The manufacturing behind Rothy’s products is where the sustainability magic happens. It’s made possible by our wholly owned factory, our revolutionary knit-to-shape production, and the skilled craftspeople who finish each piece by hand, with love.

A first-of-its-kind factory.

We set out to build a sustainable factory from the ground up. We’ve led the industry with our 3D waste-reducing knitting technology, signature thread spun from recycled plastic bottles and renewable energy use to name a few—and we’re now proud to announce we are the first shoe manufacturer in the world to receive sustainable LEED and TRUE Platinum certification.

In 2022, our factory workshop achieved the goal of LEED Gold certification and the factory offices exceeded our goal by achieving LEED Platinum certification, validating that they’re operating with green building practices. Then in 2023, our factory achieved TRUE Platinum certification, validating that it's operating with zero waste practices by diverting solid waste from the landfill, incineration and the environment.

A factory for the future

A modern manufacturing model.

Our 100% owned factory and vendor integration is a model for modern manufacturing. It puts us in a unique position to eliminate the staggering waste and overproduction that makes fashion a leading contributor to climate change. Our owned factory empowers greater sustainability at every step, from a cleaner supply chain to happy working conditions. 

A factory for the future

Best-in-class benefits.

At Rothy’s, we’re one global team sharing best industry practices, from our San Francisco HQ to our factory in Dongguan. Our factory team enjoys best-in-class factory benefits and a wellness-focused workshop environment, which has resulted in an exceptionally high retention rate. 

Our production process

Precision knitting.

Our industry-first manufacturing process starts with a machine programmed to knit our bags and the uppers of our shoes to their exact shape. The result? We avoid the 30% material waste that is so common in traditional cut and sew production.

 Once the machine works its magic, our skilled artisans craft
the rest by hand. Each piece is finished individually with love, from the thoughtful design elements like polished hardware to the hand-embroidered Rothy’s logo on every style.

Our production process

The best of boxes.

Rothy’s shoe boxes are strong enough to ship on their own—no
box-in-box packaging waste here. Our cardboard inserts are made from 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard content, and they’re fully recyclable. To top it off: Our signature blue ribbon is made from recycled materials, too. 


Our recyclable inner wrap paper is made with more than 30% post-consumer recycled content—and it’s Forest Stewardship Council-Certified.

Our production process

Smarter shipping.

Because we own our factory, we can match our output to the demand for products at every step in the supply chain, resulting in significantly less waste. And through smarter planning, we’re drastically reducing our carbon footprint by primarily transporting our products from our factory to the US via ocean shipping, which outputs 1/47th the emissions of air shipping.

To date, we've offset more than 74 million pounds of carbon emissions by partnering with and Pachama, two organizations that fund forestry conservation, protection and restoration projects.