In nature, sustainability is made possible by reciprocity: A circular and infinite exchange of energy. From the collaboration of our design and factory teams to the pioneering innovations of our former Sustainability Council, Rothy’s partnerships are built on teamwork between people, and a deep respect for our relationship with the planet.


A tight-knit team.

In our San Francisco Headquarters, our retail stores and our factory, we create happy, healthy work environments where people feel connected and valued. It’s only by such close collaboration and teamwork we are able to innovate so quickly—and precisely—on product.


From SF to Dongguan (and back).

Everything we make is designed in SF and crafted with care in Dongguan. Only the Rothy’s team touches our shoes during production, which is a rare accomplishment in the footwear industry. Every product goes through dozens of imaginative, innovative, and meticulous steps before it ships directly to your door—all in the spirit of teamwork.


Renewable energy usage.

And when it comes to powering this important work, we purchase 100% renewable energy to account for all of the electricity for our workshop, offices and retail spaces.

A peek at the workshop.

In the beginning, our factory employed only nine workers—highly skilled artisans and shoemakers collaborating closely with our design team in SF. Since then, our production team has grown by hundreds, and our partnership has only grown deeper. 

Building a sustainable team. 61% Women-Led: As of 2022, our executive team (that’s VP and above) comprises 61% women—a percentage we'd like to see in every industry. From 9 to 1000+: Thanks to industry-leading benefits and working conditions, our factory


Diversity, equity and inclusivity.

Sustainability is only as valuable as the conditions being sustained. With the help of our Inclusion Advisory Council—a diverse group of employees from the Rothy’s HQ, retail store and factory staff—we’re committed to furthering our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts. From strengthening channels for employee feedback to improving hiring practices and mental wellness initiatives, we’re dedicated to supporting the community that sustains us.