Why Rothy's Are the Best Mary Janes

What are Mary Jane shoes? They're flat ballerina shoes with a unique strap across the top. First advertised as children's footwear, the Mary Jane has now trod into numerous style categories for women and girls of all ages. These versatile low-heeled shoes come in basic black and colorful hues.

For many women, Mary Janes are the go-to for stylish work shoes and are perfect for situations where comfort comes first. Rothy's carries shoes you can wear at home or on an afternoon out and about. We have the best Mary Jane shoes for women who want versatile footwear and prefer to remain comfortable and beautiful in any situation.

You can wear them to work, ballet, or on a date — just switch up your wardrobe appropriately. This article discusses how to style The Square Mary Jane in every circumstance, plus reasons our style is the best.

Why Mary Jane's are a timeless closet staple!

The best women’s Mary Jane shoes are comfortable and form-fitting. Although our shoes are trendy and fashionable, we keep the wearer top of mind. Therefore, Rothy's Mary Jane shoes are machine-washable and have durable, elevated outsoles.

Reasons Rothy’s are the best Mary Janes

Rothy's Mary Janes are built from sustainable materials and designed to last.

Here are five reasons why Mary Jane's are a must-have, versatile shoes never go out of style.
1. Comfortable and form-fitting

The chic square toe gives your toes wiggle room while the slim, non-restricting strap keeps the shoe in place. The gorgeous silhouette streamlines your profile while boldly flashing an effortless style.

The best Mary Janes are easy to dress up or down, and the 3D knit shape provides a lightweight, flexible feel. Our iconic ballet flats are great for the office, but you can also walk in them all day. Best of all, there's no break-in period due to their flexible and breathable design.

2. Sustainable design

While designing The Square Mary Jane, Rothy's style and construction experts kept sustainability in mind. Rothy's uses recycled materials to build every pair of their versatile women's shoes, and you can keep them out of landfills by taking them to the nearest Rothy's retail store to be recycled. Our partners will repurpose them in a variety of ways. As a thank you, we'll give you a discount code for your next purchase.

3. Versatile style

Perhaps you're getting ready for a night on the town or headed to your favorite restaurant. We've got your feet covered in versatile style. Whether you're looking for the best Mary Jane walking shoes or want footwear you can slip into and stow away easily, the compact design of our Mary Janes results in a great fit.

Meet your friends or walk the dog without compromising style. Our Mary Jane flats are perfect for many occasions and are designed with a stylish rounded vamp and soft, flexible straps.

Overview of The Square Mary Jane

4. Durable construction

The best women’s Mary Jane shoes consist of made-to-last materials. We create quality products that withstand everyday wear and tear. Rothy's embraces durability, so you'll enjoy your favorite walking shoes for many years. Before releasing new products, we test them for color fastness, wear resistance, and strength. That's why our bags and shoes last longer.

Our testers flex each style several times to ensure it meets our high wear resistance standards. In all, there are 15 durability tests to give you confidence that your favorite shoe will stand up to your busy lifestyle.

5. Trendy and fashionable

Getting ready for work or play is easy with your favorite Mary Janes or other comfy, gorgeous Rothy’s shoes. These classic black ballet flats never goes out of style, while vivid patterns and colors give your feet a fashion-forward kick.

The Square Mary Jane is perfect for several occasions

Mary Jane's are the Perfect Shoe For any Occasion

It's important to look good from head to toe, so here are some tips that can help you style the best Mary Janes.

How to Wear Mary Jane's to work

Mary Janes Shoes pair easily with dresses, and you can layer on a sweater for a more casual look or to stay warm in the office. Try these square-toe flats if you want to elevate your casual day. To add edge to your 9 to 5 outfit, add a structured jacket over a loose blouse and dress pants. Our Mary Jane flats also go well with mid-length skirts and dresses.

If you're going for a streamlined silhouette, coordinate Mary Janes with slacks. Wear flat-front slacks in navy or black for a professional look. You can wear cotton tees under jackets to enhance comfort without looking like you're trying too hard. Tunic tops also look great with slacks and provide ample coverage. Lightweight, smooth fabric also looks great and won’t wrinkle even if you sit too long at your desk.

Well-fitting Mary Janes keep your feet cool and comfortable while providing traction if you walk a lot at work or on your lunch break.

How to Wear Mary Jane's To a party

You can even wear Mary Janes with straight-leg jeans and a denim jacket to look casually cool at a party. Any type of top suitable for the occasion will also enhance the look of your favorite outfit. Trendy high-rise and classic mid-rise jeans in light or dark hues, from black to indigo, give you plenty of ways to dress up or down for a party.

Whether petite, plus size, or in between, corduroy pants paired with black Mary Janes create a dressy, retro look that might turn you into a fashion icon. Depending on the season, capri pants might be the right choice to pair with colorful Mary Janes. Capri pants come in numerous materials, sizes, and styles to suit your taste. For a chic vibe, choose black or gray capris or look for denim capris for casual get-togethers.

How to Wear Mary Jane's to a formal event

When you wish to look your best, decide whether you want Mary Janes with a pop of color or a tasteful pattern. To make your decision simple, you can always opt for Mary Janes in black, beige, or other neutral colors. This shoe goes with virtually anything, making it the right choice when transitioning from a casual to a formal event.

Whether you're going to dinner with the in-laws or to the opera, you’ll look great in trendy Mary Jane shoes. So, throw on a strappy dress or formal skirt and blouse and offset it with Mary Janes in a contrasting color to give your outfit a boost.

If you prefer to wear dress pants, consider wearing white, navy, or black pleated pants with straight or narrow legs to show off your Mary Jane flats.

How to Wear Mary Jane's to a casual date

Skinny jeans pair perfectly with Mary Jane shoes. They come in an array of washes, so you can choose a light or dark color for your casual date. Look for jeans with compression panels to give you a smooth, sleek silhouette. You can dress up the outfit with a nice necklace and top. Alternatively, you can tuck in your t-shirt or opt for a flowy tunic to achieve the right look for the right moment.

The best Mary Jane shoes go great with a maxi dress when you're going to your favorite late-night spot. They also look great when you're meeting your dream date and want to convey a confident, casual style.

How to Ensure Your Mary Janes Fit Just Right

Rothy’s shoes don't fit like your average shoe. That's because they're made from recycled plastic water bottles. Although they're flexible, they don't stretch much, making them more durable.

When you take your Rothy’s Mary Janes out of the box, they should fit immediately since they don't have a break-in period. If they feel a little tight, take out the insole to see what it would feel like if you went up half a size. The best Mary Jane shoes will hug your feet without pinching.

Mary Janes Should be Comfortable, Sustainable, and Stylish

Styling the Mary Jane comes down to pairing the right color or pattern with your casual or formal look. From date night to office attire, you’ll look fabulous in comfortable, beautiful shoes that enhance any silhouette.

Rothy’s creates durable, sustainable shoes and bags. The best Mary Jane shoes will reflect your style, make you feel fashionable, and provide comfort rather than hurt your feet, no matter how long you leave them on. With the help of the talented designers and stylists at Rothy’s, you can always look your best from head to toe.

Find your next pair of women's flats at Rothy’s today and take your outfits to the next level.