Holiday Gifts for Teachers

Teachers are the backbone of our nation. From inspiring young minds to nurturing youth, dedicated educators deserve recognition and appreciation. What better way to show your gratitude for these unsung heroes than with a gift from Rothy's? Whether it’s the end of the school year, teacher appreciation week, or a special career milestone, give a thoughtful present that combines sustainability, comfort, and style. Explore our gifts for teachers below.

Washable Flats Designed for All-Day Comfort

Teachers are constantly on their feet, making comfortable flats a must-have. Professional yet cute and comfortable shoes can elevate your school look effortlessly. Give the gift of all-day comfort, thanks to Rothy’s cushioned insoles and flexible soles. Our stylish and functional designs keep teachers confident throughout their busy days in the classroom.

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The Point II

With upgraded features to ensure an even better fit, The Point II offers the luxurious upgrade all teachers deserve. A spacious toe box, elastic, sculpted outsoles, and our innovative In Love Insole™ provide all-day comfort and style.

The Ballet Flat

The Ballet Flat is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. Our one-of-a-kind ballet flats are the perfect gift for teachers, thanks to a classic design combined with Rothy’s innovative materials.

The Mary Jane

Choose from two Mary Jane styles: The Square Mary Jane and The Point Mary Jane. Featuring stretchy straps and incredible comfort, these women’s flats are the perfect gift for stylish teachers.

Supportive Sneakers to Wear, Wash, & Repeat

Washable sneakers are essential for teachers. Rothy’s sneakers combine practicality and style to keep up with your busy day. Just throw them in the washing machine to maintain them in prime shape. Explore our washable sneaker collection to find a cool and useful teacher gift.

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The Original Slip On Sneaker

The Original Slip On Sneaker is for all of the hip teachers out there. Comfort and style provide teachers with effortlessly trendy yet functional shoes to help them get through the day.

The High Top Sneaker

Ace business casual style with a modern take on the classic ankle-length silhouette. Boost your teacher's street cred with The High Top Sneaker, a trendy, laid-back shoe.

The RS02 Sneaker

The RS02 Sneaker is sustainable and cool, making it the perfect gift for the best teachers. Thanks to its lightweight construction, sturdy rubber outsole, and cushy footbed, comfort and stability are guaranteed.

Spacious Tote Bags & Organizational Accessories for Busy Days

Everyday staples make the day easier, allowing teachers to focus on what they truly love. From versatile tote bags to pouches and wallets, Rothy’s sustainable accessories provide teachers with the functionality and style they deserve. Explore our range of durable and sleek accessories, perfect for carrying teacher essentials.

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The Lightweight Mega Tote

Tote bags are a staple for teachers on the go. The Lightweight Mega Tote is our largest tote, with a spacious and flexible design to fit everything teachers need for the school day.

The Essential Tote

The Essential Tote is one of the best teacher appreciation gifts. Thoughtfully designed with various functional details, this tote has a luxurious feel while remaining completely practical.

The Universal Pouch

Pens, chargers, ID Badges--you name it. Teachers will love our expertly designed pouches. The Universal Pouch fits smaller essentials and is a great teacher gift under $100.

The Wallet Keychain

Make cross-campus trips a breeze with our wallet keychain, perfect for keeping your keys and IDs within easy reach. The Wallet Keychain is slim and can be easily attached to a key leash or our tote bags.

Teacher Gifts FAQs

What are some good gifts for teachers?

Teacher gifts are a wonderful way to demonstrate appreciation for our everyday heroes. Teacher gift ideas should be practical. When choosing a gift, consider what they would use and benefit from daily.

For example, tote bags are a must-have for teachers since they provide an easy way to carry their essentials from one place to another. A stylish and durable Rothy’s tote is a great option; it's lightweight, spacious, 100% machine washable, and designed for flexibility and functionality.

Women’s loafers are another great option due to their effortless style, allowing teachers to slip them on and off with ease. Plus, they offer exceptional comfort, perfect for standing all day.

Lastly, you can't go wrong with a gift card. Rothy’s gift cards are an affordable and customizable gift option, providing flexibility for teachers to choose their favorite products.

How much should you spend on a teacher gift?

There's no set amount for how much you should spend on teacher gifts. The amount you spend depends on personal preferences and financial ability. However, don’t worry about how much you give because teachers appreciate any recognition and gratitude.

Check out our Final Few to take advantage of our steep discounts.

When should you buy teacher gifts?

Throughout the year, there are different occasions that are appropriate for giving teachers gifts. Consider buying a teacher a gift during the holidays, teacher appreciation week, the end of the school year, or other significant milestones.

What types of accessories do teachers want?

Teachers want accessories that they’ll use every day. Aside from school materials, teachers would love functional accessories that make their school day more manageable.

An organizational pouch from Rothy's is a wonderful option. Our pouches are thoughtfully designed, ensuring they're functional, versatile, and durable. Many of our pouches can also be attached to the key leash built into Rothy's totes, providing easy, convenient access.

Additionally, shoe insoles are a must-have accessory for teachers who are always on their feet. Our insoles keep shoes fresh between washes and provide added comfort throughout the day.