Our bags and shoes are made with love from innovative materials—natural, renewable, bio-based and recycled. And we’re working ardently to source materials that are easier on the planet. 

A pop in the wash.

Fashion is responsible for more annual carbon emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Fashion needs to slow down—that means making and buying fewer, better things that last longer. That’s why everything we make is machine washable—so they stay as good as new for season after season.

A durable deal.

Although we use primarily recycled bottles and ocean-bound marine plastics collected from land within 30 miles of coastlines, virgin plastic was invented for a reason—its extreme durability (which is also why it takes so long to decompose). We’re making the best of pre-existing plastics, and pairing them with durable natural and renewable materials in pursuit of a fully recyclable product. The result: impossibly versatile styles that set new precedents for longevity.