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Meena and Katie are game changers.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we asked our community to share the stories of women impacted by Breast Cancer. What resulted was an outpour of 2,000 moving, inspirational stories. One story in particular showcased a powerful friendship that left us wanting to know more. Katie gifted Meena a pink pair of Rothy’s and shared her admiration for her friend’s strength and perseverance.

Meena and Katie wearing their Rothy's

Ladies! To begin, where did the two of you meet, and how far back does your friendship go?

[Katie]: We met four years ago and are both raising our families in a beautiful coastal town outside of Boston and ultimately met through our sons playing youth hockey together. We relied on each other from carpooling to pizza nights and quickly formed a bond beyond that. We are both passionate when it comes to supporting our kids and quickly discovered we have many things in common such as yoga, country music, and margaritas :)

Meena, we want to talk about your work for a little bit. You’ve been working as an ICU Nurse at Children’s Hospital Boston for twenty years. What keeps you motivated and positive on those more challenging days at the hospital?

[M]: The CICU is an incredible place. It is hard to explain the patient and family experience let alone the nursing experience if you have not been there. I come home incredibly grateful for the health of my children and the “normalcy” of our lives. These families not only experience the multiple layers of stress that having a sick child throws at them but also the inability to manage the other aspects of their lives. I also work with an incredible group of nurses who have taught me so much about being a nurse, a mom and balancing it all. Finally, while my illness course was short and less intense that many women with breast cancer, I truly am so grateful for the role that nurses play in our lives. I had amazing nurses taking care of me during my treatment course who gave me so much strength and I have walked away from that experience more grateful than ever for being a nurse.

Katie, we loved the story you sent in about Meena so much. Can you tell us in your own words why you wanted to gift her a pair of Rothy’s? How is Meena a Game Changer to you?

[K]: What an incredible way to lift someone’s spirit and brighten their day! As soon as I saw this promotion I thought of Meena. She is truly the ULTIMATE game changer! She is an incredibly devoted mother and wife and is literally caring for the most critically ill of children as a nurse in the CICU at Children’s Hospital. She has FOUR amazing years of remission behind her and breast cancer has not slowed her down one bit. From volunteering at her kids’ school to serving on the board of a foundation that provides heart family patients with tremendous resources, she is always giving back. She even serves as a mentor to future nurses by teaching at a local college and mentoring them at the hospital. Meena has a knack for making everyone around her feel special. Gifting a pair of shoes to her is the least I can do!

We know you’re both moms juggling crazy careers and even crazier days. We made our shoes for women just like you; game-changers who are up early, out late, and always heading in a thousand different directions. How do your Rothy’s help you on those crazy days?

[M]: The shoes are so comfortable. My feet are always tired from working and running around. I know I can rely on Rothy’s to keep me comfortable while still looking stylish. I get so many compliments on them! They are so well made!

[K]: Rothy’s provide effortless style to any outfit! They are so versatile that women can wear them anywhere from work, to the bus stop, to a royal appearance (Meghan Markle!)

Katie tells us you both have an affinity for margaritas (just like us)! Beyond a cold marg, how do you two relax after a long day on your feet?

[M]: I love a great yoga class and a nice hot shower followed by getting comfortable with a glass of wine and a good book. But my favorite is seeing my kids after a long day at work. I love hearing about their day and being able to wind down with them.

[K]: For me raising 4 kids is a job all day and night. The things that help me wind down the most are taking a yoga class or a walk on the beach.

As you both know, we’re all better together, especially when facing adversity like breast cancer. What does female friendship mean to you? How do you both show up for your friends?

[M]: There is nothing like the sisterhood of female friends. It is such a unique gift that must be cherished, protected and nurtured. I am so blessed to have so many “sisters” from so many phases of my life: college, work, and my hometown friends. We motivate each other to be the best versions of ourselves. We relate to those days we feel like we are in the trenches.

Life and schedules can be busy and overwhelming but the way my friends and I all look out for each other and support each other through life’s highs and lows in something that is so incredibly important to me. Katie and I recognize the need to do this for each other and the other women in our lives. It is a priority.

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