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Travel flats and essentials.

Not all who wander are wearing comfortable flats. That’s not the J.R.R. Tolkien quote exactly, but it’s still an important consideration you should keep in mind ahead of your next whirlwind adventure. Being able to move freely in your footwear is one of the most important facets of your travel wardrobe.

Why? First and foremost, your travel flats are the foundation for all of your outfits and can transform you from reluctant day-tripper to savvy jetsetter. You need to be able to efficiently snake through those TSA lines, slip them on and off easily, and power through long sightseeing days. 

Sure, it’s easy to don a pair of sweatpants and call it a day in the name of comfort but you can look good, be comfortable and take on any cobblestoned street with a chic pair of travel ballet flats

Read on below for the best travel flats and what you should expect from a great pair of adventure-ready essentials.

How do I find the right travel flats for walking and sightseeing?

You just booked a last-minute flight to Italy in the spur of the moment, you turn to your closet to start mentally taking stock of your wardrobe and realize, Oh no, I don’t have any shoes for this trip. We’ve got your back. Follow our tips to pick out a pair of flat shoes that will keep you sure-footed even when you’re not sure about those GPS directions.

Travel flat tips

Comfort and Breathability

Navigating your way through airports and the storied streets of historical destinations means one thing: lots of walking. It’s important to pay attention to comfort and breathability when you’re searching for that perfect travel flat so you can confidently explore without being held back by your footwear.


Traveling necessitates flexibility: flights get canceled, events get rained out, and as much as you want to, you can’t plan for everything. Why should you expect anything different from your shoes? A change of plans doesn’t have to spell disaster—just make sure your travel flats have the adaptability to transition from day to night. A perfect pair of travel ballet flats, for example, can be a comfortable and stylish addition to your trip to the museum, and seamlessly move you into a night of dancing.


As much as we wish we could keep our travel flats in pristine condition, life happens. Dirty, dusty conditions can dull the shine of those colorful shoes. So, it’s in your best interest to ensure you can pop your travel flats into the wash for a quick refresh. 

Cover All Your Bases

Wondering what comfortable walking shoes could possibly check all of those boxes? The answer is Rothy’s—shoes that meet and exceed your travel requirements. Rothy’s are designed to contour to your foot, giving you a customized fit that’s supportive and flexible. With no break-in period, they’re comfortable from the first moment they’re out of the box to mile three of your walking tour.

These aren’t just flats, they’re travel essentials made out of a breathable knit to encourage air circulation so you can focus on enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of your destination without distraction. Rothy’s offers six different options to choose from: The Flat, The Point, The Mary Jane, The Loafer, The Sneaker and The Chelsea. Each style comes in unique colors and patterns to lend some personality to your outfit.

The best part? Rothy’s are simple to clean. You can hand wash them in cold water or toss them in your Airbnb’s washing machine on delicate mode. You’re a woman on the go, so it’s time to invest in travel flats that keep up with your wanderlust.

What are some travel clothing essentials?

A great travel wardrobe has one main characteristic: chameleon-like versatility. Whether you’re prepping for a trek through the walking routes of Europe or getting ready for a trip highlighting the best nightlife spots in Brazil, you’ll want clothes and shoes that have the ability to transition from day to night.

We’ve curated a list of travel clothing essentials you don’t want to forget while traveling. Remember, the amount you bring of each item depends on the duration and destination of your trip. You can always buy what you forget when you arrive, but it might be at a considerably higher price or hard to get. When you travel, peace of mind is a carry-on that every traveler needs.

Travel clothing checklist

Travel Underwear

Make sure the underwear you bring on your travels is made out of moisture-wicking materials to keep you cool while you’re busy making moves. 

Skin-Colored Bras

A few neutral-colored bras close to your skin tone is an ideal base for your getaway apparel because they can go under any shirt or blouse. 

Workout Clothes

There’s nothing more rejuvenating than a morning run in a new place. It’s a great way to see wherever you’re staying before the city wakes up. Or if you decide to pencil in an unplanned hike, having the option to be active in comfortable clothes is a must.

Layering Tanks

Layers are a key aspect to any travel gal’s attire. Weather can change in an instant, especially if you’re somewhere in the mountains where it can be sunny and then suddenly, thunderclouds. Pile on the tanks and other layers for an easy, bohemian look. You can always peel off layers when it gets warmer.

Pair of Jeans

Easily the bread and butter of your outfits, jeans are ideal because they can be dressed up or down. Wear trendy cropped jeans with frayed edges for a funky look or go classic with black, high-waisted skinnies.

