Circularity is the future of sustainability. And what does circularity mean? At Rothy’s, we think of it as a continuous loop that renews itself, from material and manufacturing to product and recycling. Our vision is to use twice-recycled materials in new products—to close the loop, like nature does.


Introducing Rothy’s Recycling.

We have big goals to achieve circular production, starting by keeping old Rothy’s out of landfills. As of September 2022, you can bring your well-loved Rothy's to any of our retail stores to be recycled. We’ll pass them to our partners who will repurpose the materials into something new. And to thank you, we’ll give you a discount code to use on a future purchase.

Industry-leading innovations

Plastic bottles & marine plastic.

More than 146 million single-use plastic bottles have been turned into our signature thread, which we use to craft all our products. And we’ve repurposed more than 493,000 pounds of ocean-bound marine plastic (collected from land within 30 miles of coastlines) by using it to knit our bags and accessories.

Industry-leading innovations

Algae-based foam.

As global temperatures rise, algae blooms expand rapidly and cause ecological unbalance. By using algae-based footbeds and strobel boards (the green part of the shoe under the insole), we’re choosing a renewable resource that helps keep algae from overtaking waterways.

Industry-leading innovations

Natural & renewable materials.

Our signature outsoles are made with 35% natural and renewable materials and minerals, while our insoles contain 30% bio-based material and recycled rubber. Our beloved Driving Loafer outsole is made with material from rubber plants and natural minerals (literally, sand). And that’s just the start. 

Our path to circularity.

Here’s our industry-leading approach to achieving a circular model in every phase of a product’s life. 

Behind every Rothy’s product is the innovative use of recycled, bio-based and transformed materials, from the single-use bottles made into our signature thread to algae-based foams, natural rubber, hemp fiber, and the marine plastic collected from land within 30 miles of coastlines and waterways. 

Our revolutionary knit-to-shape manufacturing combines the best of knitting technology and artisanal craftsmanship to avoid the roughly 30% of material waste common in traditional “cut and sew” production. Our single-box packaging is uniquely sustainable, using 95% recycled materials and biodegradable inserts. We have a relatively compact supply chain, and we try to right-size our output at every step to avoid overproduction before it starts. 

We don’t believe in fast fashion. We’re all about designing good products that last—ones that serve multiple functions, so you can trade excess for versatility. Every single shoe and bag we produce is fully machine washable and extraordinarily durable—just wear, wash, love.

Recycling shoes on a mass scale is really hard, which is why it isn’t common. We’re on a mission to keep all Rothy’s out of landfills by giving worn shoes new life. Our in-store recycling program launched in 2022, and we’re on track toward carbon neutrality and circular production by 2023.