Meet our materials.

Wonder what we're made of? From our knit uppers—which are spun from plastic bottles—all the way down to the algae-based foam in our strobel boards, we carefully consider each material we use. After all, at Rothy's we're on a continuous quest to do better. And that means making the right choices from the very beginning.

Single-use plastic water bottles.

We divert plastic bottles from landfills (nearly 100 million so far!) and transform them into our signature thread—which we then knit into durable, washable and sustainable styles like shoes, bags and accessories. Who knew water bottles could look and feel this good?

Algae-based foam.

Our strobel boards (aka, the green part of the shoe under the insole) and the footbeds of our sandals use an algae-based foam. Harvesting harmful algae from waterways helps to keep our marine ecosystems in balance—plus makes for extra-sturdy shoes.

Ocean-bound marine plastic.

Collected within 30 miles of coastlines and marine environments, we’ve transformed 200,000 pounds of marine plastic into sustainable bags unlike any other. Beyond keeping waste out of the ocean, this cool material is also fully machine washable—just like our signature thread.

Natural & renewable components.

Our signature outsoles, found on The Flat, The Point and The Loafer, are made with 35% natural and renewable materials, while our insoles contain 30% plant-based oil and recycled rubber. What can we say, we love plants.

Bio-based TPU.

We get back to nature with the outsoles on The Flip Flop and The Lace Up. Created with a bio-based TPU that uses 25% plant-based components, these outsoles are flexible, plant-derived and durable—plus they feature a raised detail for traction.

Merino wool.

Plush, cozy and natural, we like to think of merino wool as mother nature’s perfect material. Combined with our signature thread, our merino styles are soft and renewable, while just as washable and durable as your favorite Rothy’s.