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One of the most special things about Rothy’s is you (aka, our incredible community). Over the years, we’ve seen this special group of Rothy’s lovers continue to grow—there are nearly two million of you to be exact.

To kick off 2022, we’re featuring a few of our best selling styles on four members of our community. Cristina is a regular, valued customer at our Fillmore store. Esha is a freelance journalist, brand consultant and world traveler. Their moms can often be found rocking a pair of Rothy’s, too. We got all four of them in a room—surrounded by shoes, naturally—and let the conversation flow. Let’s dive in. 

Tell us about yourself? 

Cristina: I grew up in Petaluma, in Sonoma county. I am the oldest sibling with a sister who’s 10 years younger and a brother who’s 15 years younger—I am the definition of the oldest and it shines through in my personality! That’s good or bad depending on if you ask my siblings.

I started in retail when I was 16 and have really loved helping customers find the perfect thing they didn’t know they needed. I also realized I have a passion (and strength) for teaching. I love to train new hires and educate and grow leaders.

I also love my hobbies. My biggest loves are sewing and fast cars. I’m a big quilter and very into cars. My interests are definitely on opposite sides of each other! 

Esha: For the past decade I've worked as a journalist and as a writer in the sustainability space, covering the cross section of business and environmental and social impact, and reporting for a variety of publications. It’s enabled me to do two things I deeply love: travel and tell stories that bring about solutions and hope.

In addition, I launched Alaya Tea in 2019 with my co-founder Smita Satiani, building our own mission-driven business. We are a loose-leaf tea company that works directly with organic, regenerative and biodynamic farms and tea estates in India. It’s an extension of our roots, growing up in South Asian households.

What was your first pair of Rothy’s? And which is your favorite?


My first pair of Rothy’s was… 

The Point in Black—classic! 

My favorite pair is… 

Oh, it’s so hard to pick just one. They’re all so different! My go-to work for work is probably The Loafer in Black. But for a day off, I go for The Original Slip On Sneaker in Grey Camo.


My first pair of Rothy’s was…

The Original Slip On Sneaker in Anchor. I learned about the brand from my mom who has been a fan for over 4 years and has worn her shoes all over the planet! We were in Europe together during a winter storm with arctic winds, and she was still rocking her Rothy’s. She influenced me, you could say. 

My favorite pair is…

I have my eye on The Chelsea in Light Sage. I love the elegant color!

If you could travel or live anywhere, where would it be and why? 

Cristina: I would love to visit Australia! It just looks amazing there. Though if I were to live somewhere else, it would probably be Ireland. So green. And I love the rain, so that helps.

Esha: I would love to visit Patagonia in South America, and return back to Bhutan one day. I find peace in the mountains. As for living, the English countryside calls to me. I lived in London for several years as a student and had the opportunity to travel around the UK. The English countryside is so picturesque, bucolic and peaceful. I daydream about having a beautiful garden, my own vegetable patch and spending days outdoors…

The best advice your mom has ever given you in a sentence?

Cristina: To be authentically you. The people who are your true friends will love you for it!

Esha: To remain humble, always. 

How are you stepping into 2022 with your best foot forward? 

Cristina: I am taking a minute to breathe and appreciate the things I have been able to do this last year. Though it was a bit of a crazy year (again), we made it through and I have high hopes for 2022. I believe you have to send positive vibes out into the universe. Plus, wearing a sparkly pair of shoes is always the right way to start the new year!

Esha: I’m really excited to build Alaya Tea with my co-founder Smita. It’s something we both feel so passionately about: slowing down in life with a ritual, supporting organic farmers that are tackling climate change, celebrating the people who grew your food and building a small business with soul.

What’s your go-to emoji?

Cristina: 😘

Esha: 🙈


Now it’s your turn. 

We want to hear from you. Head over to Instagram and let us know your own answers to these questions in the comments.

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