How to Find Your Next Pair of Comfortable Women's Shoes

Shoes are one of the most important pieces in your closet. Not only can shoes make or break an outfit, but they can also make or break your day. Wearing a rigid, uncomfortable pair of shoes will have you begging to get home so you can finally take your shoes off. But wearing a comfortable pair of shoes will have you seizing the day with confidence and comfort.

When shopping for shoes, you want to look for a pair that combines style and comfort, and you can find exactly that at Rothy's. Rothy's has a wide selection of women's shoes that you'll want to wear all day. Rothy's women's shoes are stylish and comfortable, making them the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Whether you're looking for a new pair of sneakers, flats, or boots, you can find the best shoes for women at Rothy's. Continue reading to learn more about our comfortable women's shoe collection and how to find your perfect fit.

How to find your next pair of comfortable women’s shoes

1. Select a style you like

The first step in finding your next pair of comfortable women's shoes is selecting a style you like. Rothy's carries a wide selection of ladies' shoes, including square Mary Jane shoes, slip-on sneakers, and ankle boots. If you need help determining which style is right for you, think about your daily activities and the occasions when you'll wear your shoes.

If you're looking for a new pair of shoes to wear to work, women's flats are often the best choice. But if you need new shoes you can wear when running errands or going out to lunch with the girls, slip-on sneakers are a better option.

You want to select versatile shoes you can wear on various occasions. The best shoes are the ones that you can wear from the office to happy hour with your co-workers to dinner with your partner. So browse our collection of shoes for women to find a pair that fits your lifestyle.

2. Ensure durability

The last thing you want is to buy a pair of shoes that break after only a few times wearing them. When shopping for new shoes, you want to look for durability. But that doesn't mean your shoes should be stiff and rigid. Look for women's footwear that's comfortable, flexible, and made of high-quality materials that will last a long time.

Fortunately, all of Rothy's women's shoes are constructed with made-to-last materials that can withstand repeated wear. Whether you wear your shoes every day or once a month, you can rest assured that your Rothy's shoes will remain in excellent condition. We even run 15 durability tests to ensure that our shoes are long-lasting.

The best part about Rothy's shoes for women is that they're machine washable. You heard that— all you have to do to clean your shoes is take the insoles out and toss them in the washing machine. It's that easy. Just make sure to use cold water, mild detergent, and the delicate cycle, and always let them air dry.

Not only are our shoes built with high-quality materials, but they're also sustainability made. All of our products use natural, renewable, bio-based materials. We recycle materials like single-use plastic bottles and hemp fiber to make our shoes. We pride ourselves on creating stylish, comfortable shoes that are also great for the environment. We make our products with a purpose, so you can feel good about the shoes you're wearing.

Rothy’s shoes are designed with comfort and durability in mind

3. Look for comfort

There are two things you want to look for when shopping for shoes: comfort and style. You should never have to sacrifice one for the other, and with Rothy's, that won't ever be a problem. Rothy's combines comfort and style in a pair of shoes suitable for any occasion.

Rothy's shoes offer comfort through cushion footbeds and flexible styles that won't stretch over time. Whether you're interested in Rothy's sneakers or flats, all of our ladies' shoes are designed with comfort in mind. All of our women's shoes are made with comfortable, breathable materials and extra cushioning for added support.

Our shoes are so comfortable they'll quickly become a staple in your wardrobe. If you need extra support with your shoes, we also offer insoles that you can easily put in your shoes. These insoles will keep your favorite pair of shoes fresh between washes and add extra comfort for all-day wear.

4. Measure your feet

The last step in finding your next pair of comfortable women's shoes is to measure your feet. If you want to find the perfect fit, you need to measure your feet to determine what your true shoe size is. You would be surprised at how many people wear shoes that are too big or too small and then complain about their feet being in pain. Measuring your feet is key to finding a comfortable pair of shoes that fit just right.

To find your shoe size, you'll want to measure your foot's length, width, and arch length. It's also best to measure your feet later in the day, as your feet swell throughout the day, and you don't want to buy shoes that are too small.

You also should measure your feet standing up because your feet spread out more when standing, which will help you get an accurate measurement. Lastly, always buy the shoe size that fits the larger foot. Each foot is different, but it's best to buy the larger size because that will be what's most comfortable.

Rothy’s shoes should hug your feet without causing pain or discomfort.

When shopping for women's shoes at Rothy's, it's important to look at the details of the specific shoe you're interested in so you can see what we recommend for sizing. For example, some of our sneakers for women run true to size, but for others, we recommend going a half size up or down. Always measure your feet and read the product details to ensure your shoes fit correctly.

Women’s Shoes: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular shoe styles for women?

There are many popular shoe styles for women. Some of Rothy's favorites are our women's flats, which include various styles like The Point, The Loafer, and The Mary Jane. Another classic shoe style that every woman should have in her closet is sneakers.

Casual sneakers are an absolute must-have because they go with just about anything. From workwear to casual dresses, sneakers can pull together any outfit. We have slip-on sneakers, lace-up sneakers, and high tops, so you can find the perfect pair that matches your unique style.

Another popular shoe style that we have is boots. Boots are a closet staple that every woman needs. We carry everything from ankle boots to utility boots, so you can have a diverse selection to choose from. Feel free to browse our shoe collection to find a popular shoe style that works for you.

Which type of shoes can I use daily?

The type of shoes you need in your closet depends on your daily activities. If you work in an office, choose a slightly more formal pair of shoes, like The Square Wrap. But if you work from home, casual slip-on sneakers or slippers will suffice. Fortunately, all of the shoes for ladies at Rothy's are versatile and can be worn daily or on special occasions, depending on how you style them. Rothy’s shoes are comfortable, durable, and stylish, making them the ideal pair to add to your daily rotation.

What kind of shoes should I wear to work?

Generally speaking, you should wear business casual shoes to work, but this can vary depending on your office environment. If your office has a strict business dress code, you should stick to simple flats in plain colors like black or white. But if your office has more leeway with what you can wear, you can probably get away with wearing nice sneakers or boots. Use your best judgment and choose a pair of shoes that are work appropriate for your office setting.

Find Comfortable Shoes for Women at Rothy’s

You can't go wrong shopping for comfortable shoes for women at Rothy's. Rothy's has a diverse selection of ladies' shoes that feel great on your feet and go with just about anything in your wardrobe. From formal flats to casual sneakers and everything in between, Rothy's has all the shoe styles you need to fill your wardrobe with shoes for every occasion.

You can elevate your closet and find your new favorite pair of shoes when you shop at Rothy's. Check out Rothy's women's shoe collection today, and we promise you'll never want to wear another pair of shoes ever again.