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Giving Tuesday 2021

Update: For Giving Tuesday 2021, we initially donated $10,000 to Plastic Pollution Coalition—an organization working toward a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. We invited you to get involved to help us make a difference. We were so humbled and delighted by your generous participation that we decided to make an additional contribution to match your donations. Thanks to all 950 of you who donated—together, we raised $14,910 to support Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Note: Donating at checkout is no longer available.

Every year, we show up on Giving Tuesday to support causes near to our hearts. This year is no exception—we’re proud to share that we’re donating $10,000 to Plastic Pollution Coalition

Eliminating plastic pollution requires collective action. Whether you’re shopping for men or for women, you can help us make a greater impact this Giving Tuesday. We’ve added a $1, $5 or $10 donation option for you at checkout.*


Partnering for change.

Plastic pollution is a problem we’ve been tackling since we started Rothy's more than 5 years ago. Our signature thread made from recycled plastic water bottles is found in every single product we make. And in an effort to further reduce plastic waste, we’re working on implementing our own large-scale recycling program so that we can reuse recycled Rothy’s thread to make new Rothy’s products. 

While we’re solving for plastic at the end of the line, Plastic Pollution Coalition is trying to solve for eliminating plastic pollution at the start. They’re working toward a more just, equitable world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on humans, animals, waterways, oceans and the environment. We’re furthering our mission of doing better for the planet by joining their coalition. This adds to our lineup of amazing past partners like Surfrider and eXXpedition.


Better together.

We've been on a mission to do better since day one—you can read about our progress toward our circularity goals here. We believe we can effect lasting change, working together with our partners, our community and you. 

We hope you'll join us in fighting plastic pollution. We’ve added a $1, $5 or $10 donation option for you at checkout.* Also, read our latest post on The Loop from Saskia, our Head of Sustainability, on ways you can reduce your plastic footprint.


*You are donating to DailyKarma. The monies will be donated by DailyKarma to The DailyKarma Foundation to benefit Plastic Pollution Coalition. The administration and fulfillment of the donation is the sole responsibility of DailyKarma.  a

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