Three shoes, three looks with Corey.

As the weather turns chilly, we’re turning to tried and true essentials for the season. With our ultra-warm merino wool boots and two new grey shoes, we have versatile shoes for everyone.

To give you some style inspiration, we asked Corey, our Allocation Analyst, to share how he wears these three shoes.

Tell us about each look.


Coming off the golf course, you immediately want to slip your feet into something comfortable. The Driving Loafer fulfills that desire for comfort and pairs nicely with the golf course attire.


Honestly, my everyday look is casual. Comfortable sneakers in solid colors support my laid-back lifestyle.


I always go for a classic style on a night out in the city. A button-up shirt with chinos, men’s Chelsea boots and a coat for those cold autumn evenings.

What inspired each outfit?

Fall is a season of transition. It signals, for me, a time of ditching the shorts and sandals to a look that adapts to the changing weather. Each look is inspired by that transition while still keeping my appetite to be comfortable in any scenario.

What are your three favorite things about these shoes?

First, comfort! It’s nice to know my feet can be comfortable in these shoes for whatever the occasion calls.

Second, durability. These Chelsea boots are impressively constructed. The Merino Chelsea Boot provides a sturdy outsole that can take on any terrain that San Francisco (my home) provides.

Third, the versatility. Whether it's a walk with my dog, coming off the golf course, or date night, each shoe offers a unique look for the appropriate occasion.


Q: Boots or sneakers?
A: Sneakers. Casual is always the preference.

Q: Fall or winter?
A: Food seems to taste better in the fall.

Q: Pecan or pumpkin pie?
A: Pumpkin pie, please.

Q: Skiing or snowboarding?
A: Snowboarding.

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