The Hemp Shoe & Bag Edit at Rothy's

Interest in using sustainable materials for fashion continues to grow, and hemp has emerged as a frontrunner in the quest for green alternatives. As a renewable resource that requires minimal water and no pesticides to grow, hemp is a promising solution for reducing the fashion industry's ecological footprint. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, we at Rothy’s are proud to offer a range of stylish shoes and functional bags crafted from this plant-based fiber.

At Rothy's, we believe in the power of sustainable materials to transform the fashion landscape, and hemp is no exception. Known for its durability, breathability, and minimal environmental impact, hemp is the perfect choice for conscious consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing style or quality. From chic shoes that take you from day to night to functional bags that keep up with your busy lifestyle, our hemp collection has something for everyone.

Let's explore the world of hemp together and take a step towards a more sustainable future.

What is hemp? Hemp definition

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a versatile and sustainable plant that belongs to the cannabis sativa species. It’s been cultivated for thousands of years for various purposes, including textiles, food, and industrial applications.

As environmental concerns continue to rise, hemp has emerged as a promising solution in the fashion industry. Its durability, breathability, and minimal environmental impact make it an attractive choice for clothing, shoes, and accessories. By opting for hemp-based products, consumers can make a positive impact on the planet while still enjoying style, comfort, and functionality. With the growing demand for sustainable alternatives, hemp is important in creating a greener and more eco-conscious fashion landscape.

Why Choose Hemp in Fashion?

Let’s highlight the advantages of incorporating hemp footwear and accessories into your wardrobe:
  • Durability: Hemp fibers are known for their strength and durability, making hemp shoes long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear. According to research from the European Industrial Hemp Association, hemp fibers are among the strongest natural fibers, providing excellent durability for footwear.
  • Comfort: Shoes made from hemp are breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping your feet cool and dry even in warm weather. The porous nature of hemp fibers allows air to circulate freely, reducing the risk of odor and discomfort.

Person reading the tag of organic clothing that’s made from recycled materials

  • Environmental impact: Hemp is a highly sustainable crop that requires minimal water, pesticides, and herbicides to grow. Additionally, hemp plants absorb large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to mitigate climate change and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Biodegradability: Hemp is biodegradable, meaning it will break down naturally at the end of its lifespan, reducing waste and pollution. Unlike synthetic materials like polyester and PVC, which can take hundreds of years to decompose, hemp decomposes quickly and returns valuable nutrients to the soil.
By choosing hemp, consumers can enjoy durable, comfortable footwear and accessories while reducing their contributions to climate change and supporting sustainable agriculture practices.

From Plant to Shoes and Bags: How Rothy's Uses Hemp

At Rothy’s, we're committed to sustainability and innovation, and our hemp edit is a testament to that commitment. In this section, we'll take you on a journey from plant to shoe, showcasing how we transform this versatile material into stylish and durable products.
  • Sourcing: We start by carefully selecting high-quality hemp fibers from sustainable sources. Our hemp is sourced from trusted suppliers who adhere to strict environmental and ethical standards, ensuring that our materials are sustainable and responsibly sourced.
  • Processing: Once we receive the hemp fibers, we carefully process them to remove impurities and create a yarn suitable for weaving. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes ensure that the integrity of the fibers is preserved, resulting in a durable and high-quality material that's perfect for footwear and bags.
  • Weaving: The next step is weaving the hemp yarn into fabric. Our knit-to-shape technique creates precise patterns and designs, resulting in stylish and versatile fabrics that form the foundation of our hemp shoes and bags.
  • Construction: Our shoes and bags are then constructed using innovative techniques and expert craftsmanship. From cutting and stitching to assembly and finishing touches, every step of the manufacturing process is carefully executed to ensure the highest quality and durability.
By using hemp, we're able to create a sustainable shoe brand that looks good and feels good to wear. Rothy’s hemp shoes and bags are a testament to our commitment to sustainability and innovation in fashion.

Rothy’s hemp shoes and bags

Must-Have Hemp Shoes and Bags

Welcome to Rothy's curated collection of must-have hemp shoes and accessories. We'll showcase our top picks for stylish footwear and bags crafted from sustainable hemp materials. From chic shoes that take you from day to night to functional bags that keep up with your busy lifestyle, these must-have pieces are perfect additions to your wardrobe.

The Casual Clog

The Casual Clog features a classic slip-on design with a comfortable footbed and sturdy sole, providing all-day support and cushioning. Made from durable hemp fibers, these clogs offer a sustainable alternative to traditional footwear. Whether you're running errands, lounging at home, or meeting friends for coffee, The Casual Clog is the ideal companion for any relaxed occasion.

