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The Open Innovation Coalition

The world around us is changing rapidly, and much of what we’re seeing is entirely unprecedented. Therefore, we set out to start something new that could best address the immediate needs of this unexpected time—and thus the Open Innovation Coalition was created. So what does that mean, exactly? For starters, we founded the OIC as a way to unite like-minded brands in sharing resources to collectively support COVID-19 relief efforts. Next up, we identified our goal: to help one million people over the next three months.

We’ve open-sourced our mask-making knowledge with fellow manufacturers who are interested in producing similar relief items. By partnering with 25 incredible brands like Framebridge, Lingua Franca, Native, ThirdLove, Marine Layer, Girlfriend Collective and more, we’re able to create a meaningful impact—together. 

We’re looking forward to continuing to grow this coalition, and we’ll be keeping you in the loop on our efforts along the way. Let’s take a look at what the OIC has been up to so far.

Our partners are something special. Here’s a glimpse into what they’re doing:

  • Framebridge has converted its factory in Kentucky to manufacture over 100,000 lightweight face shields, open-sourcing its shield template for others to use.
  • ThirdLove has reallocated its elastics to produce masks and donated 1,000 pairs of bras and underwear to frontline medical workers.
  • Lingua Franca has taught its community how to make masks at home via instructional videos, which generated over 4,000 handmade masks that were donated to frontline workers.
  • KAIMIN is producing thousands of medical gowns and masks per week, connecting with the COVID Help Network to distribute supplies. 
  • The Empowerment Plan is lifting women in Detroit out of homelessness by employing them to produce thousands of isolation gowns for Michigan hospitals.
  • Day Owl is producing masks and face shields in partnership with Pittsburgh based organizations.
  • Leesa has donated 4,000 full bed kits and 20,000 masks to hospitals in need.
  • Peek Kids and Habitual are producing masks to be distributed to organizations in need.
  • Soft Goods Detroit has dedicated part of their sewing production to making masks.
Collage of images showing face shields, mask donations and the production of personal protective equipment with the brands Framebridge, Thirdlove, Lingua Franca, KAIMIN and The Empowerment Plan listed.

We’re all in this together. Here’s how we’re working towards helping 1 million people:

The OIC has donated over 880,000 units of PPE and over $175,000 to relief efforts.

Collectively, the group has donated or pledged to donate:

  • 645,225 non-medical masks

  • 27,320 medical masks

  • 106,817 face shields

  • 95,900 hospital gowns

  • 4,000 bed kits

  • 4,583 hygiene kits

The group has contributed $175,000 to relief organizations such as Direct Relief, The NYC Foodbank, MaskMatch, Mount Sinai and more.

Interested in joining the OIC? Get in touch:

Plus, we’re doing more to help support COVID-19 relief efforts. Learn all about each of our initiatives here.


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