1.1 billion plastic bottles end up in landfills in New York each year. And that’s no surprise when the refund on plastic is only 5¢ thanks to a Bottle Bill from 1982. Four decades later, it’s time to give a dime about plastic. 

Increasing the refund would result in an estimated 773 million more bottles recycled per year—and more money in the pockets of NYC’s recycling community. Because in 2023, 10¢ makes sense.


This bill would keep an additional 773 million plastic bottles out of landfills, increase recycling rates to 89% and support the heroic workforce of informal recyclers who redeem deposits for income.


Every day, a collective of 1000 New Yorkers called Sure We Can combs the city to collect bottles and cans as their primary source of income. They work tirelessly to keep plastic out of landfills—collecting more than 12 million containers last year alone. Raising the deposit rate to 10¢ would have a massive impact on their livelihoods. 

In our fight to end plastic waste, we’re proud to introduce our advocacy arm Rothy’s For Good. And as one of our first initiatives, we’ve donated an electric mobile recycling unit to Sure We Can to support their important work. Stay tuned for more on Rothy's future advocacy efforts.