Holiday Cocktail Party Attire: The Ultimate Style Guide

'Tis the season for festive parties and get-togethers. What better way to embrace the spirit of the season than by attending a holiday cocktail party? Maybe you're going to a holiday office party or are celebrating New Year’s Eve in style at a semi-formal event. Dressing for the occasion is part of the fun, no matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays.

Holiday cocktail attire comes in all shapes, colors, and styles. As you prepare to enjoy the season, don’t forget to look your best. Choosing what to wear to a holiday cocktail party is about more than just looking good—it’s about capturing the magic of the season while adhering to the event’s dress code.

If you’re asking yourself, “What is holiday cocktail attire?”, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of holiday cocktail attire and how to dress to impress this holiday season. From choosing the right clothing and shoes to dos and don’ts, find inspiration for your next holiday party here.

What Is Holiday Cocktail Attire?

Cocktail attire is a common dress code for elegant events and occasions. For women, cocktail attire typically entails wearing a knee-length dress or sleek dress pants and a blouse paired with stylish accessories and footwear. By choosing elevated clothing, you can embody this semi-formal style and shine in the appropriate setting.

During the holiday season, combine cocktail attire essentials with festive pieces for special occasions. There are typically many events during the holidays where holiday cocktail party attire is appropriate, from holiday parties to corporate events and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The goal is to look sophisticated and refined while adding seasonal sparkle to your outfits. Consider wearing festive colors such as green, red, or gold, or opt for classic designs and cozy materials like velvet.

What to Wear to a Holiday Cocktail Party

A holiday cocktail party is the perfect opportunity to embrace festive colors and motifs while maintaining sophistication and style. For women, cocktail dresses are the go-to choice for semi-formal occasions. A well-fitted cocktail dress should fall around knee-length, although it can be slightly above or below the knee. If dresses aren’t your thing, opt for tailored dress pants with a festive blouse and blazer or cardigan.

Accessorize your cocktail holiday attire with statement jewelry, such as drop earrings or a bold necklace. A small clutch or chic handbag is a practical and stylish addition to your holiday ensemble. For shoes, consider high heels, elegant pumps, or classic flats for dresses. Here are a few tips on what to wear to a holiday cocktail party:

  • Festive colors: Red and green are holiday favorites. Embody the festive spirit by wearing different hues of green and red. Depending on the occasion, you might opt for more formal and simple colors like black or white. Add extra shine to your outfits by choosing silver or gold accessories.
  • Holiday patterns: The holidays are a special time when you can incorporate holiday-themed designs in your clothing. For cocktail party attire, stick to simple holiday patterns such as snowflakes, holly, or plaid.
  • Glitter and sequins: The holiday season is a time to sparkle. Choose from an array of holiday cocktail attire featuring sequins and glitter to really dazzle your peers. Just make sure to keep the dress code in mind and don’t go overboard with the glitter.
  • Layering: Depending on where you live, you might need to dress for warmth. Wear a sophisticated winter coat over your cocktail dress to keep yourself warm without compromising on style. You can also layer with a cardigan, shawl, or wrap in festive colors and patterns to elevate your outfit while keeping you comfortable.
  • Two young women having fun in holiday cocktail party attire

    Holiday Cocktail Outfit Ideas

    There are many ways to style holiday cocktail party attire, depending on your personal taste and preferences. A classic look can be achieved with a knee-length shimmery black velvet sheath dress. Add silver or gold jewelry, like a chunky statement necklace. Complete the ensemble with The Square Mary Jane.

    For a modern twist on women’s cocktail attire, pair plaid dress pants in classic red and green hues with a sophisticated white blouse and red pointy flats. This outfit provides a festive look that’s elevated yet comfortable.

    Another festive idea for cocktail attire is an emerald green sequined dress with simple silver drop earrings and The Point flats for comfort and style. This look is chic and festive and adds a bit of sparkle. Consider accessorizing with stylish accessories to store your small essentials.

    Group of friends at a holiday cocktail party

    Impress at Your Next Festive Cocktail Party

    Showcase your style and embrace the holiday spirit at your next big event. The right cocktail party attire can make all the difference, helping you feel confident and stylish throughout the celebration. While choosing elegant and festive pieces is essential to dressing for holiday events, you don’t want to sacrifice comfort. That’s where Rothy’s has you covered.

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