The Best Women’s Flats for Dresses

Flats are extremely versatile and perfect for dresses of all types and styles. When choosing the best women’s flats, there are many considerations to keep in mind. If you want to look great while wearing dresses and flat shoes, it's all about finding balance. To do this, consider the color, style, line, and silhouette you wish to portray.

Many types of flats can be paired with dresses to change your tone and style for different occasions. With the right accessories and flare, you can wear flats with everything in your closet. There’s no denying the versatility of this kind of footwear.

Why wear uncomfortable high heels when you can look great without the pain? If you want to dance all night long or take a stroll in a flowy dress, it's time to pick up a few tips. Fortunately, we have a few recommendations that may help you combine your dresses with flats. Check out our tips for how to become a fashion icon without heels.

Must-Have Flats to Pair with Dresses

Women's dresses can go well with comfortable flats. The best flat shoes for women can look incredibly elegant when paired with the right dress. Whether you want a cozy shoe for your maxi dress or formal kicks for your favorite professional attire, you can wear them confidently to work, school, and out on the town.

Must-Have Flats to Pair With Dresses

Don't know where to get started? Take a look at our top picks for flats below.

1. Ballet flats

Ballet flats are a wardrobe staple for a reason. The Flat is created from recycled materials and comes in Black Solid for a classic look that elevates any dress you put on. If you want to make a statement, pair bright Tangerine or Dragon Fruit with patterned dresses or subtle hues, such as Blue Sage and Ecru, to add style to your favorite A-line dress.

Rothy flats are the perfect wardrobe addition that stands the test of time. Plus, they’re an excellent choice for getting strong in style since they allow you to look good while working out and help support your feet.

2. Pointed flats

The Point elongates your silhouette and adds the illusion of height without heels. Neutral colors, such as Anemone, Portobello, and Black Solid, pair with any dress. However, you can choose a fun animal print or statement color, such as Bright Red or Deep Ocean, to make your basic or patterned mini dress pop.

3. Loafers

The Loafer gives your feet plenty of room to move and breathe. When you find the right pair of loafers, everyday elegance takes on a whole new meaning. This roomy flat makes every step feel great and is an effortless fashion win. Pencil skirts look fantastic with black loafers. Additionally, you can take your favorite denim dress to the next level with comfortable loafers. This is also an excellent shoe for a belted midi dress if you want to create a dramatic look.

4. Square-toed flats

The Square may just become your favorite slip-on flat. Hot colors include Tuxedo and Black. Consider pairing your modest dress with the Little Cat leopard print to keep it from becoming too tame. These shoes are made to take you places in style. So, if you're on vacation and need comfortable shoes that pair well with sundresses and other daywear, this may be the right flat. Keep in mind that the flexible upper sole means you can wear them right away since they don't have a break-in period.

5. Mary Janes

The Mary Jane forms an iconic silhouette. These closed-toed ballet flats offer a sophisticated take on the classic Mary Jane style. They have a slim strap and rounded toe for extra comfort, and they don't miss a step when it comes to drawing the eye downward for a well-heeled look. Choose the contemporary Mary Jane style for a more whimsical look with flowy dresses. These may also be the best flats for work.

If you’re ready to style women’s flats with dresses, you must do two things: select the perfect pair of shoes and choose the right dress. Finding the perfect fit is essential since doing so can help keep your feet comfortable and enhance your outfit's overall look and feel. When shopping at Rothy’s, make sure to measure your feet to guarantee the flats will fit snug but not too tight.

How to Style Women’s Flats with Dresses

Choosing the Right Dress

The best flats for women look great, feel good, and go with the occasion. Whether that's going to work or heading out for date night, it's all about making the right choices. That starts with choosing the proper flats for the dress you’re wearing.

What flats can you wear with a mini dress or halter dress? Check out the following tips for your favorite dress styles.


Since they created scandals in the 1960s, mini dresses have come a long way. If you're like many women, you enjoy showing off your legs occasionally. You can do that with a flattering mini dress, ballet flats, and chunky jewelry.


Maxi dresses aren't just for summer comfort anymore. You can create a casual or upscale vibe with the help of the right shoes. Play with different colors and patterns, such as contrasting a patterned maxi dress with black, cream, or tan flats. Consider Mary Janes or loafers if you want to lean into the casual look.

Off the shoulder

Off-the-shoulder dresses create a super feminine, alluring look. You can accentuate this vibe with The Point flats. Many women love to wear a lacy or ruffled off-the-shoulder dress that creates a uniquely feminine outfit. The chic silhouette of pointy flats can help you create an amazing look for a highly anticipated date or a night out with the girls. Choose flats in soft colors, such as Iris or Deep Ocean, to emphasize this dress style.


Shift dresses came onto the fashion scene in the 1920s. Worn by flappers, they allowed women to shift or move around more than traditional dress styles did. The name stuck, and the dress style has outlived the century in which it began. Silver, white, and black ballerina shoes balance out the unique style of shift dresses. You can choose a patterned flat to add flair to shift dresses in neutral or soft colors.

Classic A-line

Classic A-line dresses have hems that are wider than the shoulders. They include cinched waistlines and straight silhouettes. Loafers are great when you want a casual look for work or play. Consider Mary Janes or The Driver for a more formal take on your favorite straight A-line dress.


Wrap dresses are perfect for casual occasions, and you can pair them with vibrantly colored flats with square toes. Switch to ballerina flats to transition to a night on the dance floor or cocktails with friends.

Halter dress

Halter dresses are backless and secured at the waist and necklines. They're a great choice to highlight your shoulders and back. For fancy halter dresses, consider Little Cat and Tuxedo Square Flats. For a sassy, fun look, slip on loafers in a color that contrasts with your halter dress.

Outfit Ideas for Flats and Dresses

You don’t need any dance training to look good in ballet flats at the office. The wider frame highlights dresses that flare at the waist, but these shoes also accentuate the eye-catching silhouette of pencil skirts. We recommend combining a simple black dress with The Point in Heathered Black or Desert Rose and your favorite handbag.

Work outfit breakdown with flats and dresses

When you’re on the go, The Driver helps you remain comfortable even after a day at your favorite theme park or hanging out at a playground with the kids. Padded for extra comfort, they look stylish and work well with your favorite sundress or tennis skirt.

The Point comes in vibrant or neutral colors for all your fashion emergencies. To brighten your basic black dress or match the spirit of your floral or multi-hued spring dresses, consider adding this style in Tangerine and Daffodil to your shoe wardrobe.

Loafers are one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to selecting the right flats for your dresses. Ultra-comfortable and made of sustainable materials, they’re good for your feet and the environment. Since loafers convey a more casual look, you can make them your favorite weekend footwear. They look great with maxi and midi dresses, especially with matching bags and accessories.

Find Your Next Pair of Flats

Rothy’s offers many versions of comfortable women’s flats, including The Point, The Loafer, The Square, The Mary Jane, and The Flat. Whether you’re looking for the best flats for work or play, we can help you update your wardrobe. It’s sometimes difficult to find the perfect shoes to wear with dresses.

Fortunately, Rothy’s offers gorgeous flats for working professionals and women looking for versatile footwear for various occasions. Browse our collection of women’s flats today and find your next favorite pair of shoes.