Our sneakers were made for life in motion—so we put them to the test with four New York chefs and food artists who spend their days busy on their feet making every minute count.

A powerhouse duo in the NY food scene, these two know what it means to prioritize time. Laila, co-founder of tableware universe Gohar World and Ignacio, a chef and restaurateur, agree their physical work requires versatile, comfortable style that can last for hours on end—because “time is the ultimate luxury.”

Camille is not afraid to change things up. As her career has grown and evolved over the years, she’s made it a point to keep moving forward and not getting stuck. But some things are constant—like her intentionality and authenticity. “When I get dressed for the day, I basically go by a feeling. It’s all about movement—comfort and ease. And style!”

“I want to open people’s eyes to eating well, feeling well, and taking care of our planet.”


Multitasker Zaynab never slows down. As she knows all too well, “When doing your side hustle passion and your 9 to 5 job, using your time wisely is super important.” She spends her days on the go—whether she’s commuting, cooking or shooting content—and calls comfortable footwear an important part of her style.