How to Style Winter Skirts: 5 Ways to Create Cute Winter Outfits

Winter Skirt Outfits: 5 Ways Style Skirts in Winter

As quickly as autumn came and went, winter’s chilly season’s greetings traded in crunchy fall foliage for colder temperatures and grayer days. With each passing season comes a shift in wardrobe essentials to keep you feeling comfortable and looking chic all-year long. However, if there’s one piece of clothing that shines all 365 days in a year, it has to be the skirt.

While wintertime’s call for warmer clothing will have you stocking up on sweaters, jackets, and fleece-lined everything, there’s no need to stow away your staple skirts. Using this guide, we’ll give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about how to wear skirts in the winter and five cute outfit ideas to inspire you this season.

How to Style Winter Skirts

  • Lengths
  • Materials

  • How to Keep Warm in a Winter Skirt

    Winter Skirt Outfit Ideas

    How to Style Winter Skirts

    Challenging as it may be to match your wardrobe with the winter weather conditions, having a bit of calculated style know-how will make your outfit curation process a total breeze. No need to store your favorite skirts away—the right skirt lengths and materials make transitioning your seasonal wardrobe incredibly seamless.


    The single most defining feature of any skirt is it’s hemline. Different lengths call for different stylizations, and ultimately, the stylization depends on your personal tastes, the events on your agenda, and the weather outside. Skirt lengths can be narrowed down into three dominant categories—maxi, midi, and mini—and within these categories lie even more granular classifications.

    Use this hemline guide to better understand how to style your skirt of choice.

    • Maxi: Measures just below the ankle.
    • Ballerina: Measures just above the ankle.
    • Midi: Measures at mid-calf, about 3 inches below the knee.
    • Knee-length: Measures at the knee or just above.
    • Mini: Measures at mid-thigh.


    When stocking up on skirts that are appropriate for the winter season, you’ll need to carefully consider which materials will serve you best on an icy day. Heavier, more durable fabrics, like corduroy and velvet, will keep you warmer than flowy, lightweight ones, like chiffon and linen. Elevate your winter wardrobe in an instant by experimenting with these five materials.

    Merino wool

    Merino wool is lauded as one of the most luxurious types of wool for it’s supreme softness and warm wearability. Perfect for all types of weather conditions, this lightweight material does a wonderful job of trapping heat in, leaving your legs feeling toasty all day long.

    Vegan leather

    If you’re looking to add a dash of attitude and edge to an outfit, a faux-leather skirt delivers. Typically finished with silver metal zippers and accents, the leather skirt is a mod touch to any wardrobe collection. Faux leather itself is crafted from cottons and polyester coated in polyurethane that are treated to replicate the look and feel of genuine leather.


    The revival of ‘70s styles has rekindled the fashion industry’s love for corduroy. This classic ridged fabric is constructed with sturdy cottons and polyester blends that are typically woven in a striped pattern, creating distinguished ribs that run the length of the fabric. Corduroy makes for a fabulous winter fabric because it’s thick, it’s warm and it’s one of the simplest materials to mix and match with.


    What was once reserved for ‘80s ball gowns and ‘90s prom dresses has made an impressive comeback as one of the hottest fabrics today. Satin has been long adored for it’s high-shine glossy aesthetic and soft, silky texture.

    Faux suede

    While genuine suede is a type of unfinished leather crafted from animal hides, faux suede is the just-as-gorgeous, cruelty-free alternative made from polyester microfibers. Faux suede is soft to the touch and oozes effortless elegance.

    How to Keep Warm in a Winter Skirt

    Tip #1: Choose the right footwear.

    Whether wintertime means piles of snow, ceaseless days of rain, or continued days of cloudless sunshine, the season usually comes with cooled-off temperatures that require some extra clothing protection to keep you comfortable. Suiting your soles up with a pair of shoes that provide all-day support and a sleek aesthetic that matches the essence of your ensemble is a must.

    Consider stocking up popular winter shoe styles:

    Tip #2: Opt for thick tights.

