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3 ways to wear wedding flats.

With all the excitement of your big day, you don't want to be in shoes that slow you down. Between the florist and catering, table arrangements and last minute RSVPs, brides everywhere can agree that having to juggle so many elements can make one of the most important days of your life much less enjoyable. Take a little worry off your shoulders and make an easy choice: wedding flats. Wearing flat wedding shoes on your big day can save you from a world of trouble (and pain).

We’re here to talk about why brides swear by wedding flats, as well as offer some inspiration on all the different ways you can wear them with your ensemble. Thought flat wedding shoes were a bit unpolished? These wedding flats will make you think again.

Should you wear flats on your wedding day? Yes!

On the long list of accessories needed to match with your dress, wedding shoes are probably pretty high up. You need to love the picturesque pair you’ve dreamt of since you were young, but you also have to wear them for a solid 10 plus hours. That complicates things.

Heels, wedges, sandals and even sneakers can all be equally chic options, but wedding flats by and large are turning into the number one popular choice. Here are the top reasons why.

Top Reasons to Choose Flat Wedding Shoes


No trips or slips.

We’ve all been haunted by this major wedding nightmare: the procession begins, the flower girl follows, you make your grand entrance and, with all eyes on you, you trip and fall walking your way down the aisle.

While a good laugh and some photos from your guests might make for a funny memory, most brides prefer to avoid tripping down memory lane. Being the center of attention and walking to your betrothed at the altar is often one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the entire ceremony—and you need to feel confident about it.

Now you don’t have to worry about catching an edge on your heel, rolling an ankle, or stepping on shoe laces with all eyes glued on you. Comfortable wedding flats let you strut your stuff down the aisle—without fear of stumbles or slips. That way, you can focus on what’s much more important: the life-changing chapter that’s about to begin.

Comfortable transitions.

Now that your wedding ceremony has gone off without a hitch, it’s time to transition to the reception. Depending on the venue, this often means traveling from one location to the next. Maybe that means from an indoor church to an outdoor garden space, or from an altar on the beach to the reception in a hotel banquet room. Whatever the venue may be, the situation is the same: you’ve got some walking to do.

Model holding The Mary Jane in Wildcat, and a flower.

Rather than hobbling along with a steadfast hold on your escort’s arm, wedding flats allow you to stroll comfortably to your next destination. Instead of focusing on your sore feet or unsteady steps, you’re free to soak up the euphoria of what just happened—without a tinge of discomfort.

When you wear flat wedding shoes, you won’t need to painfully power-walk (or limp) to your photo shoot. Remember, your guests are waiting and will become increasingly anxious with each moment spent in transition. Wedding flats not only make getting from point A to point B more comfortable, but they also shave off the time required to get there by eliminating the need for unnecessary shoe changes.

By speeding up the transition between ceremony and reception, you’ll be able to get more out of one of the most important days of your life.

Dominate the dance floor.

You’ve arrived at the reception venue—now let the celebration begin! Your imbibed guests are probably ready to get the party going in full swing and have been looking forward to the post-ceremony fun all day long.

Hopefully, you prepared for all the dance requests that are about to come your way. Everyone from your distant uncle to your partner’s little brother will likely want to take their turn cutting a rug with the woman of the hour.

Don’t be the bride who has to politely decline, gridlocked to a chair and immobilized by aching feet. This is your special day. You should be out there on the center of the dance floor, busting a move with all your loved ones who came to celebrate you!

The best flats for weddings will let you dance until 2:00 AM with your new spouse, ensuring the party won’t end simply because your feet can’t take it anymore. Make the decision to end the night on your own terms.

Versatile venue choices.

Choosing the picture-perfect venue that captures the dreamy scene you’ve envisioned can be exciting, but also overwhelming. There’s a seemingly endless list of considerations to keep in mind, including capacity, rates, restrictions, and above all else, location.

If you opt for comfortable flat wedding shoes, your location options will be limitless. Is that beautiful ball room booked, forcing you to go with the backup courtyard plan? No problem. Heels perform questionably in outdoor locations that are rich with grass, dirt, and uneven terrain, but flat wedding shoes lend themselves to both indoor and outdoor venues.

Stroll down the beach in your breezy, bohemian dress without fear of sinking into the sand, or weave gracefully through wooded terrain at your fairylike forest venue. If indoors is more your style, count on your wedding flats to provide excellent traction on slippery surfaces.

Added bonus: you don’t have to worry about the weather! Don’t let an unexpected cloud rain on your parade. In the event of inclement weather, your water-resistant wedding flats will hold up much better than heels ever could. And hey, if it does rain on your wedding day, don’t be too let down—they say it’s good luck, after all.

