Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts to Try this Year

Show your significant other you care about them and the planet with a sustainable Valentine’s Day gift. Sustainable gifts include products that are sourced in an environmentally conscious matter, so they have a minimal impact on the Earth’s limited resources. Sustainable presents are also ethically made.

But why exactly should your Valentine’s Day gift be sustainable?

Unfortunately, many holidays can negatively affect climate change due to the influx of goods being purchased. During the most romantic season of the year, flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and other products that lead to pollution, deforestation, and more are bought as gifts.

So, if you want to surprise your special someone while minimizing your carbon footprint and supporting environmentally-conscious brands, check out our list of sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas to find the perfect present.

What are the best eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts?

Whether you don’t know what to give your significant other for Valentine’s Day or want to share a sustainable gift this year, here are a few of the best eco-friendly gifts to buy on this special holiday.


Sustainable shoes are often made from high-quality materials that are durable and better for the environment. For example, Rothy’s men’s sneakers and women’s flats are specially designed with our signature thread spun from single-use plastic water bottles and ocean-bound marine plastic. We also leverage other natural materials, like algae-based foam, which can cause an ecological imbalance in our waterways when left alone.

There’s also a misconception that recycled-based products aren’t designed to last. However, we believe in crafting shoes that withstand daily wear and tear for years. We test every shoe for durability attributes, like colorfastness, wear resistance, and more. Additionally, we invest in 100% renewable energy to sustain our facilities, as sustainability is not just about the final products, but the entire process to create them.

A product is usually considered sustainable if it: Doesn't deplete natural, nonrenewable resources. Doesn't directly harm the environment. Wasn't produced in a socially irresponsible way.


According to World Wildlife, Americans purchase approximately 58 million pounds of chocolate on the week of Valentine’s Day annually. And while chocolate is a delicious gift to share with your Valentine, the tasty treat has a significant impact on the environment.

In fact, the cacao industry is currently plagued by several issues, such as deforestation, gender inequality, forced labor, and child labor. Climate change also affects the growth of cacao trees since it can lead to minimal rainfall and high temperatures in West Africa–where 70% of the world’s supply of cacao beans grow. Furthermore, cacao trees often take a year to produce half a pound of chocolate. With slow production rates and increasing demand, many farmers can’t keep up.

Fortunately, fair trade chocolate exists. Chocolate brands featuring the Fair Trade Certified logo on their packaging are manufactured sustainably and ethically.

Indoor plant

Even though flowers are beautiful and make a great Valentine’s Day gift, they often wilt within a few days and are thrown out shortly after. In the United States, 80% of flowers sold are also imported from other countries, such as Colombia and Ecuador, contributing to climate change due to the carbon emissions emitted during transport (via Green Business Network). In many cases, fresh-cut flowers are also treated with synthetic pesticides and herbicides, which pollute waterways and harm insects.

So, if you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly alternative to supermarket flowers, an indoor plant is a great choice. Not only can an indoor plant brighten any home or office with a touch of greenery, but it can also help create a more inviting space.

The best part is that indoor plants will continue to grow for years as long as they’re cared for properly. Even if your Valentine doesn't have much of a green thumb, there are many plants that are easy to care for and require little maintenance, including the snake plant, zz plant, and money plant.

Laptop bag

A laptop bag can help your Valentine carry their belongings when they’re on the go. It’s a practical and thoughtful gift. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Essential Tote. This stylish yet functional tote is made with approximately 816 grams of ocean-bound marine plastic. It’s also smartly designed with an interior zip pocket for easy access to your wallet or phone, comfortable top handles for running errands, and a secure zipper. The tote can fit a 15” laptop as well as other items.
  • The Bucket Bag. This crossbody bucket bag is made with approximately 1,028 grams of ocean-bound marine plastic and is large enough to fit a 15” device, books, and more. The bag is designed with a magnetic closure for extra security, comfortable, adjustable, and detachable straps, and three interior pockets for added organization.
  • Rothy's sustainability pillars.

    All of Rothy’s accessories are made with high-quality, sustainable materials that are also sturdy. Rothy’s bags undergo extensive testing to ensure they’re strong enough to hold your belongings—the accessories mentioned above can carry 150 pounds. We also test color fastness and the bag’s ability to withstand wear and tear.

    Rothy’s bags are also 100% washable, so you can keep your bag looking fresh and new.

    Upcycled products

    Upcycling refers to the process of taking something that’s no longer being used to its full potential and enhancing it to serve a new purpose. For example, you can purchase several t-shirts from a secondhand store to create a one-of-a-kind quilt. Or, you can use a few of your old plates to make a colorful mosaic. Regardless of what you create, giving a loved one an upcycled product is a fantastic eco-friendly Valentine’s gift since it’s thoughtfully made.

    If you’re not into arts and crafts, look for brands that use upcycling. Rothy’s, for example, repurposes single-use plastic bottles that may have otherwise ended up in our oceans or a landfill.

    Take your sustainably a step further and only wrap your Valentine's Day gifts with eco-friendly alternatives.


    Impress your Valentine this year with a handbag made from eco-conscious materials, such as plastic bottles and marine plastic. Handbags make great gifts because they’re stylish, functional, and long-lasting.

    There are many handbag styles to choose from, so think carefully about what your Valentine needs. For instance, if your significant other commutes daily to work, consider looking for a spacious bag that fits all their belongings.

    Some of the most popular options include:

    If you’re Valentine would prefer something practical and trendy yet slightly smaller, we recommend The Belt Bag, The Mini Handbag, or The Daily Crossbody.


    Jewelry is a popular gift to give and receive on Valentine’s Day, but gold mining, diamond mining, and other mining practices can negatively impact the environment. According to The International Gem Society (IGS), 160 kg of greenhouse gasses are emitted for every carat of unearthed diamonds. This is due to the immense resources needed to mine this gem successfully. Mining also pollutes waterways and the soil.

    Eco-conscious jewelry made from fair trade gold, conflict-free diamonds, and recycled, responsibly-sourced materials exists. Not only is sustainable jewelry better for the environment, but also for the people who mine and manufacture these accessories.

    Find your lover the perfect Valentine’s Day gift

    While making the switch from unsustainable to eco-friendly gifts isn’t easy, the planet and your significant other will thank you for it. From fair trade chocolates to indoor plants, there are several Valentine’s Gifts that will impress your partner and help reduce your environmental and social impact on this memorable holiday.

    Shopping for the best earth-friendly Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other doesn’t have to be complicated. At Rothy’s, you can find a wide variety of sustainable women’s and men’s shoes, bags, and small accessories that your partner will love.