In the bag.

In case you haven’t heard, The Bag Collection has landed. And with five stunning silhouettes in an array of shades, we know it’s hard to pick just one. To help you out, we sat down with four different members of the Rothy’s team to find out why these styles are always by their side. From a fashion-forward art director to our always-active image retoucher, take a look at what's in each of their bags.

On the left: Our Art Director, Gretchen, holding The Handbag in Midnight Navy and wearing The Mary Jane in Sapphire. On the right, a close up of The Handbag in Midnight Navy.

Gretchen: The Handbag

With room for art supplies, accessories and other lovely little things, The Handbag is the perfect style staple for our very own illustrator and Art Director, Gretchen.

What do you love about The Handbag?
“The Handbag is such a spacious and versatile bag. It fits everything I need for the work day and beyond, and is the perfect structured staple for all my art essentials. Midnight Navy is also such a beautiful and subtle shade that elevates any outfit.”

What’s in your bag?
“I’m passionate about art, fashion and design, and am constantly finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places. For that reason, I always keep a sketchbook, paint brushes and pens with me so I’m able to jot down (or draw) anything that comes to mind. I also like having something to read on hand for whenever I have a spare minute.”

On the left, Accounting Manager Divya, wearing The Sneaker in White and holding The Essential Tote in Sage Camo. On the right, The Essential Pouch in Sage Camo shown with a laydown of its contents.

Divya: The Essential Pouch

A number cruncher by day and work-out enthusiast by night, Accounting Manager Divya always keeps The Essential Pouch in hand.

What do you love about The Essential Pouch?
“I love how this pouch transitions so easily from day to night. This style fits so seamlessly into any outfit, activity and larger bag (like The Essential Tote!). It’s versatile, stylish and durable, adding an immediate touch of chic to any ensemble. It’s also washable—making it a no-brainer buy for me.”

What’s in your bag?
“After work, I'm usually working out or running errands. The Essential Pouch is big enough for everything I need—keys, wallet, makeup and a pic of my husband—but small enough to not be a hassle.”

On the left, a topdown view of The Essential Tote in Slate Camo, shown with a camera, books and notebooks inside. On the right, Design Manager Lavion holding The Essential Tote in Slate Camo.

Lavion: The Essential Tote

From the work week to weekends spent wandering around museums, The Essential Tote is Senior Design Manager Lavion’s new go-to.

What do you love about The Essential Tote?
“For me, The Essential Tote is essentially a design desk on the go, enabling me to capture an inspiring idea at a moment’s notice. I like that I can keep all my daily essentials with me when I am between the office and home, or out and about on the weekend. This bag balances style and function beautifully, and Slate Camo is a great color combination that has been a nice addition to my daily uniform.

What’s in your bag?
“Art, design, science and history are great sources of inspiration for me. I enjoy reading quite a bit, so I always have a book in my bag at all times. I keep a sketchbook and sticky notes to capture ideas while on the move, as well as a point and shoot camera—because it’s fun to take photos of the world around us.”

On the left, image retoucher Cristalle wearing The Loafer in Spotted and holding The Dual-Zip Crossbody in Sage Green. On the right, topdown view of Cristalle inserting her essentials into the crossbody bag.

Cristalle: The Dual-Zip Crossbody

Responsible for making everything at Rothy’s look picture-perfect, image retoucher Cristalle keeps her hands free while making moves with The Dual-Zip Crossbody.

What do you love about The Dual-Zip Crossbody?
“This bag is perfect for me to go from work to the ceramics studio (where I spend as much of my free time as possible), and then home for a dog walk! I love its clean and simple design and appreciate how wide the strap is—it’s super comfortable on my shoulder. My favorite feature is a pocket on the outside of the bag that’s sort of a hidden gem! I can slip my phone in there for quick and easy access.”

What’s in your bag?
“This little bag is deceptively bigger on the inside. I can carry everything I need for a walk around the neighborhood and keep my hands free for the dog leash. I like to carry my wallet, keys, sunscreen, a small hand sanitizer, lip gloss and my phone with me at all times, and it all fits perfectly in this bag!”

Art Director Gretchen sitting on a wooden floor while sketching in her notebook, with The Handbag in Midnight Navy next to her.

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