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Our recycling pilot program: Store drop-off event.

We started out with the radical idea that plastic bottles could become shoes—and since then, we’ve continued to innovate. We built our own factory, where we’ve repurposed millions of plastic water bottles and thousands of pounds of ocean-bound marine plastic into shoes, bags and accessories. 

We’re thrilled to announce that as part of our recycling pilot program, we’re taking back shoes for recycling from October 18 to October 24 in our retail stores. Our recycling pilot program brings us one step closer to our goal of reaching circular production by 2023.

We want to recycle your Rothy's. 

We’ll be taking the shoes you donate and test ways that we can dismantle and recycle each component. For this initial phase, we are working with a thread supplier to recycle our uppers made from recycled water bottles into twice-recycled thread. This is just the beginning—we’re starting small and can’t wait to continue developing this program with all that we learn. 

How it works:

Here’s how you can participate in our recycling pilot program and help us reach our goal of recycling 20,000 pairs of shoes by the end of this year.


This is only the first step in our recycling pilot program journey and we’re excited to keep you updated on our progress. Want to keep learning about sustainability at Rothy’s? See more here.

Here’s what our legal team wants you to know: 

    • Through our recycling pilot program, you can donate all Rothy's shoes in any condition.
    • By donating a pair of shoes, you will receive $20 off any same day purchase made in store. The purchase must be made in store on the same day you donate the pair of shoes.
    • You are welcome to donate as many pairs of shoes as you want. Please note that you can only receive one code for $20 per same day purchase each day. 
    • The $20 off any same day purchase made in store cannot be combined with other offers. 
    • This offer is only available during store hours from October 18 to October 24, 2021. You can check out our store locations and hours here. 

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