The Best Sustainable Shoe Brands

Today's consumer is increasingly looking to support eco-friendly, sustainable shoe brands that use research and manufacturing processes that reduce waste, limit their carbon footprint, and avoid testing their products on animals. As a matter of fact, according to a study involving consumers in North America, Asia and Europe, the most important consumer concerns were:

  1. Quality of a product
  2. Price of a product
  3. Environmental impact

Footwear buyers are some of the most aware consumers because they know that it commonly takes plastic, fabric, rubber, and leather to make a sneaker, boot, sandal, or dress shoe. So, they look to sustainable shoe brands that supply the quality and price point they value, along with the sustainable footwear manufacturing processes and material selections that go into making eco-friendly shoes.

how to describe sustainable shoes

When you consider the sneaker as an example, this style of footwear has about 50 different parts. If you consider the 14 shoe sizes and about 6 different shoe colors or patterns associated with most styles, that adds up to 4,200 different shoe parts that require specific materials, processing, and assembly.

Here we look at what it takes to be one of the leading sustainable shoe brands and how one company is leading the way in making better shoe products with eco-friendly shoe manufacturing processes using sustainable footwear materials.

What Is Sustainability?

Sustainability in manufacturing has taken on a variety of connotations. But, in essence, sustainable manufacturing practices work to avoid depleting natural resources to help the environment maintain its ecological balance. These natural resources include water, trees, oil, natural gas, and some critical metals like copper.

If global industries disregard the effect of mining, manufacturing, power generation, and product distribution on the earth, then the negative results will include surface water, groundwater, air, and soil contamination, along with the loss of biodiversity (the variety of life in all forms).

4 Considerations of Sustainable Shoe Manufacturing Methods:
  • How and where they source raw materials
  • The use of energy-efficient processes
  • Optimized truck loads and distribution chains
  • Consideration of product disposal

Sustainable footwear and other sustainable products must be a corporate-wide drive. Even office processes can be made greener with the use of less paper, occupant-controlled lighting, and building envelopes that reduce energy consumption. The rationale for sustainable manufacturing may be rooted in new government regulations for CO2 emissions, but it is also an acknowledgment of the increased scarcity of raw materials.

And finally, we can also consider the increased demand from consumers for manufacturers to reuse, recycle and recover materials in order to reduce the impact on global landfills.

what does it mean for a shoe to be sustainable

What makes a brand sustainable?

When it comes to fashion and consumer products, sustainability involves manufacturing processes that start with material procurement and ends with factory assembly and product distribution. In other words, sustainable brands consider the total environmental impact of manufacturers and utilities.

Because of the quantity of plastic, fabric, rubber, and leather used by footwear and fashion manufacturers, the attention has been on these industries to make material substitutions that protect our wildlife. The manufacturer of sustainable shoes should also take advantage of green incentives to reduce carbon emissions from shoe factories.

Rothy's manufacturers of some of the best sustainable shoes on the market, by thinking outside the shoebox and offering consumers an innovative eco friendly shoe line. Our sustainable manufacturing methods use better materials, better processes, better products, and better recycling programs.

Eco-friendly Shoe Material Choice

This company makes many material substitutions, including the use of recycled plastic, to make our eco friendly of womens best selling footwear and bags. This includes knit upper material that is spun from single-use plastic water bottles diverted from landfills and ocean-bound marine plastics collected within 30 miles of coastlines to create a signature thread that is durable and washable.

Rothy’s Recycled Shoe Materials

But, we didn't stop there. Rothy’s carefully considers which shoe materials are best for the environment, then we set out to design sneakers and sandals that are made of even more eco-friendly substitutions including:

  • Merino wool, which is RWS-certified and fully machine washable.
  • Hemp, which is strong and regenerative, grows readily and is easy on the environment.
  • Bio-based TPU, which utilizes castor oil as a more eco-friendly plant source, is used in some of the cushy footbeds.
  • Eco-friendly rubber manufactured with 27% mineral sand is used in both women’s and men’s shoe styles
  • Algae-based foams are used under the insoles and footbeds to reduce harmful algae in waterways
Sustainable Footwear & Accessory Manufacturing

Rothy's has returned shoemaking to an art that demands quality craftsmanship. At Rothy’s, we have the distinct advantage of being the only shoe brand that requires each shoe to be manually crafted or adjusted in some way, by people and not machines. This unique combination of hand-craftsmanship and machine assembly is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to make shoes.

 the difference between sustainable and durable

Rothy’s also uses computer-aided design technology to create new styles and improve on classic designs. This design processes reduce scrap and waste because the program determines precise size and assembly parameters that take greater advantage of the material.

Better Sneakers, Flats, & Bags

Rothy's has considered every consumer concern, from the quality of the product to its environmental impact, even at product disposal. The outsoles, which are made from nontoxic rubber, are remarkably durable. And, The color of the shoes stays vibrant after multiple washings.

The final construction of a Rothy's shoe is done by hand, where the uppers and outsoles are attached using a stitching technique that reduces the amount of adhesive needed for construction.

From the use of eco-friendly materials to using 3D knitting, each touch of Rothy's process is steeped in quality production and handcrafted character. The end result is not just a company renowned as one of the leading sustainable shoe brands, but a shoe that is unrivaled in its comfort, quality, and beauty.

Why is sustainability in fashion critical to combating climate change?

In addition to this, when consumers buy the low-quality, low-cost, wear-and-dispose-of type of clothing, it contributes to the ever-increasing landfill and other environmental problems.

Shoe Recycling Programs

Today, Rothy's is proud to be a leader in sustainable fashion. Their sneakers strive to complete the economic cycle by being recyclable shoes! Consumers desire to be a part of the eco-friendly movement, knowing that the earth they protect today is the earth that will protect their children in the future.

If you're looking for sustainable footwear and tote bags, then Rothy’s is a great choice for sustainable footwear. Our shoes are popular for being insanely comfortable with a wide selection of washable shoes. We’ve accomplished this without sacrificing on style or quality, making Rothy's not just a shoe company, but a lifestyle brand.

From better materials to handcrafted quality to products that contribute to circular manufacturing, Rothy's is the choice of shoe for a new generation of consumers that are serious about the environment.