This isn’t your grandma’s kinda knitting. Far from it. We use the power and innovative technology of 3D knitting with every pair of Rothy’s we make. Which is good for you AND the environment. You get that perfect fit each and every time. The environment gets less waste. Win-win. Let’s break it all down so we can see how we build it all up.

3 ways 3D knitting makes an impact:

1. From technical to organic fibers, the fabric options are endless. Yeah, creativity.

2. Precision plus technology means the exact size we want which cuts clutter on the factory floor. Cut. It. Out.

3. The outcome? A seamless knit for an instant fit. Ah, comfort.

We’re especially proud of our 3D knitting technology because it nixes excess fabric. (We fancy ourselves minimalists around here.) By knitting to shape, we eliminate the need to cut small pieces of fabric from larger ones. Little scraps of fabric waste may not seem like a big deal, but add them all together and they become a huge problem.

Apparel waste is a global problem. With the rise of fast fashion comes the rising amount of waste in landfills. Not. Good. We create Rothy’s to be durable, washable and made to last. And that means less shoes in landfills.

Sustainability is knit into our DNA. And that’s just the way we like it.

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