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The makings of a bag.

We launched bags in March 2020—our first category expansion outside of women’s footwear, and one of our proudest moments as a brand. That was also when we introduced ocean-bound marine plastic to our material lineup in an effort to keep plastic out of our oceans.

A lot has happened since early 2020 (we could say that twice). In that time, we’ve learned more about our bags business, and that includes a comprehensive audit of pricing. As a result, some bags will be changing in price as of August 2021. A few styles will be increasing in price, one will decrease, and several favorites will stay priced as they were at launch.

Every single Rothy’s bag is carefully constructed in our sustainable workshop. Our bags production floor operates in a completely different way than our footwear floors, and it’s filled with skilled artisans who specialize in the unique craftsmanship of durable handbags and accessories. Whereas our shoe uppers are often knit directly into their final shape, our bags are a multilayered process. Each panel is knit individually to avoid waste, then meticulously stitched together. 

Every bag undergoes several different stages and passes through dozens of skilled hands. Our proprietary technology results in color combinations like no other handbag on the market, and our thoughtful design details like trim and piping take hours to perfect. They also undergo rigorous quality control, including high grade ironing, heavyweight testing to ensure strap durability and wash testing for machine washability.

By using recycled plastics, including marine plastic, to make our bags, we substantially lower our environmental impact. Avoiding traditional materials, like leather and suede, also gives our handbags incredible advantages—we’re able to knit completely unique patterns and offer fully machine washable products. 

When it comes to the price of our bags, we took a close look at each individual style and evaluated the cost of materials and amount of labor they entail. We found that some of our styles with extensive hardware and adjustable shoulder straps cost significantly more to produce and quality control, and we made the decision to raise their price. On the other hand, we also discovered our wallet styles can be done a bit more efficiently, and therefore we were able to lower their costs. Some of our fan-favorite bags, like The Essential Tote and The Essential Pouch, were priced appropriately at launch and will remain the same cost.

We’re so proud of our extensive bag collection, and we hope you continue to love these sustainable, durable, machine washable styles as much as we do. Thanks for being part of our journey as we pioneer a better way to manufacture bags and accessories.

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