What to wear to brunch.

Whether you’re chatting with the girls or catching up with family, you take brunch seriously. As a time to toast to the weekend and devour delicious breakfast plates, brunch is the ultimate meal. An excuse to eat loaded french toast and put on your favorite weekend wear? Yes, please!

A hip brunch spot with a picture-perfect outdoor patio is reason enough to take your favorite sundresses and floppy hats out for a spin. Staying cool in the AC? An oversized slouchy sweater pairs perfectly with your favorite pair of jeans. The possibilities are endless, and the perfect brunch outfit is all about embracing your unique style and letting your confidence shine through.

We’ll give you the rundown on how to style patterns, cuts, shapes, colors, and accessories to craft your chic closet ensembles.

What to Wear to Brunch: Patterns

What to Wear to Brunch: Cuts

What to Wear to Brunch: Colors

What to Wear to Brunch: Accessories

What to Wear to Brunch: Patterns

Mixing and matching solid colors never gets old—the number of contemporary combos you can pull together is truly limitless. Adding a dash of print or pattern into the mix makes everything feel a bit more fun. There’s just something so bright and beautiful about prints and patterns that adds zest to any brunch outfit. Our favorite brunch-time patterns are as follows.


Not quite your typical plaid pattern, gingham is a summery alternative to more traditional plaid. Unlike plaid patterned clothing, gingham styles are generally constructed with one color and white. Perfectly wrapped in symmetry, this airy pattern will have you feeling summertime-fine in no time.

The outfit: Familiarity is key when introducing yourself to the world of patterns. Your favorite dark or light wash relaxed jeans with a simple white tee looks fabulous on any given day. To spice it up for Sunday brunch with the family, slip on a black and white gingham blazer. Keeping with the theme of mixing work-casual and brunch-chic, finish the outfit off with a pair of cute flats.


As one of the most popular patterns within the fashion industry, stripes are an easy go-to pattern. In fact, it’s incredibly likely that you already have a few striped numbers in your closet!

The outfit: Turn your stripe game around by venturing into the world of vertical stripes. A surplice neckline striped jumpsuit with a tied waist looks chic for any brunch occasion. Dress it up with a pair of statement earrings, or dress it down with a floppy straw hat.

Polka Dots

The beauty of the polka dot lies in its variety. Big dots, little dots and all dots in between are adorable statement patterns that pop.

The outfit: A flowy polka dot blouse with a peplum hem and a white denim pencil skirt take simple elegance to the next level. A bold colored pair of pointed flats neatly pulls this outfit together. Throw on a few dainty necklaces to jazz up your neckline and you’re brunch-ready in minutes.


Floral prints are timeless classics that have stood the test of time. No matter what season it is, incorporating floral patterns into your brunch outfits will make it feel like springtime year-round.

The outfit: Big, bold and bright-colored floral prints are the way to go when you want to make a splash at brunch. A high-neck swing dress will have you dressed to the nines on your next best friend date!

What to Wear to Brunch: Cuts

From necklines to pant hems, there are many different clothing cuts that put a modern edge on staple pieces. Playing around with clothing cuts is an easy way to add a splash of variety to a uniform-feeling wardrobe. Even if you love a good go-to black top, switching up the neckline is the easiest way to keep your style fresh.

Experimenting with these stylish cuts while crafting your brunch outfits will have you photo-ready at any given moment.

  • Square neck
  • Off-shoulder
  • Bateau
  • Cowl
  • One shoulder
  • Wide-leg
  • Cigarette
  • Frayed
  • Flare
  • Classic skinny
  • Maxi
  • Asymmetrical
  • Mini
  • Wrap
  • Midi
  • Moto
  • Trucker
  • Bomber
  • Field

What to Wear to Brunch: Colors

We’re so glad that brunch isn’t a seasonal meal—what would we do without midday omelets? But even though brunch runs calendar free, the colors in your wardrobe are subject to the season’s changes. Use this color guide to curate a coordinated color palette.

