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Find the perfect fit.

 Rothy's are meant to be the most comfortable shoe in your closet—so it’s important to find the right fit. Due to the structure and shape of each silhouette, the fit may differ slightly across styles. Let’s explore each one.



  • Women’s Flats (The Flat, The Loafer, The Mary Jane, The Point, The Square)
  • Women’s Sneakers (The Sneaker, The Lace Up)
  • Women's Boots (The Chelsea, The Merino Ankle Boot)
  • Women’s Sandals (The Bubble Slide, The Flip Flop, The Knot, The Wrap Sandal)


  • Men’s Sneakers (The RS01 Sneaker)
  • Men’s Loafers (The Driving Loafer)


    Women's Shoes 

    How to Fit The Flat

    As this classic style features a narrow toe box, those with feet wider than a B width often go up a half size for maximum comfort.


    How to Fit The Square

    As this polished style features a narrow toe box, those with feet wider than a B width often go up a half size for maximum comfort.


    How to Fit The Point & The Mary Jane

    Like other pointed toe shoes you may own, The Point and The Mary Jane features our most narrow toe box, so those with wider feet may find going up half a size to be the most comfortable fit.

    The Mary Jane also features ties that are fully adjustable for a customizable fit across the top of the foot.

    How to Fit The Loafer

    With its high vamp and slightly narrow box, those with feet wider than a B width often go up a half size to find the perfect fit in The Loafer.

    Women’s Sneakers (The Sneaker and The Lace Up)

    How to Fit The Sneaker

    A comfy shoe you can easily slip on and off, most people order their standard shoe size in The Sneaker.

    How to Fit The Lace Up

    Loosen the laces, wiggle the sidewalls, adjust the tongue, tie up the laces as snug (or not) as you like—with this sneaker style, you can create your own absolutely perfect fit.

    This style only comes in whole sizes and runs true to size. If you usually wear a half size and your feet are wider than a B, we recommend sizing up. If your feet are slightly more narrow, we recommend sizing down.

    Women’s Boots (The Chelsea and The Merino Ankle Boot)


    How to Fit The Chelsea

    All Rothy’s are designed to be worn without socks, but we created The Chelsea with cooler months in mind. Therefore the tension of this knit is flexible enough to accommodate socks if you choose to wear them. Most people order their standard shoe size in The Chelsea.

    How to Fit The Merino Ankle Boot

    Featuring a structured, square-shaped toe box, we recommend that those with feet wider than a B width go up a half size for maximum comfort in this chic style. 

    Tip: Each of our other merino styles fits similarly to the same silhouette knit with our signature thread.

    Women’s Sandals (The Bubble Slide, The Flip Flop, The Knot, and The Wrap Sandal)


    How to fit The Bubble Slide

    Crafted with bold, bubble-inspired knit straps and a plush contoured footbed, this comfortable sandal is here to slide you straight into summer. 

    The Bubble Slide fits true to size. For those with feet narrower than a B width, we recommend going down half a size for a fit that’s just right.


    How to fit The Flip Flop, The Knot and The Wrap Sandal

    With a sleek footbed and comfy knit straps, our sandals were made to give your toes a break. Most customers order their standard size in these sunshine-approved styles. 

    The Wrap Sandal also features chic ties that you can wrap around your ankle for an adjustable fit. 


    Men's Shoes 

    Men’s Sneakers (The RS01 Sneaker)

    How to Fit The RS01 Sneaker

    Built for exceptional comfort with or without socks, this classic sneaker features adjustable laces and a soft terry-lined tongue for the perfect fit right out of the box. Simply loosen or tighten the laces or adjust the sidewalls depending on what feels right. 

    The RS01 Sneaker fits true to your standard sneaker size for whole sizes.

    If you're a half size, we recommend sizing up for maximum comfort.


    Men’s Loafers (The Driving Loafer)

    How to Fit The Driving Loafer

    With a soft knit upper and dual-density insoles, this versatile slip-on is designed for unparalleled comfort, on and off the road. 

    The Driving Loafer is designed to fit comfortably without socks. Like wearing socks or prefer a roomier fit? We recommend going up half a size for maximum comfort.

    Now that you’ve found the perfect fit, you can start going places. Explore more styles that'll take you there.

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