Cute Flats for Working Professionals

The landscape of the working world has shifted more in the last year than ever before. Many of us have traded in our professional attire for loungewear and leggings, while others are working hard on their feet and on the frontlines.

Whether you’re heading into the office, storefront, school, kitchen, hospital, or are working from home, cute flats for work are a wardrobe essential. With your most comfortable flats for work on your feet, you can handle anything in the day ahead.

Here, we’ll dish out the details on the many styles of women's flats for working professionals and share some styling tips to help you refine your work look, no matter your office environment.

Why flats for working professionals are a must.

Defining your signature style is key to confidence in the workplace. Whether you’re beelining it to the boardroom or setting up your standing desk for your next virtual appointment, feeling comfortable and confident is a must. And flats for working professionals are the answer.

Versatile and classic, flats take on many shapes, patterns and sizes, so they’re easy to incorporate into everyday and work wear. Plus, their relaxed fit makes them a great choice for standing on your feet all day, or commuting from work to wine night. Beyond wearability, here are some of the many reasons we love women’s flats for work:

  • They’re adaptable: Whether you’re in need of creatively printed casual flats for work and weekends, or a solid shade for more serious settings, flats are our go-to. Their closed-toe construction abide by business casual dress codes while patterns and colors play into your personal style in laid back locales.
  • They’re polished and professional: Every workplace has its own guidelines for what is and isn’t professional work attire. Industries like law and finance tend to have more formal dress codes, while schools and creative agencies opt for a more business casual look. Thanks to their classic silhouette and refined look, flats are a great choice for these professional settings, as well as spontaneous meetups, date nights and more.
  • They’re comfortable: Loved for their low center of gravity, flats are ideal for anyone uncomfortable in high altitude heels. Plus, flats promote good posture, even weight distribution and are less likely to provoke minor aches associated with all day activities. Get your daily steps in, set your desk from sit to stand, or head straight to happy hour—no change of shoe needed.
  • They’re easy to care for: A staple shoe that’s easy to clean is essential in any case, but especially if you’re working on the frontlines at the hospital or a local grocer. Rothy’s comfortable work flats are as easy to care for as they are to wear. Each pair is machine washable, simply remove the replaceable insole and wash on cold with a mild detergent.
  • So, can you wear flats to an interview? What about a parent-teacher conference? A new employee onboarding session? The answer is yes, your cute flats for work work for almost any activity on your busy calendar. The secret to learning how to wear flats to work is harmonizing them with your unique style and your workplace’s dress code.

    Comfortable work flats for women in every workplace

    Comfort and confidence aren’t mutually exclusive in today’s workplace. With a pair of cute flats for work in your arsenal of essentials, you can revel in a relaxed fit while staying true to your personal style and professional ambitions.

    From sneakers and loafers to pointed flats and Mary Jane’s, diverse silhouettes make it easy to find the perfect flat for your profession.

    The Original Slip On Sneaker: For professionals on the go

    Among the most casual and comfortable flats for work is the sneaker. Classic and understated, our womens sneakers are best suited for professionals on the move. Whether you work in a professional kitchen, emergency room, or retail store, a sophisticated sneaker is a must in active workplaces.

    Don’t have a uniform to influence your work wardrobe? Start with these fundamentals:

    • Dark skinny jeans, a printed blouse, and The Slip On Sneaker in Sand
    • A structured linen jumpsuit with eclectic jewelry
    • Colorful sailor pants with a basic tee, denim jacket and The Slip On Sneaker in Blue Spot
    The Loafer: For the active work space

    If your office landscape consists of long halls and stretching stairways, the loafer is a look you’ll love. A product of 1930’s menswear, the modern loafer maintains this classic, comfortable shape for everyday wearability with a more feminine take. Women’s loafers make for the perfect casual flats for work because they’re easy to move around in and contrasting colors and prints make self-expression almost effortless.

    Use these looks as inspiration to style your loafers as workwear:

    • A slouchy printed sweater tucked into tailored high waisted pants with a simple belt to add dimension
    • Skinny jeans on bottom with a bold blouse on top, paired with The Loafer in Fawn
    • Ankle length flowy skirt with a basic top and structured blazer
    The Flat: For business casual boardrooms

    With a simple yet sophisticated shape, the everyday flat lends itself to endless combinations for styling your work and weekend wear. Whether you’re prepping for a budgeting pitch, public speaking engagement, or a PTA meeting, comfortable work flats are a timeless choice.

    Pair your flats with these business casual essentials:

    • A strong and structured monochromatic pantsuit and the flat in Chestnut Giraffe
    • A-line skirt with a button down blouse
    • Wide leg tailored pants with a high-quality tee or fitted sweater
    The Pointed Toe Flat or The Square Flat: For the creative workplace

    If your workplace allows for a bit more edge and individualism, the pointed toe flat or the square toe flat is a great option. From gallery openings to creative briefs, these flats are ready to wear in an assortment of patterns and shades.

    When styling these cute flats for work, keep the following pieces on-hand:

    • A bold patterned dress with a leather jacket and solid flats in Black.
    • Colorful high waisted chinos with a relaxed tee, Big Cat printed flats and a bold earring.
    • Simple snap front skirt with a high-neck tank, a chunky necklace and square toe flats in Cardinal.

    The Mary Jane Flat: For playful and professional looks

    From the classroom to the conference room, Mary Jane’s are a must-have in every working woman’s closet. Marked by their signature soft bow, these cute flats for work add a chic touch to every ensemble—playful or professional.

    Mary Jane shoes match well with most everything but these items can offer some structure for workplace styling:

    • Skinny jeans and an embroidered cardigan sweater with solid black Mary Jane flats
    • A silk skirt and relaxed tee with layered gold chain necklaces
    • Slacks and a basic blouse with Pine Plaid Mary Jane’s

    Wrapping up: Women’s flats for work

    Whether you’re working from home and want a shoe that’s more sophisticated than a slipper, or need a pair of business casual flats for work, Rothy’s deliver. Crafted with lasting and sustainable materials, you can entrust your comfy flats to carry you from conference to client call and everywhere in between.