Cute game day outfit ideas.

When sports and fashion meet, you get an eclectic mish-mash of themed clothing, larger-than-life ensembles, ultra-relaxed outfits and everything else in between. There is no one-size-fits-all look to game day fashion and that’s what makes it so diverse and enjoyable. The sporting world follows a seasonal schedule that corresponds with your seasonal wardrobe—so it’s only fair to assume that your summery outfit for Wimbledon looks totally different than your wintry look for the Stanley Cup Championship.

Piecing together your game day outfits means looking cool and chic while being comfortable and weather-appropriate. Whether you’re headed to the fanciful Kentucky Derby or going down the street for a little league playoff, we’ll guide you through the key closet pieces needed to score your own kind of touchdown.

What to Wear to a Sporting Event: Game Day Outfit Essentials

What to Wear to a Baseball Game

What to Wear to a Basketball Game

What to Wear to a Football Game

What to Wear to a Horse Race

What to Wear to a Hockey Game

What to Wear to a Soccer Game

What to Wear to a Sporting Event: Game Day Outfit Essentials

Though figuring out what to wear to a sporting event doesn’t follow a foolproof formula, there are a number of wardrobe essentials that frequently come out to play. We’ve broken it down to four essentials: the classic tee, jeans, shoes and accessories.

The Jeans

Denim looks good on everyone, and everyone’s got their favorite cut, color and fit. Whether you love a loose-fitting boyfriend jean or a high-waisted skinny jean, the jeans that make you look and feel confident are fair game for any sporting event.

Try these fits on for size:

  • Mom: Characterized by their high waist and a loose, tapered fit, mom jeans have made a huge comeback since their 1980s days. Ultra-comfortable and flattering, these jeans are game day musts.
  • Cigarette: Somewhere between the skinny and the boyfriend, the cigarette jean thrives. Snug on the thigh and relaxed toward the ankles, cigarette jeans are as game-day-friendly as they are work-friendly!
  • Cropped: Nothing says summertime like a cropped jean. Whether you choose a cropped flare or a cropped skinny, you can rest assured knowing all of your favorite shoes pair perfectly with a cropped hem.
  • Jeggings: Take the comfort of a pair of leggings and make it denim. That’s exactly what the jegging does. Constructed with soft, stretchy materials, jeggings are the modern woman’s saving grace.

The Classic T-shirt

T-shirts can be an integral part of any woman’s wardrobe—they’re easy, breezy and versatile. Pairable with jeans, skirts and leggings, plain tees and team-specific graphic tees are always an excellent option for a relaxed, laidback look.

Take your T-shirt game to the next level by trying out these fun types:

  • Crew neck
  • V-neck
  • Crop
  • Raglan
  • Henley

  • The Shoes

    When you’re rooting for your team, chances are you’ll spend the majority of the game on your toes, encouraging the likes of Tom Brady or Megan Rapinoe to score for your home team. Your shoes must be three things: supportive, comfortable and stylish. Comfort always reigns supreme over fashion, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise.

    Try these kicks:

    • Slip-on sneakers: When it comes to all-day comfort and soft, yet supple support, the slip-on sneaker aces the game. Worry less about laces coming undone and keep your eyes on the game in these easy-wear trainers.
    • Ballet flats: Elevate any wardrobe ensemble while maintaining your colorful aesthetic in a pair of round-toe ballet flats. Easy to pair with any number of dress-up or dress-down looks, ballet flats are game-day gold. Looking to add a bit of edge? Opt for a sharp pointed-toe flat instead.
    • Loafers: With a little more coverage than the traditional ballet flat, a pair of colorful loafers is a chic complement to any ensemble you select. Not only are they a practical slip-on option, but they’re durable—capable of withstanding all of the hours of cheering on your game day agenda.

    The Accessories

    There are a number of essential accessories every woman needs for a sporting event outing. Sunglasses to protect the eyes, a tote bag for your on-the-go necessities, and any home-team merch that shows you’re all in for your team.

    Don’t leave the house without these essential game day accessories:

    • Jewelry
    • Hats

    What to Wear to a Baseball Game

    The vibe: With baseball season finally in full swing (pun intended) you’re sure to have a girl’s day, double date, or family outing penciled in at your local baseball stadium. Be it Oracle Park or Fenway Park, the anticipated attire is likely the same. The baseball fashion scene is relaxed, comfortable and effortless street chic.

    The outfit: A striped slouchy tee tucked into a pair of light-wash jeans, completed with a pair of white slip-on sneakers. This easy-breezy look is perfect for the summertime sunshine and a long day at the stadium.

    The accessories: Sunglasses, a cute crossbody and a baseball cap with your home team’s logo.

    What to Wear to a Basketball Game

    The vibe: You’ve finalized your brackets, purchased your seats and you’re all caught up on your home team’s starting five stats— all that’s missing is your crowning game day outfit. Selecting your basketball game day outfit means channeling cool, contemporary style while staying true to your unique personality.

    The outfit: A pair of black cigarette jeans with a bold top looks jumbotron-ready and effortlessly chic. Pair this outfit with some leopard print pointed-toe flats for a finishing touch.

    The accessories: A pair of geometric earrings and a neutral-toned bucket bag.

    What to Wear to a Football Game

    The vibe: Football games are as much about tossing the ol’ ball as they are about soaking up the sun and rooting for your team. Whether it’s a high school playoff with your family or hanging out with your best friend at an NFL Superbowl party, your football game day outfit should be effortless and casual.

    The outfit: A pair of cropped blue jeans with a breathable raglan tee (with colors to match your home team) looks cute while feeling comfortable. Tie it all together with a pair of beige slip-on sneakers and a minimalist black belt.

    The accessories: A dad hat with your favorite team’s name or logo and a charm bracelet.

    What to Wear to a Horse Race

    The vibe: Horse races are among the few sporting events where dressing up is a near must. Though the styles have changed over the years, the tradition of wearing a formal dress and a fancy hat has long endured. Elegant dresses, polished two-pieces and practical, stylish shoes are all essential pieces to your horse race ensemble.

    The outfit: A red and white floral-printed wrap dress looks stunning with a white fascinator and a classic pair of bright red ballet flats.

    The accessories: A pair of white tassel earrings, an envelope clutch, and a few silver stacking rings.

    What to Wear to a Hockey Game

    The vibe: Depending on the city you call home, walking into an ice rink may feel like walking into a tundra. The surface of the ice rink must stay below 24 degrees at all times, which means the better your seats, the colder you’ll be. Suit up in your finest and most stylish winter gear to comfortably cheer on your team.

    The outfit: Dark wash jeans matched with a beige hoodie underneath your favorite team’s hockey jersey is a great way to keep warm and cozy for a night at the rink. Finish it off with a pair of black slip-on sneakers for a seamless, put-together ensemble.

    The accessories: A mini-backpack.

    What to Wear to a Soccer Game

    The vibe: Few things compare to soccer in the summertime. Picking your perfect soccer game day outfit means piecing together a breezy, breathable ensemble that gives off polished girl-next-door vibes.

    The outfit: A forest green square neck camisole tucked into a pair of black jeans looks perfectly polished with a matching black denim jacket. Match this outfit with a pair of animal-print patterned loafers for an added touch of personality.

    The accessories: A crossbody bag, a pair of funky-shaped sunglasses and a dainty necklace.

    Figuring out what to wear to a sporting event is a mere matter of curating the right pieces from your already expansive wardrobe. With these style tips, you’ll be scoring some serious style “goals” in no time.