Photo op ready.

This benefit to wedding flats doesn’t apply across the board, but there are a significant number of couples who have major differences in height. Whether you’re a head taller than your partner or vice versa, it’s usually a photographer’s goal to make the difference less noticeable.

Rather than getting creative with short/tall couple poses, avoid wearing heels that will make matters worse and instead choose flat wedding shoes to cut down the height difference. Your photographer will thank you, and so will your feet.

Plus, wearing sturdy wedding flats allows you to capture those great nature shots without having to change shoes or trek barefoot. Easily capture a glowing, sun-drenched scene in a meadow, on a beach, or beneath the trees without any transportation woes.

And keep in mind, no matter what shoes you settle on, your wedding photos will contain an array of images focused on your love, not your height difference.

Splash of fun.

Are you a bold bride who’s uninterested in adhering to traditional wedding customs? Wearing flats with a wedding dress gives you the opportunity to show off your originality and score major style points.

Consider out-of-the-box ideas for your special occasion. Contrast your white gown with a pop of color by donning bright wedding flats like our animal print mary janes. Or, opt to wear patterned flats with a wedding dress and add flair to an otherwise blank slate.

If you’re looking for a fun way to incorporate “something blue” into your big day, wedding flats are a great solution. Those who appreciate a more muted aesthetic can go with timelessly classic navy blue flat wedding shoes to achieve an understated style. If you’re an edgier bride who wants to turn heads, aquamarine pointed flats will be a guaranteed conversation piece.

Actually reusable.

The biggest wedding challenge? The price tag. Expensive is an understatement. Costs quickly stack up, forming beads of sweat as the number of pricey services begin to sink in. Every detail from the paper your invitations are printed on to the side dish your guests are offered matters, and every dollar needs to be spent wisely.

Even if you opt for a budget wedding and cut corners by making your own floral arrangements, hosting the event in your family’s backyard, or hiring a friend to take photos, you still have your ensemble to consider.

Most brides don’t want to nickel and dime in this department, choosing instead to pay a little more to look gorgeous on the day of their dreams. Wedding dresses can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and that doesn’t even account for the veil, tiara, jewelry, and various accompaniments.

Purchasing a wedding ensemble also begs the question: will you ever wear any of it again? When it comes to most things like the dress, the veil, or the tiara, the answer is probably not. The only real exception to the rule is your comfortable flat wedding shoes. Those beautiful, sparkly pumps you see in the window might make you drool, but realistically speaking, the chances of getting a ton of use out of them are slim to none.

Investing in quality wedding flats means you will be able to get good use out of one of the many things you spent money on. Make the most out of your money by repurposing them for work, errands around town, or lounging at the house. The best flats for a wedding are extremely versatile and can be re-worn so many times.. You can even wear your wedding flats beforehand to make sure they’re cozy and broken in before the big day.

Plus, you won’t be able to resist smiling each time you slide into your flats, remembering the time they walked you down the aisle and into your future.

Ways to Wear Flats with a Wedding Dress

Clearly, there are so many reasons to wear flat wedding shoes. The question then becomes how to wear wedding flats in a way that still looks stylish and chic, rather than casual or unpolished. Are signature round toe flats capable of complementing an elegant wedding gown? The answer is yes, and here’s how.

1. Match your color scheme.

Playing around with palettes and choosing the color scheme to bring your wedding to life is one of the most fun and exciting parts of planning your wedding. Your color scheme can be inspired by the season, the rustic venue you’ve chosen, or even you and your partner’s favorite hues.

Have you always dreamt of a wedding overflowing with purple orchids? Use that as your starting point. Trying to create a warmly vintage and nostalgic atmosphere? Creams and pastels are probably your best bet. No matter what color scheme you settle on, every detail demands attention in order to really impress your guests, from the moment they walk through the entryway and over to the sign-in table. Accented aisles, ornamented altars, tablecloths and centerpieces—nothing should be overlooked, including your shoes.

Every color accent should blend as seamlessly and harmoniously as the union you’re celebrating—and wedding flats offer another way to tie it all together. Going for a lot of drama? Wear ruby red wedding flats as part of a jewel-toned palette. If your flower bouquet is a focal point, pull floral accent colors that will draw attention to your intricate arrangement.

If you’re not sure how to build out a color palette and are sparing yourself the expense of a costly wedding planner, consult the color wheel. Guiding principles can help make sure you speak the correct color language in terms of what pairs nicely and which hues look rather garish next to each other.

Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong with matching warm tones with cool tones.

Here’s a tip: Some brides prefer to match their wedding flats to their dress, rather than the color scheme, which is perfectly fine. If you choose this route though, be sure the colors match exactly.

