to keep the cost in mind. While some mini bags may cost between $50 and $200, there are also designer handbags that cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the designer and the design itself.

Other factors, such as materials and quality, can significantly impact the price of a purse. The higher the bag's quality, the more you're likely to pay.

Additional features

Although mini bags are naturally small, they sometimes include additional features that increase their usability and versatility. While many mini purses are designed only to store smartphones and credit cards, some bags may contain storage compartments to keep personal belongings safe and out of public view. Mini purses may also include additional external pockets or key rings for even more functionality.

Mini Handbags: Frequently Asked Questions

Are mini crossbody bags easy to style?

Yes. The mini crossbody bag is modern and chic while providing usability and functionality necessary in everyday life. With a mini crossbody bag, you can easily compliment any outfit with ease and without constantly needing to hold onto your bag whenever you're running errands or out with friends.

The mini crossbody bag sets itself apart from traditional satchels. It comes in many different colors, materials, and patterns to help create a look that allows you to truly feel like yourself.

What can I carry in a mini purse?

What can you carry in a mini bag?

A mini purse is useful for carrying most of your essential items and necessities. In most cases, it's easy to carry credit cards, smartphones, and other flat items that can easily slide into your bag. Depending on the design and functionality of the handbag, you may also have additional pockets for tissues, keys, and a wallet. Some mini bags focus more on style than function, so if you want to carry the most essentials without being weighed down, look for a practical bag.

Can I take a mini bag to work?

If you're getting ready for work and wondering what bag you should accessorize with, selecting a mini purse is a stylish choice. The mini bag is not only trendy, but it's also an acceptable bag to carry in the workplace. If your mini bag is small, however, we recommend ensuring it's stored in a safe or locked area when you can't keep an eye on it.

Wrapping up: Should you buy a mini bag?

For those who understand just how useful mini bags can be, a small bag, tote, or purse is an excellent addition to any wardrobe. Whether you're looking for a bag for a formal black tie occasion or if you want to accessorize your closet in a unique way, this is always an excellent choice.

Finding the perfect mini bag for your favorite outfit is easier than ever with Rothy's mini bag collection. The Mini Handbag from Rothy's applies a modern, chic, and classic look.