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How we’re supporting our community.

We are grateful to our community for coming together during this unprecedented time. Now, more than ever, we want to stay connected with each of you—so consider this blog the spot where you can stay up-to-date on masks, donations and all of our COVID-19 initiatives.


Boy in a navy sweater wearing a bright orange kids mask with a hot pink lightning bold pattern

Masks for kiddos.

As of November 2020, masks for your little ones are here. Decked out in cheerful patterns and bright colors, these cute masks are mini versions of our extra-soft, durable, washable styles. These styles are intended for use by children ages 4 and older. 



Man shown wearing a bright pink mask with light orange stitching details on the side.

Masks made better.

In the spring of this year, we experimented with ways to apply our planet-friendly practices—like 3D knitting and sustainable thread—to masks. The result? Extra-soft styles that are just as comfy, sustainable and washable as your favorite Rothy’s. 



A box of disposable masks, shown from the top.

Donating masks.

In April 2020, we set out to support those on the frontlines by donating 100,000 non-medical masks in partnership with Mask Match. We’re proud to share that the masks we donated have since been placed with healthcare organizations like long-term care facilities, medical centers and health clinics. Mask Match is a peer-to-peer platform that helps pair groups providing masks with people and organizations that need them most. 

Image showing illustrations of masks, PPE, wash bags, medical gowns and gloves.

Direct Relief donation. 

One of our very first actions during the COVID-19 crisis was a donation of $20,000 to Direct Relief. This donation helped provide protective masks, exam gloves and isolation gowns to healthcare organizations throughout the United States. In order to help make a deeper impact, we invited our community to support the cause alongside us. Together, we've exceeded our initial goal and over the course of six weeks—with your help—we’ve raised over $45,000. We are so grateful for the generosity of our community (aka you!).

The Open Innovation Coalition.

On April 1, 2020, we announced the formation of the Open Innovation Coalition. We founded the OIC  as a way to unite like-minded brands in sharing resources to collectively support COVID-19 relief efforts. Next up, we identified our goal: to help one million people over the next three months. 


We’ve open-sourced our mask-making knowledge with fellow manufacturers who are interested in producing similar relief items. By partnering with 16+ incredible brands like Framebridge, Lingua Franca, Native, ThirdLove, Marine Layer, and more, we’re able to create a meaningful impact—together. 


We're looking forward to continuing to grow this coalition, and we’ll be keeping you in the loop on our efforts along the way. You can learn more here

Bright ideas.

At Rothy’s, we own our factory—which has always allowed us to think differently about manufacturing. We know we can apply our manufacturing innovation and superb craftsmanship to develop ways to help the global community. We appreciate our community, and we thank them for contributing so many bright ideas around ways to utilize our factory during this time.


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