2. Add a pop of color.

In today’s day and age, standardized wedding choices have flown out the door. While some still revere the traditional bridal aesthetic, decked classically in white from head to toe, many modern brides prefer to switch it up a bit.

You’ll find unconventional brides pushing the envelope in all sorts of ways. Everything from blue gowns to feminine pant suits, rugged cowboy boots to 20 foot trains can be seen sauntering down the aisle without guests blinking an eye. To make your wedding as unique as the love you share, consider standing out in brightly colored wedding flats. Why settle on basic ivory when you have so many original alternatives?

Select fabulously colored flats to wear with your wedding dress to stand out as you walk down the aisle and circle the cocktail hour. Bright pops of color are trending in the fashion footwear world, plus they lend themselves to more usage after the big day has come and gone.

As we noted earlier, flat wedding shoes can be an eclectic solution to adding “something blue” to your ensemble. You can also pick out a metallic pair of flat wedding shoes that matches your jewelry or the embellishment on your gown.

It’s your wedding, and ultimately you can wear whatever color wedding flats you choose. Fire engine red, romantic rose, neon yellow—nothing is off limits. Get creative and let your originality shine.

3. Wear a shorter dress.

Whether you’re shopping for flat wedding shoes or chunky wedges to take you down the aisle, the Golden Rule of wedding planning states that it’s critical to find your dress beforehand. You’re going to want every aspect of your wedding-day shoes to complement your token dress, down to the color, style, detail, etc.

When trying on different dresses, you’ll find that wedding flats allow you to pick out shorter designs. There’s nothing wrong with showing off a little leg in a shorter wedding dress; it gives brides a non-traditional, modern look. Tea length wedding dresses range in length from just above the ankle to just below the knee, and they allow you to show off your contemporary style in full force.

A short wedding dress not only puts a modern spin on a timeless look, but it also gives you the opportunity to turn your wedding flats into a statement accessory. You could be rocking the most dazzling pair of wedding shoes ever to be seen, but if they’re concealed by a full-length gown, no one will ever know.

Round toe flats will create a feminine, ballerina-like aesthetic while pointed-toe flats give trendier brides a chance to show off. Looking to elongate your legs? Instead of achieving the effect in excruciating heels, go for nude-colored wedding flats that can match any dress and make your legs look like they go for days.

Flats for Bridesmaids, Too

Your bridesmaids are surely honored to be included in your wedding, but they’re also tasked with quite a lot. Everything from bachelorette parties to registry gifts, rehearsal dinners to standing by your side through the entire event costs some serious time and money.

Bridesmaid flats will help make sure these ladies stay comfortable up at the altar for the duration of the ceremony. Plus, it will allow them to dance the night away with you at the reception. It also gives them the opportunity to get more out of their necessary wedding purchases since they’ll be able to re-wear them again and again.

Choose picture-perfect bridesmaid flats that will do favors for your wedding party’s feet—and their wallets.

Shoes for Flower Girls

Wedding flat fun doesn’t stop with the bride and her bridesmaids—you need to remember the flower girl too! Comfortable flat wedding shoes are critical for little ones who need to make it down the aisle without any quivering lips or full-blown tears.

Your flower girl has a big role to fill, and she might be a little weary walking down the aisle all alone without Mom by her side. Make sure she’s comfortable in loafers for girls that are as adorable as she is.

Flats for Eco-Friendly Brides

The amount of production that goes into a successful wedding execution can be overwhelming to even think about. It takes a village—or at least a team of coordinated vendors—to bring your dreamy vision to life. Unfortunately, many of these behind-the-scenes and center-stage operations leave behind a sizable footprint on our earth.

There’s no reason your dream wedding can’t be a green wedding, too. Going sustainable is a priority for a growing number of brides, and Rothy’s offers a simple and unique way to be sustainable on your big day, without having to sacrifice fashion.

Our stylish wedding flats are made from recycled water bottles in an effort to help clean up the environment. After being sanitized and heat treated, the plastic is woven into our signature thread and crafted into footwear using proprietary 3D printing.

The material is super soft, ensuring lasting comfort you can count on from your wedding day onwards. Versatile enough to fit any occasion, Rothy’s flat wedding shoes allows you to get the most wear and value out of your purchase.As an added bonus, you’ll add a touch of symbolism to your already special day by showing off your love for the environment.

Rothy’s Wedding Flats

We can appreciate a sleek pair of stilettos as much as the next girl, but when it comes down to practicality, flat wedding shoes are our go-to choice. Slide into a pair of wedding flats that will keep your feet as blissful as you are during your life-changing celebration.

Shop our assortment of the best flats for a wedding and find footwear that will feel as good as they look when you say, “I do”.

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