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Sharing is Caring

We all learned that sharing is caring way back in elementary school, whether we liked it or not. Thankfully, adulthood lets you be a bit more selfish with your goodies. But when it comes to style, no fashionista can turn down sharing the wealth of an amazing deal with friends, family, and fellow fashion lovers! Introducing: Rothy’s Refer a Friend program!

You love Rothy’s for so many reasons. They’re easy footwear staples that pair with everything in your wardrobe. They’re lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear. And, most importantly, their recycled plastic construction helps to save the earth from pollution. Fashionable, functional, and eco-friendly!

Share your impeccable taste with your many friends and family members who are due for a footwear upgrade. By signing up with our referral program and sharing your unique link, you’ll give a friend $20 off their first order of Rothy’s. Plus, once their order is confirmed, you’ll get $20 off your next Rothy’s order! Win, win! Finally, an excuse to get your hands on our funky animal print flats.

Live a Little

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend has never seen her closet. From the classic round-toe flat to the edgier pointed toe, Rothy’s has an array of color and style selections that will spice up you and your friends’ lives. BFFs, coworkers, moms, and sisters have long wondered about how you piece together such fabulous outfits. Let them in on your secret!

Whether it's leopard print flats or zebra print flats, your show-stopping animal print flats from Rothy’s have the transformative power of turning an average outfit into an Instagram-ready look. Grab the ultimate win-win opportunity when you sign up for Rothy’s Refer a Friend program.

Be Her Muse

Maybe she looks to ever-changing storefronts for some fashion inspiration, or maybe she keeps up with a running list of fashion bloggers to keep her on top of the latest trends. When she sees you toting the cutest animal print flats, she won’t have to look much further for some quick (and sustainable) fashion inspo! Give her $20 off her first purchase of $30 or more when she orders using your unique link. And what better way to show thanks to you than giving you $20 off your next Rothy’s purchase!

Sign up today and start spreading that eco-friendly Rothy’s goodness to all your friends and family.

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