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Wear and Care

Our Wear Guidelines

Rothy’s are carefully crafted to be beautiful, washable and durable. We understand unexpected flaws may happen time to time, and if your shoes have a defect due to manufacturing we will replace your shoes at our discretion. We do not replace shoes damaged due to normal wear and tear, stains, accidental or cosmetic damages.

No matter how well you care for your Rothy’s, they are shoes and eventually they will show signs of age and repeated wear. Examples of normal wear and tear that are not covered include: faded color, worn fabric in areas of heavy use (ie, back of heel and toes), holes or snags, outsole detachment and insole odor.

Washing your Rothy's

Our shoes are entirely machine washable in cold water. Just remove the insoles prior to washing and throw them in the washing machine with your shoes. Wash on a cold, delicate setting with mild detergent. Leave them to air dry. And just a reminder: any heat will cause Rothy's to shrink and lose shape, so make sure to never wash with warm water or put them in the dryer.

You wash the Sneaker like all of our other shoes, except for one very important note! The Sneaker has a removable midsole that we do not recommend washing. Ideally, separate the Midsole (the black extra piece under the knit insole) and throw everything else into the washing machine. Use a delicate cycle and gentle detergent and then leave to air dry. Once your shoes have dried completely, anchor The Midsole back into place and cover it with the insole.

Our unique knit material is designed to dry quickly if it gets wet.

We developed our Care Kit to help you get the most out of washing your Rothy's. We cannot guarantee it will remove ALL stains (like all stain removers), but it will help to both clean and refresh your shoes. The spray was uniquely formulated to deodorize our material, so we recommend focusing on the parts of your shoe that get the most wear (like the insoles)!

The Care Kit is $20.

The Care Kit is not a stain remover, but it will help remove and/or lessen the severity of some stains as a pre-treatment before you wash your shoes. It is not intended to be like a stain remover that doesn’t require immediate washing, so be sure to use the Care Kit just before machine washing your Rothy’s.

Spray your shoes, put them in the included wash bag, and put them in the machine! The spray in the kit is most useful when concentrated primarily on the insole, as it has a special formulation that is meant both deodorize and clean. We also love using the wash bag while traveling to keep our shoes separate from the rest of our suitcase.

No, the Care Kit is not returnable. Even if your kit has not been used, we cannot accept a return due to the liquid nature of the spray wash.

Our cleaning spray was specifically formulated to freshen and deodorize our material. That being said, a few of our office employees have used it on the occasional spill, and it has worked like a charm on jeans and other garments!

Our wash bag is made from a material that captures microplastics during the washing process, so it ultimately lessens the amount of microplastics released into the water.

We created our cleaning spray specifically based on feedback from our customers. The spray is used to freshen and deodorize our material. If your insoles are slightly smelly, the cleaning spray will make your shoes as fresh and clean as possible.

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