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Model 001 - The Flat

Plum Birdseye

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The Flat is the original Rothy's.

Walk the dog, head to yoga, run to a meeting, pick up kids or stop to see a friend for a glass of wine. You may change your clothes, but you won't change your shoes. Learn More

Our shoes are made with innovative 3D knitting technology, and each pair is hand assembled. Knit with soft, 100% recycled fiber, Rothy's will keep up with your active lifestyle. You can even occasionally toss them in the washer and air dry.

More than just a pretty shoe.


Our shoes would like to spend the day with you. Wear Rothy’s to the gym, to the office, to school pick ups or to girls night out. You might change your clothes, but you won’t change your shoes. Fashion made seamless.


Rothy’s are made with recycled fibers that are both soft and strong. Made on high-tech 3D knitting machines, there is little waste and no seams. That means comfort for you and low impact for the planet. Transform waste into beauty with Rothy's.


After a long day on the go, Rothy’s clean up beautifully. Spot clean, or toss into the washer and dry flat. You could probably wear them into the shower, we just couldn’t fit that on the care label.