    It’s no secret that tights are the key to achieving the highest levels of winter skirt-wearing greatness. As a general rule of thumb, the thicker the tights, the warmer they are—and for those long days spent tackling your ever-growing to-do lists, jazzing up your finest winter skirt outfits with a pair of warm tights will ensure you’re safeguarded against the cold.

    Tip #3: Focus on the upper body.

    If you’re wearing a short skirt that bares your skin to the wintry air, make sure the top-half of your body is kept warm enough to endure the day ahead of you. Sweaters, jackets, vests, and coats are all wintertime wardrobe essentials that are specifically designed to trap heat in and shield you from the chill outside.

    Tip #4: Layer, layer, layer

    With cooler temperatures comes the call for warmer layers, and having an eye for the art of layering gives you the upper hand against chilly conditions. Though layering takes a bit of style know-how, playing the game of trial and error serves as the best way to familiarize yourself with mixing and matching textures, hemlines, patterns, and more.

    Winter Skirt Outfit Ideas

    If the thought of coming up with sophisticated winter skirt outfit ideas has got you grumbling in front of your wardrobe, we’re here to give you all of the style inspiration you need. From business-casual chic to date night elegance, these outfit ideas cover all of your everyday bases.

    1. For the muted minimalist.

    The look: The minimalist wardrobe is meticulously crafted—characterized by pieces that serve a particular purpose and streamline a fluid aesthetic. Typically narrowed down to a few select colors, textures, and patterns, minimalist outfits take understated fashion to the next level.

    The outfit: A black suede a-line skirt with a pair of opaque black tights matches well with a cream cable knit sweater and a pair of lilac-grey colored Chelsea boots.

    The accessories: A wool scarf, a pair of minimalist huggie earrings, and a taupe crossbody bag.

    1. For the 9-5 go-getter.

    The look: When it comes to dressing for success in the wintertime, your business-casual wardrobe demands a little more. Even if you spend your days at work inside of an office, keeping warm once you’ve clocked out should be a top priority. Piece together a look that matches your workplace dress code and the wintry climate outside.

    The outfit: A heather grey wool pencil skirt with a matching grey blazer comes together nicely with a blush pink notched blouse. Wrap it all together with a pair of pastel pink pointed-toe flats.

    The accessories: A couple thin stacking rings and a neutral-toned briefcase.

    1. For the blissful bachelorette.

    The look: Date nights never get old, especially when they serve as the best reason to get dolled up, try new drinks, and spend valuable time with good company. While your summer wardrobe selections can be leggy and climate comfortable, the winter season calls for warmer, more layered looks.

    The outfit: A white square-neck long-sleeve bodysuit tucked into a leopard print satin midi skirt looks fun and classy with a tan-colored duster coat. Elevate the elegance with a pair of bold yellow pointed toe flats.

    The accessories: A pair of wooden hoop earrings, a glitzy statement hair barrette, and a white envelope clutch.

    1. For the Girl Next Door

    The look: It’s the everyday look that is cute, casual, and effortlessly thrown together. Whether you’re catching up with your best friend, running last minute errands or hosting an informal weekend brunch, your wardrobe selection should be as comfortable and as easy-going as you envision your day panning out.

    The outfit: A relaxed white long-sleeve t-shirt tucked into a burgundy belted corduroy skirt with a pair of fleece-lined tights and a pair of white Chelsea boots.

    The accessories: A burgundy velvet padded headband and a pair of simple stud earrings.

    1. For the city slicker.
    The look: Spending the day out and about in your favorite city calls for an outfit that can keep up with your adventurous agenda. Prepare for whatever nature has in store with an ensemble that is as sleek as it is snug.

    The outfit: A cream-colored waist-cropped turtleneck sweater paired with a mauve pleated ballerina skirt looks swanky with a long black merino wool coat and a pair of sand-colored slip-on sneakers.

    The accessories: A brown saddle bag, a pair of fleece-lined gloves, and a pair of neutral-toned tassel earrings.

    Ring in the winter season with a wardrobe that gets you excited to express your stylish self. With a working selection of cute winter skirts, your perfect cold weather outfits are just one garment away!