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Spotlight: Wendy, Retail Manager

Wendy Hsu is one of the forces behind our very first brick-and-mortar retail location in San Francisco. As our store manager, Wendy has not only built the growing team, but she’s also led our store to great heights—all in a 300-square-foot space. Here, we talk to Wendy about her experience, Rothy’s and her favorite pair of shoes.

What attracted you to the Rothy's brand? 

I was intrigued that fashion, function and sustainability could co-exist so well. It’s also incredible to see the response that women have to the brand. 

What is your professional background? 

I’ve worked with a number of luxury retailers and absolutely love developing the offline brand experience. Over the years, I was managing Céline and Chloé Asia Pacific franchises and was based in Hong Kong.

What has surprised you the most while working at Rothy's? 

The intensity of the customer's response to the brand— it’s all overwhelmingly positive! Having the chance to speak with shoppers and see the impact Rothy’s has on the customer is truly incredible.

The interior of our Fillmore store, with shoes perched on a wood-paneled wall.

How does Rothy's approach the retail environment differently? 

Rothy’s make it a priority to hire people who are kind and want to do the right thing. I think the commitment to sustainability, extending from the product to the people, really shows. Plus, it’s such a joy to see how the product design team can identify a need and serve the customer something she didn't even know she needed—until now. I mean, the colors and patterns are simply spectacular. 

Now that you've been here for over a year, what's your favorite thing about the brand? 

The truly wonderful leadership team. Everyone is so supportive and hard-working. It’s a pleasure to work with such a dedicated group of (mostly women) who are absolutely crushing it on all fronts. 

And finally, what's your favorite pair of shoes? 

Without a doubt, it's Olive Camo Loafer! They are edgy and cool and go with skinny black trousers, denim and white jeans. They really are "magic".

The Loafer in Olive Camo shown on a model's feet, against a cream and marble background.

Our San Francisco store will always be near and dear as our very first retail location. But as we open in new markets we’re looking for dedicated team members to help foster community and built our offline presence in these new cities. Learn more and apply here

Plus, you can shop Wendy’s favorite style here.

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