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Meet The Lace Up.

The Lace Up combines everything you’ve been looking for into one cool shoe. This fresh sneaker is a familiar favorite done differently. With adjustable laces, supportive structure and sustainable materials, this style does it all. Plus, like all Rothy’s, these shoes are fully machine washable. Complete with a neutral color palette, these sneaks make it easy to take a step in the right direction.

These dreamy shoes feature quite a few remarkable details, so we asked a couple members of our team to give you the inside scoop. Meet Mikaela from Product Design and Michaela from Product Development. This dynamic duo proves that two really are better than one. Let’s dive in.

Image with the text “Michaela—product development”, with a collage of images showing her sitting in the grass wearing The Lace Up in Vanilla, a spool of lilac thread, and The Lace Up in Lilac shown with a Rothy’s shoebox.

Michaela, Product Development:

1. This silhouette is completely new for Rothy’s. Can you tell us how it came to life?

“When we set out to create The Lace Up, we knew we wanted to make a shoe that was both comfortable and beautiful on the foot. Through artful innovation with our design and our factory teams, we created a shoe that perfectly marries thoughtful design with sustainable craftsmanship.”

“The Lace Up essentially feels like walking on clouds. It’s a true all day, every day style. In fact, you just might forget to take them off before you fall asleep. Our wear-testers have once or twice.”

2. Can you share more about why this sneaker is sustainable?

“As with all of our products, we work hard to minimize waste during the manufacturing process. The upper on The Lace Up is knit to shape, which reduces cutting waste.”

“The padded ankle collar is cushioned with excess yarn to minimize waste. This gives a new life to material that would otherwise be wasted.”

“From start to finish, these shoes were crafted with the planet in mind. The outsole is made of a bio-based TPU, and the extra-comfy footbed is made with plant-based materials. The adjustable laces are knit with our signature thread made from repurposed plastic water bottles.”

3. What are three things that make this style special?

“It’s hard to pick only three special things about this style, but here goes nothing! I love the padded ankle collar, the one-piece knit upper and the cloud-like footbed. We also crafted an ultra plush, super-smooth layer that lines the footbed making this sneaker incredibly comfortable.”

Image with the text “Mikaela—product design”, with a collage of images showing her workstation, her wearing The Lace Up in Navy,  the heel design detail of The Lace Up, and an assortment of lace up sneaker colors.

Mikaela, Product Design:

1. Can you talk about the design process for this new sneaker?

“We explored and looked at different ways of doing a women's lace up shoe. Through several sample versions, we looked at the way different colors, patterns and textures came to life. We also played with details like ankle stripes and lace stay variations.”

“The team fell in love with how The Lace Up feels retro and contemporary at the same time. From the colors to the construction, this style is so thoughtfully designed.”

2. Can you tell us more about the color palette?

“For the launch, we wanted unconventional yet wearable neutrals. We went for colors that could carry the wearer anywhere, in any outfit. Each color was selected to pair perfectly with your favorite pair of denim, flowy dresses and those go-to joggers.”

3. What is your favorite design detail on this style?

“The ankle stripes! We got to have so much fun with our palette. This detail creates endless opportunities for styling with playful socks or patterned pants.”

Lightning round:

Dress or jeans with The Lace Up?

The Lace Up with everything!!! - Mikaela

Dress! -Michaela

When you’re not wearing The Lace Up, you can be found in…?

The Slide. -Mikaela

The Sneaker. :) - Michaela

Which color of The Lace Up is your go-to?

Navy! No wait, Vanilla. No, actually the Spearmint! -Mikaela

It’s a tie! Vanilla or Spearmint. I’ll probably need a few extra minutes to get ready… -Michaela

The Lace Up in Lilac, The Lace Up in Vanilla and The Lace Up in Navy shown on the feet of three models.

Step into new territory with these classic kicks. Discover The Lace Up.


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