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Diving into shibori.

In making The Sneaker in Shibori, we learned so much about the traditional Japanese dyeing technique that inspired its design. Dive into the story behind shibori—and find out how we plan on paying homage to this special technique. 

shibori pillows

The history of shibori.

Shibori is one of the oldest Japanese dyeing techniques, dating back to at least the eighth century. While traditionally associated with indigo dye, the word “shibori” itself refers to the physical manipulation of the fabric before the dyeing process. Each piece of fabric is first carefully bound, stitched and shaped. Once placed into dye, the areas that are not exposed due to the binding create the distinct patterns and variations that shibori is known for. Within the art of shibori, there are multiple forms of dyeing techniques—each equally beautiful and unique.

shibori collab

Our coolest collaboration. 

We created The Sneaker in Shibori with designer and restaurateur behind The Butcher’s Daughter, Heather Tierney. Made to celebrate our New York store and community, this one-of-a-kind indigo design was inspired by shibori textiles found in Heather’s restaurant. From there, The Sneaker in Shibori was born. 

shibori sneaker

The next step.

When we first released these shoes, we were blown away by how much you loved them. We can’t wait to continue iterating on this beautiful style—only this time, with a new name. To honor the rich history, tradition and craftsmanship behind shibori, any future designs inspired by this gorgeous technique will feature names that reflect their unique Rothy’s interpretation. 

Be on the lookout for more of this beloved print coming your way. It may be called something different, but we promise it’ll be just as special. 

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