The Flat/Loafer Insole Dark Red 

The Flat/Loafer Insole Hot Pink 

The Flat/Loafer Insole Lemondrop 

The Flat/Loafer Insole Reflex Blue 

The Flat/Loafer Insole Spotted

The Flat/Loafer Insole Black Solid

The Point Insole Hot Pink 

The Point Insole Leopard

The Point Insole Marigold 

The Point Insole Red Camo

The Point Insole Reflex Blue 

The Point Insole Solid Black

More than just a pretty shoe.


Rothy’s are the perfect shoe to take you through a busy day. Wear to the gym, to the office, or to after-work drinks. You’ll never need to pack that extra pair of shoes again.


Rothy’s are made from recycled water bottles once destined for the landfill. Knit by machine and crafted by hand, our shoes are seamlessly constructed using a 3D knitting process that significantly reduces waste. Because we believe doing good should look good, too.


Machine wash your Rothy’s in cold water. Simply remove the insoles and put them in the washing machine with your shoes. Use a delicate cycle and mild detergent and air dry. Never use the dryer or warm water, as any heat will cause Rothy’s to shrink and lose their shape.