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Behind the design: Feb 2020.

What’s in a name? 

From product design to the big reveal, our entire team is involved in bringing each of our special collections to life. And we want to shine a spotlight on all of the incredible people who work behind the scenes of each launch.

Our spring collection is filled with garden-inspired shades to whisk you right to the warmer months ahead. These beautiful hues each have romantic names to match—courtesy of our team of copywriters. We sat down with two of our writers, Anné and Larisa, to learn more about their process. 


Can you tell us about your role in bringing this collection to life?

“We have the exciting job of naming the shoes—both the color and the silhouettes. From the website copy to emails and blogs (like this one) we write all the words associated with each collection. If you read it, our team wrote it!” -Anné

What was the inspiration behind the color names for this collection?

“This collection is inspired by the refreshing feeling of spring. The colors are soft and inviting with romantic names like Fawn, Cornflower, Mint and Coral. These sophisticated shoes are meant to span the season and beyond.” -Larisa

How do you go about naming each color?

“The process begins with the product team. Once they share the collection concept, we work closely with the merchandising team to translate their vision into the color names—and all the words we write about the collection.” -Larisa

Do you have a favorite style or color from the collection? Why do you love it?

“All of the colors are beautiful! I’m especially drawn to Cornflower because blue is a great way to add a bright pop to any outfit. I can see myself wearing this shade all season long.” -Anné

“I adore the color Fawn! It’s the perfect unexpected neutral that can be worn in many ways. Personally, I love The Loafer because it’s so comfy.” -Larisa

Lightning round:

The Point or The Sneaker?

“Neither! I love The Loafer.” – Larisa

“The Point.” – Anné

Bright colors or classic neutrals?

“Bright colors.” – Anné

“Classic neutrals. It’s hard to pick!”– Larisa

Pattern or solid?

“Pattern!”– Anné

“Solid!” – Larisa

One more just for fun! What are you reading?

“I’m reading Normal People by Sally Rooney. And I just finished Sally Field’s memoir In Pieces.” – Anné

“I just finished Normal People by Sally Rooney, and I’m starting Jia Tolentino’s book, Trick Mirror.”– Larisa

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