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Made to last.

We believe in crafting products that are built to last. Part of designing for circularity is creating shoes and bags that stand the test of time, so you can enjoy your favorite styles for years to come. And in order to do that, before we launch a new product we test that style for at least a dozen durability attributes like colorfastness, knit strength and wear resistance. Read on to learn more about the impressive durability of Rothy’s production.

Rothy’s accessories.

We’re proud to make bags that are better for the planet—and better for you. We knit all our accessories, from travel bags to minimalist wallets and everything in between, with a combination of recycled threads. Partially created from Rothy’s signature thread, which is made from plastic bottles, and ocean-bound marine plastic, which is collected within 30 miles of coastlines, our bags are incredibly durable and fully machine washable. 

And we’re proud to say they stay looking crisp even after daily use. In fact, we wash each style of bag at least 10 times to guarantee it will keep its color and shape, and run a colorfast test that uses a UV light to simulate sun exposure, just to make sure it stays exceptional wear after wear.

Strength in numbers.

Your bag is only as good as the amount of stuff it can carry (that’s a saying, right?). In all seriousness, we know your daily bag needs to be able to keep up with you. That’s why we ran the numbers (and by that we mean scientific tests at our factory) and have discovered:

The handles on The Lightweight Tote are strong enough to hold 150 pounds! Talk about the perfect bag to take running errands.

Did you know The Handbag has a party trick? Its handles have the strength to hold a full-grown labrador retriever. That’s right, we did the math and discovered it can handle 75 pounds. Now fitting four paws inside is a different story…

Here’s a fun fact: The Bucket Bag handles are strong enough to hold 150 pounds. Now you really can bring the kitchen sink.

And even on our tiniest bags, the strength is surprisingly mighty. Like the handles on The Mini Handbag, which are strong enough to hold 50 pounds. 

Rothy’s shoes.

Just like our bags, we test every style of shoes so you can love them longer. Not only do we wash-test them 10 times and use a UV light to test colorfastness, but we also flex each style of shoe at least 120,000 to measure wear resistance. In total we run 15 durability tests to guarantee our shoes are durable. After all, your very favorite shoes should be up to the task of daily wear.

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