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How to wash your shoes.

Nothing beats a clean pair of shoes fresh out of the box.

But let’s be real, day-to-day living can get messy. Here’s where machine washable shoes come in.

Rothy’s makes shoes that are designed with you in mind. They’re life-proof, kid-proof, and they’ll help you take on your day in comfort and style. The best part? Rothy’s are sustainably knit from plastic water bottles, and you can simply throw them in your washing machine when they’ve seen better days.

No more disappointment after that first scuff. Just pop them in the wash and your Rothy’s will come out fresh, so you can get that new shoe look and feel every time.

What makes Rothy’s machine washable?
Rothy’s aren’t just any shoe—they’re knit from recycled water bottles that are heat-treated, sterilized, and then combined with fiber. That fiber is then knit into yarn and used to create chic, stylish and washable designs.

Are Rothy's comfortable?
Just because they’re made out of water bottles doesn’t mean it feels like it. Rothy’s have an innovative, seamless construction that provides absolute comfort when you’re walking around—which means no stiff seams or uncomfortable edges to chafe or scrape. Our signature thread makes each shoe soft and flexible, so they effortlessly move with you.

How do I wash my shoes in the washing machine?
Rothy’s are made to be washed in a washing machine.
You don’t have to do anything special to your Rothy’s before sending them into the spin cycle. Simply remove your insoles and toss them in directly with your Rothy’s. For The Sneaker, The Chelsea and The Lace Up, make sure to set the midsoles aside before washing your shoes.

The next step: pick a gentle detergent. Make sure it isn’t overly harsh so that the colors of your shoes will stay true.

What washer settings do I use?
Once you have your mild detergent, set your washer to the delicate cycle, taking care to ensure that the water temperature is set to “cold”. Rothy’s don’t like heat—remember to never use hot or warm water when machine washing your shoes.

As a bonus, Rothy’s are made with a unique seamless construction that molds to your feet, so there are no loose threads to get pulled during the washing cycle.

How do I dry my shoes?

The first rule of thumb is to stay away from heat, because your Rothy’s unique shape could be compromised by extreme, harsh temperatures. That means you shouldn’t use a hair dryer or put your shoes in the dryer. Simply leave them out to air dry.

Rothy’s are made to be breathable and have quick drying properties, so you won’t be waiting too long once they’re out of the washing machine. Once both the insoles and the shoes are dry, slip the insoles in and you’ll be ready to get going.

How do I hand wash my shoes?
If you don’t have access to a washing machine but still want to remove the dirt and grime from your Rothy’s, you can always hand wash them! Sure, they’re designed to be tossed into the washing machine—but in a pinch, a sink will work just as well.

First, you’ll need a sink or tub. Fill the basin with cold water. Never use hot or warm water to prevent your Rothy’s from losing their color and shape.

Use your hands to scrub your shoes with a gentle detergent. Make sure to completely submerge them in water. Then, simply rinse and let them air dry.

Figuring out how to wash your shoes has never been easier.

How do I get rid of any shoe odors?
If you’re not looking to give your shoes a full spa experience, you can simply give them a little refresh in the form of this shoe hack.

With constant wear, any shoe can sometimes have odor issues. If you need to freshen up your footwear, follow the instructions below.

First, sprinkle your insoles with baking soda, a natural deodorizer (pro tip: this also works for your fridge). Leave the baking soda in the insoles overnight. In the morning, dump out the baking soda. There should be no residual odor after this process.

If you want to get even fancier, add some essential oils to the baking soda. We like the idea of adding lavender for a soothing fragrance.

Did you have a hectic day and spill something on your shoes? Get rid of that stain with a little spot treatment. Simply take a toothbrush and give the stain a gentle scrubbing with a drop of dish soap or detergent. Wipe down with a clean, dampened towel. Then, allow them to air dry.

What if I need to replace the insoles?

Sometimes, your insoles life span runs out faster than the rest of the shoe. And it makes sense—it’s hard work supporting your feet every day. Rothy’s offers replacement insoles directly on the website. Simply choose your shoe style and shoe size, and you’re good to go.

Why are Rothy’s different from other brands?
One of Rothy’s best characteristics is their versatility. They’re casual enough to wear to the grocery store, but with the right outfit, they can transition from the office to post-work happy hour. There’s no need to stash any extra shoes in your purse for unexpected plans—your Rothy’s are your one-and-done pair.

Our women’s flats have the flexibility to go from day to night because they come in a multitude of styles. With pointed toe, rounded toe and loafer styles, there’s something for everyone. They are a wardrobe game changer that will take you through any occasion.

Going to a friend’s New Year’s Eve party? Our pointed toe flats have the polish and style to help carry any outfit. Our colors range from beautiful jewel tones, dynamic patterns, and go-with-anything neutrals.

Our women’s loafers make an unmistakable style statement. A comfortable and chic style providing more foot coverage, they are great paired with skinny jeans, a loose blouse and a structured blazer. Your office casual has never looked so good.

Rothy’s is all about crafting stylish and sustainable shoes that you can feel good in. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about keeping your shoes clean again.

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