Contributors to Climate Change: Causes & How to Help

The earth's temperature is growing warmer, resulting in climate change, which leads to catastrophic weather extremes, longer wildfire seasons, and other detrimental effects. Scientific evidence suggests that one of the main contributors to climate change is burning fossil fuels. When these fossil fuels are burnt, they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which causes the planet to heat.

Fortunately, every person on earth can play a role in helping prevent climate change by exercising personal habits that reduce their carbon footprints. In this guide, we’ll take a look at what we do to minimize the effects of climate change.

Walk more

Facts about climate change indicate that a meaningful way people can help repress its effects is to cut back on fossil fuel consumption. One way to do that is to walk more rather than drive. Each time someone takes a walk instead of driving a car, emission levels go down, even if only by a small amount. According to researchers at the United Nations, fossil fuel transportation is a major contributor to the greenhouse gasses that exacerbate climate change.

Whenever you go for a walk, you can count on your walk to make a difference. Albeit a small contribution, walking lessens air pollution in a way that has a cumulative effect. The same is true for riding a bike. If more people walked or cycled, there would be a greater need for green spaces rather than paved roads. Green spaces also contribute to cleaner air and water by reducing carbon emissions.

Not only is walking better for the environment, but it can also provide countless benefits. For example, walking can keep you healthier and fit. It can also help you appreciate the outdoors more and make you feel closer to nature.

Start composting

It doesn't take an extensive compost bin to reduce methane gas emissions. Simply by tossing leftover fruits and veggies into a lidded container, composting will occur. The contribution to enriching the soil and reducing greenhouse gasses increases exponentially with each person who does it. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that composing reduces methane emissions from landfills, thus lowering your carbon footprint.

Invest in sustainable fashion

The fast fashion industry is one of the major contributors to climate change. Many clothing items are put into our landfills or burned each year. Several of these clothing items are made from plastics. PET fibers (polyethylene terephthalate), otherwise referred to as nylon, polyester, or acrylic, are fabrics that use crude oil in their manufacturing process. These items can seldom be recycled.

Rothy's has taken great strides toward sustainability in the fashion industry by creating fibers from plastic bottles that are then used to make high-quality shoes and accessories. In fact, here’s some sustainability facts regarding our best-selling products:

  • The Point uses about 11 plastic bottles
  • The Original Slip On Sneaker uses about 13 plastic bottles
  • The RS01 Sneaker uses about 28 plastic bottles
  • The Driving Loafer uses about 21 plastic bottles
  • The Lightweight Tote is made with approximately 618 grams of ocean-bound marine plastic
  • The Daily Crossbody is made with approximately 430 grams of ocean-bound marine plastic
  • The Minimalist Wallet is made with approximately 58 grams of ocean-bound marine plastic

By practicing sustainable manufacturing methods, we can reduce the effects of climate change. Our shoes and accessories are also machine washable, so you don't have to replace them frequently. Instead, just throw your Rothy's shoes or bag into the washing machine, and they'll be as good as new.

Further, instead of using single-use plastic to package and ship our products, we use recycled packaging. Our shipping boxes feature 95% post-consumer recycled materials and cardboard inserts are 100% recyclable.

Reduce energy consumption

What causes global warming is the over-consumption of energy, so when individuals collectively reduce their energy consumption, the problem of global warming is one step closer to being solved.

 ENERGY STAR-certified light bulbs use 70 to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs

Using ENERGY STAR-certified efficient light bulbs can also make a dent in the reduction of climate change. Certified ENERGY-STAR light bulbs can use 70 to 90% less energy than ordinary incandescent light bulbs.

At Rothy’s we purchase 100% renewable energy to balance the electricity usage from our workshop, retail spaces, and offices.

Cut back on single-use plastic

How do humans cause climate change? One way is through the consumption of single-use plastics. It's so easy to buy a plastic bottle of water from the gym rather than use a reusable water bottle. Another way is by purchasing items that are used once before being tossed into a garbage bin.

Instead of purchasing or using single-use plastic, including straws, bottles, cutlery, and so forth, you can invest in reusable items. For example, buying a reusable cutlery set can prevent you from using the throw-away set at a restaurant or fast food establishment.

More than 125 million single-use plastic bottles have been transformed into Rothy’s signature thread

Since March of 2022, we've transformed a staggering number of single-use plastic bottles into their signature thread, which is then used to make our shoes. As many as 125 million bottles have been saved from landfills in our efforts to create high-quality, comfortable shoes that are also sustainable. We’ve also repurposed 400,000 pounds of ocean-bound marine plastic to knit our accessories, such as bags and wallets.

Repurpose and recycle

According to the U.S. National Park Service, recycling aluminum, paper, glass, and plastic can minimize our energy and oil consumption. Recycling also prevents materials that take years to decompose from ending up in landfills.

So, before throwing anything away, it's a good idea to consider whether or not it can be recycled or repurposed to be used again.

When it comes to recycling, it can be challenging to determine what can and can’t be recycled. Fortunately, many local counties make it easy by providing an extensive list of recyclable items. Some products also feature the recycling symbol on the packaging to ensure they end up in the correct disposal bin.

Repurposing is also a great way to keep non-recyclable items that take a long time to decompose out of landfills. For example, if a denim jacket is outdated, stitch some lace on it to create a whole new one. You can also repurpose pasta jars, glass bottles, old books, and outdated jewelry to craft something new.

If you can’t repurpose a certain item, consider giving it away. No longer care for your grandmother's dining set? Pass it along to someone who will love it. You can also donate it to a donation center near you if you don’t have a friend who will take it..

Educate others on climate change

Each person should take a few minutes each day to learn ways in which they can help reduce the effects of climate change. Every action taken in that direction can make a huge difference. The internet has countless resources about this topic and continues to add more each day. Our consumer choices, everyday living habits, and even the foods we eat impact climate change. Collectively, small behavioral changes and wise decisions can make a difference in the quality of our air, water, and lives.

Practice sustainability one step at a time

Climate change can be lessened one step at a time. From recycling and repurposing used items to purchasing clothes created from sustainable materials and manufactured using sustainable practices, everyone can do something to help the environment.

Rothy's sustainable manufacturing practices can serve as a reminder that even the lowly plastic bottle can have a far-reaching, useful purpose. By leveraging conscious consumption, we can take the first step toward conquering the plastic pandemic that's a major contributor to climate change. We make mindful decisions that embrace sustainability, which could change the world if more manufacturers took up the same practices.

At Rothy's, we don't only fight climate change. We create sustainable products that anyone would be proud to own. Our shoes, which are made from recycled plastic bottles, are available for men and women, and we carry various styles for daily wear. These shoes are also fully machine washable and durable, so they don't need to be replaced frequently.