Packing for a quick getaway.

A weekend getaway is the perfect way to take a step back from hectic, everyday life and experience something new—whether it’s a new city, a new meal, or a new level of relaxation.

Perhaps you booked a trip to one of the best cities for a weekend getaway, or opted for a staycation in your own town. Stepping out of your routine for a few days can refresh and revitalize you, bringing your stress levels down and your happiness right on up.

When it comes to packing for a weekend trip, however, you may find yourself stumped. A weekend getaway requires a certain level of minimalism—and a little bit of foresight. No one wants to schlep a bulky suitcase along for a few nights away, but a busy weekend full of plans may leave you planning for too many items for your weekender bag to handle.

If packing for a weekend trip has got you stumped, fear not. Read on for weekend trip packing lists tailored to your favorite genres of getaways.

Prepping the Essentials

First thing’s first: there are a few items that your weekend trip packing list will require, no matter where you go. That includes items like:

  • Toiletries: Think toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, etc.
  • Makeup: Depending on your plans, you may want to bring just a few of your makeup essentials, or your entire collection.
  • Undergarments: Bring a few extra pairs, just in case.
  • Pajamas: Cozy and comfy for those evenings spent in your hotel or Airbnb.
  • A charger: You’ll need your smartphone at the ready for perfect pics!

Next comes the good stuff: fashion! The key to deciding what to pack for a weekend trip is selecting items that can perform double duty. Your bulkiest items, especially outerwear, denim, and footwear, should be comfortable and versatile. That way, you’ll be able to seamlessly transition through the day and into night with a few simple changes. That means less luggage to haul, less time spent getting ready, and more time to enjoy your weekend getaway.

For the Weekend Getaway With Girlfriends

A weekend with the girls is the perfect time to let loose and have fun. A few nights away with your best gal pals can mean a trip full of sight-seeing, delicious food, and bustling nightlife. You want to hit the streets in style with your favorite ladies, but no one wants to be the over-packer of the crew.

When figuring out what to pack for a weekend trip, choose a good pair of jeans in a neutral tone, like classic blue or black. There’s no need to bring more than one—a single pair can easily last you the weekend.

Your weekend getaway packing list should include a couple basic tees and a couple fun ones. Pick a pattern, or show off your impeccable music taste with a vintage tee featuring your favorite band. The most important thing is to opt for natural fabrics, which are more breathable and will last all day while still smelling fresh.

For the first night, pair your denim with a cute top that has a little sparkle or shine. On night two, rock a dance floor-ready dress in travel-friendly fabric. Tencel and knits tend to be extremely wrinkle resistant, allowing you to throw them on without the hassle of ironing. For outerwear, live it up with a faux fur jacket for the ultimate cozy and stylish combination.

Finally, select a good pair of shoes that will keep your feet feeling comfy all day, so that you can dance the night away. A classic flat should be a staple item on your weekend getaway packing list. Flats are about versatility—they’re not too dressy for day, nor too casual for night. Plus, they’re a good shoe for airports as you can easily slip them on and off when going through security. When selecting your flat, always consider comfort. Rothy’s flats hit the mark; they’re ultra-breathable and are comfortable from your very first wear.

What to pack for a weekend trip: Girl’s trip

If you’re ready to shake off the stress of the work week and make beautiful memories with your closest friends, make sure you’re set with the following essentials.

  • Neutral pair of jeans: Easy to dress up or down, denim’s a must.
  • A few tees in natural fabrics: Sweat-wicking materials are a good idea, and will keep you cool on your travels.
  • Fun blouse: In case the night calls for a bit of dressy fun!
  • Wrinkle-resistant dress: Low-maintenance and easy to dress up.
  • Faux fur jacket: Who says you have to be uncomfortable while on the road?
  • Comfortable flats: Comfy footwear is an absolute must, no matter your destination.

For a Romantic Weekend With the One You Love

When life gets busy, it’s nice to set a weekend aside to explore a new place with the one you love. A romantic weekend full of relaxation, candlelit dinners, and strolls through a picturesque landscape gives you both an opportunity to reconnect away from your busy lives.

When packing for a weekend trip with your partner, ditch your everyday wear for something fresh and new and surprise your loved one with a new outfit or two.
For morning coffee and afternoon walks through the park, slip into denim that goes with anything. Pair your jeans with a detailed top—elements like a ruffled hem or a lace applique add a touch of intrigue to any outfit.Off to a romantic dinner? You can never go wrong with a wrap dress in a wrinkle-resistant fabric. For outerwear, a faux leather jacket in a feminine cut works for day or night.

When it comes to your footwear, forgo the classic flat for a more sophisticated version: the pointed toe flat. Comfortable, yet undeniably chic, the pointed toe flat transitions with ease from a walk in the park to a fancy restaurant.

What to pack for a weekend trip: The romantic escape

If you and your sweetheart are hitting the road (or the skies!) for a weekend away, make sure you pack the following essentials in your weekender bag.

  • Pair of jeans: Jeans can take you from day to night.
  • A few tees: T-shirts can be kept casual, or dressed up with a few well-chosen accessories.
  • Wrinkle-resistant wrap dress: Get wrapped and ready for date night.
  • Vegan leather jacket: A classic look that will provide you with a bit of an edge.
  • Pointed toe flats: Comfy but refined, you’ve got the perfect combo of style and function.

For a Solo Trip to a New Place

Solo travel is something that every woman should experience at least once in her life. Not only does it allow you to do whatever your heart desires on your own time, but it gives you the chance to get to know yourself better. Exploring new places and cuisines, carving some time for introspection, and beautiful vistas that will take your breath away—where do we sign up?

Solo trips are all about practicality. This is your opportunity to see, explore, and experience everything you want. Chances are, your days are booked with places to visit and things to see, so your wardrobe needs to keep up without the weight of a bag by your side.

Two good pairs of pants are musts on solo trips. At least one should be a sturdy and comfortable pair of jeans that can take you from day to night. The other may be a cargo pant if you’re planning on casual activities, or a chino if you’ve got something a little fancier in mind.

For a busy day, natural and breathable fabrics are a must. Pack a few tees and a sweater in case the weather gets a bit chilly. A denim or cargo jacket with plenty of pockets is a great option for solo travel— that way you can keep everything you need on hand.

Finally, comfortable footwear is essential for solo travel. There’s no greater choice than the trusty sneaker. Slip-on sneakers are a plus—just slip ‘em on and you’re out the door! Rothy’s have no break-in period, meaning they’re a perfect fit from your very first wear.

What to pack for a weekend trip: The solo traveller

Ready to take on the world and learn new things about yourself and the world around you? Make sure you take the following staples on your solo travels.

  • Sturdy pair of jeans: Bring your durable denim on the road.
  • Chino or cargo pants: Add a little versatility to your wardrobe.
  • Several breathable tees: Look for lightweight shirts you can easily layer.
  • Light sweater: In case the air gets a bit chilly, you’ll want to have this along.
  • Denim or cargo jacket with ample pockets: Travel alone safely, with plenty of secure storage places for your travel essentials (money, passport, etc.)
  • Slip-on sneaker: Casual and fun, the slip-on sneaker will help you log plenty of miles.

Final Notes

Remember—when packing for a weekend getaway, versatility is your friend! Pack wardrobe staples you can wear with more than one thing. Save space, keep your haul light, and focus on comfort while packing. You’ll be strutting your style in a new place in no time.