Dressy Outfit

Even if you don’t feel like you’ll go anywhere where you’ll need to dress up, you might find yourself in a place where you feel underdressed. Be prepared and have at least one complete outfit that is a little more dressy. 


If you’re headed someplace warm, a swimsuit is always a good idea. Pools and beaches could be in your travel plans—so don’t sit on the sidelines, jump in!

Casual, Leisure Dress

Sweatpants with a tapered leg, a cute crop top and a bomber jacket could make you the street style icon of the city. Get ready for casual days on your trip with fun, understated looks.


Sleeping in a new environment can be pretty difficult. So, make it easier on yourself and bring your favorite pair of pajamas. Again, make sure they’re made of a breathable material in case you find out your hostel doesn’t have A/C.

How do I style outfits wearing Rothy’s?

If you’re looking for the right shoe that will fit all of these different travel outfits and let you roam with ease, Rothy’s are the perfect travel flats to fit your world-traveler status.

Try some slip-on sneakers if you need a walkable shoe for getting from Point A to Point B. These kicks boast a thick, rubber tread to keep you stable. It’s the perfect balance between fashion and practicality —simply choose a style and color that matches your wardrobe.

The key to coordinating Rothy’s with your outfits is paying close attention to balance and proportion. Whether you’re running to catch a connecting flight or headed out for a night out in Paris, there’s a pair of Rothy’s that fits the bill.

If you’re bringing along a niece or daughter on your vacation, the girls’ loafers are the perfect gift to give her before takeoff! Grab your own pair of women’s loafers for a matching look that’ll keep you both in comfort and style.

Here are a few more suggestions for serving up amazing Instagram-worthy looks during your vacation:

Formal Event: Wear a black, full A-line skirt and satin blouse with The Point in Fawn to level up your style game.

Sightseeing: Pair rolled up boyfriend jeans with a crisp white button-up, brown belt, and hat with The Loafer in Mocha Spot for an outfit ready to take on a full travel itinerary.

Casual Brunch: The Flat in Black Solid is a go-to style that can add a chic touch to a little black dress. Croissants and Rothy’s—it’s a perfect match.

Walking Tour: The Sneaker in Bright White is ideal with some high-waisted jean shorts, cropped tank, and semi-sheer kimono for easy summer-inspired style.

Travel Essentials for Your Carry-On

Your carry-on should have everything you need while you’re traveling, as well as 1-2 days’ worth of basics for when you get to your destination. If you need more guidance on do’s and don’ts for your carry-on, check out the TSA travel tips for more information.

It’s always better to be prepared if the worst-case-scenario happens: the airline loses your luggage. In most cases, you’ll get your bags back but there will certainly be a delay.

Take a look at these travel essentials for your carry-on before your next vacation:

A carry-on luggage checklist

Water Bottle

A refillable water bottle is a great idea to avoid buying tons of plastic ones. Plus, you can fill up for free in many places.


Don’t forget any medications you might need during your trip. This is something you want to be sure you take in your carry-on in case your luggage gets lost.

Travel Pillow

A travel pillow and even an eye mask can give you that much-needed shut-eye during your red-eye. Adequate sleep means more enjoyable adventuring when you wake up!

Notebook and Pen

If you make a point of writing a few sentences about your travel experience each night, your future self will appreciate being able to go back and remember those special memories.

In-Flight Entertainment Options

Bring books, pre-loaded podcasts, and other fun activities to pass the time.

Portable Charger for Electronics

If you forget to charge up before heading out on your adventure, a portable charger can mean the difference between life or death for your phone—at least until the next charge.

Facial Cleansing Wipes

At the end of a long day of travel, you might not want to spend five minutes washing your face. A face-cleaning wipe is a convenient solution when you don’t have the time or energy to wash your face with soap and water.


You might be surprised how your skin reacts to being in the cold, dry environment of a plane. Bring a small container of gentle lotion in case of unexpected dryness.

Travel Toothbrush

A travel toothbrush is a convenient, easy-to-pack essential that you’ll be glad to have if you’re on a long flight where you might want to brush your teeth. 

Snack Bars

Days at the airport always feel long even if the flight itself is fairly short. Remember to pack yourself some snack bars for when you get peckish on the plane. 

Travel Wallet

For your carry-on, it makes sense to invest in a travel wallet that is secure and safe. Protect your valuables and cash from potential pickpockets who know you’re vulnerable when trying to get to the correct gate or port.

Travel Smart

When you’re traveling, you want to be able to focus on getting the most out of the experience, so avoiding distractions like uncomfortable shoes is a must. Rothy’s has the travel flats with the design, durability, and comfort you need as you power through your sightseeing destinations. Now you’re ready to check off that bucket list and do it in style.

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