The Original Slip On Sneaker

The Original Slip On Sneaker features a timeless slip-on silhouette with a lightweight and breathable construction, perfect for all-day wear. These shoes are available in two chic color options:

  • Coconut Stripe: The Coconut Stripe variant features a crisp white base with subtle striped detailing, offering a fresh and clean look that pairs well with any ensemble.
  • Toffee Stripe: The Toffee Stripe option boasts a warm and earthy color palette, with rich toffee tones accented by understated stripes, adding a touch of sophistication to your casual wardrobe.

The Weekend Slide

All styles of The Weekend Slide are made of a hemp blend, featuring a sleek and minimalist design with a slip-on silhouette. The Weekend Slides are available in five versatile color options, including:

  • Oat: The Oat variant offers a neutral and understated look, perfect for effortless everyday wear and easy pairing with any ensemble.
  • Toffee Stripe: For those seeking a touch of sophistication, the Toffee Stripe option boasts rich toffee tones accented by subtle stripes, adding a hint of elegance to your casual wardrobe.
  • Black: The Black variant offers timeless versatility, providing a sleek and polished aesthetic that effortlessly transitions from day to night.
  • Sandy Cat and Sangria Stripe: If you’re looking for a fun pattern or a pop of color, the Sangria Stripe and Sandy Cat are colorways that will make your outfit stand out.

Whether you're lounging at home, strolling through the park, or meeting friends for brunch, The Weekend Slide offers comfort, style, and sustainability in every step.

The Espadrille

Introducing The Espadrille, reimagined with sustainable hemp. These classic yet chic espadrilles offer a perfect blend of comfort and style for warm-weather days. The Espadrille features a traditional jute-wrapped sole and a sleek upper crafted from durable hemp fibers, providing durability and eco-consciousness in every step. Each pair of espadrilles is meticulously crafted to deliver comfort and style, making them the perfect choice for beach days, city strolls, or casual outings with friends.

The Casual Sling

The Casual Sling features a sleek and modern silhouette with an adjustable strap, offering comfortable wearability. This hemp bag is available in four chic color options, including:

  • Toffee Stripe: The Toffee Stripe variant boasts rich toffee tones accented by subtle stripes, offering a warm and earthy aesthetic that complements a variety of looks.

  • Sangria Stripe: For a pop of color, the Sangria Stripe option features vibrant sangria hues contrasted with bold stripes, making a statement wherever you go.

  • Navy Stripe: Meanwhile, the Navy Stripe variant offers a classic and versatile look, perfect for pairing with any ensemble.

  • Marshmallow: For those who prefer a neutral option, the Marshmallow variant provides a clean and minimalist aesthetic that effortlessly complements any outfit.

How to clean hemp shoes and bags

How to Clean Hemp Shoes and Bags

Cleaning hemp shoes and bags, including Rothy’s footwear and accessories, is a straightforward process that can help you maintain their quality and appearance over time. Most of our products can be conveniently cleaned in the washing machine using the following guidelines:
  1. Before cleaning, remove any excess dirt or debris from the shoes or bag.
  2. Place the items in the washing machine with like colors and set the machine to a cold water, gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent to avoid damaging the material.
  3. Once the washing cycle is complete, remove the items from the machine and let them air dry thoroughly. Avoid using a dryer, as heat can damage the hemp fibers.
While the general cleaning instructions apply to most Rothy’s products, there are specific care instructions for certain items mentioned here:
  • Original Slip On Sneaker: Before washing, remove the contoured footbed and tie the shoelaces to prevent tangling. Then, follow the general washing instructions above.
  • The Casual Clog: Use a shoe tree or insert to help maintain the shape of the clog during washing. Follow the general washing instructions provided.
Note: The Casual Sling and The Espadrille may slightly fade with each wash due to the delicate nature of the hemp fibers.

Embrace Sustainable Fashion with Rothy's

Rothy’s offers stylish and sustainable footwear options and accessories crafted from versatile materials like hemp. By embracing sustainable fashion with Rothy’s, you can make a positive impact on the planet while still looking and feeling great. From vegan shoes made without animal products to thoughtful sustainable gifts for your loved ones, Rothy’s has something for everyone committed to conscious consumption.
With our commitment to innovation and sustainability, Rothy’s is leading the way in the fashion industry by offering stylish alternatives that prioritize the planet. Whether you're looking for comfortable and durable hemp shoes for women, chic vegan accessories, or sustainable gifts that make a statement, Rothy’s has you covered.