Meet The Hemp Collection.

Hemp may be one of the oldest textiles on earth—like 8,000 BC old—but we see it as the fiber of the future. Our new collection is a curated assortment of styles made with a blend of sustainably grown hemp, cotton and our signature thread made from water bottles. At its core, The Hemp Collection is about showcasing the raw beauty of nature. Undyed, beautiful, sustainable.

Why do we love hemp so much? We’re glad you asked.

It’s easy on the planet.
  • Hemp is known as a regenerative crop that is able to remove carbon from the air and restore nutrients into the soil.
It’s made to last.
  • Hemp is extremely durable yet super comfortable. Blended with our signature thread made from plastic water bottles, cotton and (in the case of bags) marine plastic, our hemp styles are built to last wash after wash.
It’s built for summer.
  • Hemp is known for its resistance to UV rays. That means it will keep things nice and protected.


We spoke to the minds behind this launch to hear more about the collection, the process and all the reasons we love hemp. Scroll to read more from our Head of Sustainability, Saskia, and the lead designer, Mikaela.

Talk to us about hemp. Can you give us a bit of background on The Hemp Collection?

Saskia: We’re always exploring new materials that help us achieve our sustainability ambitions. Innovation can come from circular materials like our recycled thread and natural materials like our merino wool. We’ve been interested in hemp for several years because of its beauty and regenerative properties.

Mikaela: Our design team has been dreaming about hemp for a few years now. We had an early test sample that everyone just loved—from the feel and how matte hemp is, to the fact that it’s grown from the earth. When we found the opportunity to explore a new material we knew it was finally hemp’s moment. The uniquely natural qualities of hemp opens up a lot of new possibilities of color, texture, and when we mix it with our rPET the possibilities seem endless.

Let’s get into the details. If you could only share one detail about our newest material, what would it be?

Saskia: Hemp is a material from the past and a material for the future. Growing hemp can help mitigate climate change and restore nutrients in the soil.

Mikaela: We're introducing hemp in a more raw, original form. We looked at so many options, dyed, cleaned, treated (and more) but the team loved the least processed version. It is beautiful to celebrate the organic variation of a plant fiber.


Saskia, this question is for you. Can you talk to us about why we picked hemp as our next material through a sustainability lens?

Saskia: Hemp is one of the few crops that is considered regenerative, which means that it can have a net positive environmental impact. Hemp crops can be grown without pesticides and minimal water, and the plants pull carbon out of the atmosphere, helping to mitigate climate change. Hemp restores nutrients in the soil and can crowd out unwanted weeds. These holistic benefits make hemp one of the most sustainable fibers.


The outsoles on The Hemp Lace Up look super unique. Can you tell us about the design process and the method we use to create the flecked look?

Saskia: The Hemp Lace Up outsoles incorporate post industrial recycled TPU. Pieces of TPU that might have been wasted from the production process are reincorporated into the outsole, which results in a flecked pattern highlighting this recycled material.

Mikaela: I have a special passion for unique outsoles. I wanted to accentuate this new natural fiber with an exciting outsole that would reflect the inherent granular flecks of color variation grown into the yarn. The process we landed is unique to Rothy’s and creates another way for us to use all of our materials.


Mikaela, now we have a question for you. Can you tell us about the colors—or rather, the muted hues—of the collection?

Mikaela: Erin (aka our leader of merchandising and product) and I knew right away when concepting for this collection that the hemp yarn was the star of this show. We wanted everything else to highlight the material, not distract. Black and beige felt so wearable and effortless, whether you pair it with neutrals (I adore black summer dresses) or to ground a full color fit.


Lightning Round:

Sneakers or sandals?

M: Sneakers!

S: Sneakers.

Poolside or beachside?

M: Beach.

S: Beach (and mountains!)

Hot or cold weather?


S: Hot but learning to love both.

Book or e-reader?

M: Book.

S: E-reader.

Hemp is the latest in our growing library of sustainable materials. From our signature thread spun from plastic water bottles, to the algae-based foam in our strobel boards, we carefully consider each material we use. Part of our continuous quest to do better means making the best choices and thoughtfully selecting the right materials from the beginning.


Learn more about our collection and all of our sustainable materials.