  • Mint green
  • Soft yellow
  • Peachy pink
  • Lavender
  • Light blue
  • White
  • Fuschia
  • Turquoise
  • Red
  • Mustard yellow
  • Maroon
  • Forest green
  • Cream
  • Mahogany brown
  • Orange
  • Black
  • Olive green
  • Heather grey
  • Blush pink
  • Navy blue

What to wear to a bridal shower brunch in the spring: Springtime brunch outfits should feel as light and breezy as you do. Using the budding trees and blooming flowers as inspiration, match a light midi dress with a pair of white lace-up sneakers for a fresh, effortless look.

What to wear to a summertime birthday brunch: Hello, sunshine! That sun-kissed glow is reason enough to pull out those bold-colored pieces. Birthday celebrations should always be done in style, no matter what age you are. A mustard yellow Bardot dress paired with pink flats looks classy and exudes confidence. Add a dash of color with a pair of vibrant earrings.

What to wear to a baby shower brunch in the fall: Fall is all about watching the changing colors of the leaves and making good use of comfortable loafers. In your downtime away from the foliage, your baby shower duties await. Wear an olive green jumpsuit with a pair of dark loafers for an elegant, earth-toned look.

What to wear to a Sunday brunch in the winter: Celebrating the weekend in winter is best done in a warm and polished outfit. Piece together a pair of black cigarette pants and a slouchy heather grey sweater, and finish it off with a black jacket. An understated pair of casual slip-on sneakers maintains that effortless aesthetic you’re after.

What to Wear to Brunch: Extras

Accessories: the finishing touches to material masterpieces. No matter how you identify your style, understanding the power of a tote bag or a pair of sunglasses is a must. If you’re the type of gal who goes through those “I have nothing to wear” phases, accessories can be your saving grace. Rather than revamping your already fabulous wardrobe, making transformative accessory purchases will open a whole new world of possibilities.

Whether you’re brunching at baby showers or country clubs, knowing how to dress up your flats, dresses, blouses, and jeans with accessories will set you up for style success. This master list of brunch outfit-ready accessories will look stunning paired with any and all of your chic ideas. Don’t be afraid to experiment with prints, patterns and a pop of color!

  • Rattan straw crossbody
  • Vegan leather mini backpack
  • Snake print bucket bag
  • Beaded clutch
  • Metallic vegan leather mini satchel
  • Boho stacking rings
  • Dainty zodiac necklaces
  • Multilayer choker necklace
  • Tassel earrings
  • Minimalist cuff bracelets
  • Wide-brim fedora
  • Cabby hat
  • Floppy straw hat
  • Boater hat
  • Knit beanie
  • Western belt
  • Bright colored headscarves
  • Dainty hair barrettes
  • Cat-eye sunglasses
  • Animal print scrunchies

Need a little creative inspiration to spruce up your favorite brunch looks? We’ve got you covered.

The occasion: Seaside brunch

The outfit: A white eyelet wrap dress paired with a pair of brown oxford sandals

How to accessorize it: A classic, beachy look like this one calls for a pair of tortoise-shell sunglasses and a woven wide-brim hat. Decorate those fingers with a couple gold stacking rings and you’re set.

The occasion: Hosting family brunch

The outfit: Light wash mom jeans with an olive green sweater and leopard print flats.

How to accessorize it: Brighten this outfit up with a rope and wheel headscarf to create a refined effect that draws attention to your face.

The occasion: Last-minute brunch with the girls

The outfit: High waisted black skinny jeans with a blush pink top and boots.

How to accessorize it: Adding a bit of shine to this already glamorous look is an elegant way to tie together a last-minute brunch outfit. A dainty silver necklace and a few loose silver bangles match the jazz of your eye-catching boots.

There you have it—piecing your perfect brunch outfit together is easier than you thought. Working with edgy cuts, patterns, exciting accessories and lively colors, you’ll be the definition of style success at all of your upcoming brunch festivities.