How to Break in Boots Like a Pro

Whether you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe or find a new pair of stylish shoes as the seasons change, we’re here to help. A good pair of women’s boots can elevate your outfit, boost your confidence, and keep you warm all at the same time. Step into fall fashion by exploring different styles of boots.

But with boots comes one constant challenge—learning how to break in boots. A new pair of boots can take time to break in. They may be stiff or uncomfortable at the beginning, resulting in painful sore spots. By following a few simple tips, you can learn the best way to break in boots and find the perfect fit.

This guide will cover how long it takes to break in new boots, as well as the dos and don’ts to help you enjoy your boots.

How Long Does It Take To Break in New Boots?

Sometimes, you can break in boots quickly, while other cases require more time and patience. Some people can break in new boots after just a few wears, while others may take weeks or months. The time it takes to break in new boots can vary depending on several factors. The boot style and how often the boots are worn can all influence how long it takes to break in boots.

Boot design and style

The design and style of your boots play a role in how long it takes to break them in. Boots that feature zippers, elastic inserts, or laces may be easier to break in because you can adjust the fit to be more comfortable for your feet. High-top boots may take longer to break in due to their height and stiffness.

Frequency of wear

The more often you wear new boots, the faster they'll conform to the shape of your feet. Of all the things you can do to break in new boots and ensure a comfortable fit, wearing them for regular, short periods is one of the best methods. Long, extended periods of wear can cause excessive discomfort and counteract your efforts to break in new boots. Wearing your shoes for a few hours daily is a great way to break in boots.

Dos for Breaking in New Boots

Stiff boots are uncomfortable. Breaking in a new pair of boots can sometimes be challenging, but it’s important for ensuring long-lasting comfort. So, how do you break in new boots? For the best way to break in boots, follow the tips below.

Wear the correct boot size

Choosing the right size is the first step in breaking in boots. Boots that are too small can result in discomfort, while boots that are too large may cause pain due to a lack of support. New boots should fit snugly so your foot doesn’t slide around but offer enough room for your toes to wiggle. By choosing the right size, you increase the chances of breaking in new boots quickly and comfortably.

Wear your boots for a few hours at a time

After purchasing a new pair of boots, you might be tempted to wear them right away. This isn't the best way to break in boots. Instead, gradually break them in by wearing your shoes for short periods. This allows the boots to form to your feet and provides ample recovery time between wears, helping you get accustomed to the feel of the shoes.

Start by wearing your new boots for an hour or two at a time and gradually increase as you start feeling more comfortable.

Wear thick socks

A fast way to break in boots is by wearing thick socks. Protect your feet with thick socks to prevent friction and reduce the risk of discomfort. Socks that are too thin might leave extra space in your boots, resulting in more friction. Thick socks fill extra space and help stretch out boots, ensuring a snugger fit that can help you break in boots quickly.

Woman adjusting shoelaces to break in boots

Adjust your laces

Breaking in boots can be made easier by adjusting your laces. If the boots lace up, try tying them in different ways to provide relief. Adjust the laces to ensure your boots are snug but not overly tight. Giving your feet some breathing room can help you break in boots more quickly. Pay attention to your pressure points and fix the laces as needed.

Be patient

How long it takes to break in boots varies depending on the person and shoes. The key to breaking in new boots is remaining patient and giving your shoes time to adapt to your feet.

Don’ts of Breaking in New Boots

When you get a pair of stylish new boots, you want to wear them immediately. Don’t overlook the necessity of breaking in new boots in your pursuit of fashion. When looking for fast ways to break in boots, avoid the following methods.

Avoid using a hair dryer

If you’re looking for a quick fix to break in boots, put the hair dryer down. People often use a hair dryer to speed up the softening of the boot material, but it can actually damage your shoes. Instead, rely on more natural methods for breaking in your boots.

Don’t wear your boots daily

Even though those new boots look fabulous, resist the temptation to wear them every day. While wearing new boots regularly can speed up the break-in process, excessive wearing can actually lead to pain, discomfort, and premature wear and tear for the boots. Give your feet some rest and let the shoes adjust gradually rather than trying to force it too quickly.

Skip the shoe-stretching spray

You may have tried shoe-stretching sprays in the past to help expand the size of your boots and give them more flexibility. These sprays may actually weaken the structural integrity of your boots, affecting their long-term durability. If you feel that your shoes are too stiff and natural methods for stretching aren't working, consult with a professional who can stretch your boots without damaging them.

Ditch boot stretchers

Boot stretchers are designed to expand the width of your boots. At times, boot stretchers are a tool that can be effective, but you should avoid overusing them. If you overstretch your boots, it can warp or weaken them. When using boot stretchers, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and use them sparingly.

Woman running up stairs with boots on

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