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Bags made better.

At Rothy's, we're all about reimagining style staples—in the most sustainable way possible. We spent over a year perfecting our latest offering, and we’re thrilled to introduce our first-ever collection of bags. Knit with a blend of marine plastic and our signature thread, which is spun from single-use water bottles (50 million and counting so far!). From bright colors to our classic patterns, our bags are available in an array of shades and shapes for every occasion.

We sat down with Bag Designer, Manon, and Product Designer, Lavion, to learn more about the elements that make these styles so special.

Bag Designer, Manon, and Product Designer, Lavion working on our bag designs.

How are these bags made, and are they knit like Rothy’s shoes?

“This is our first collection made with marine plastic as the recycled fiber material (aka, the thread). The marine plastic is collected within 30 miles of coastlines across the world. It’s then cleaned and spun into beautiful thread. Each silhouette is knit in a similar fashion to our shoes, and then we finish each bag with handcrafted details.” -Manon

“We also developed a few unique techniques specific to bags to address both construction and the functional aspects of each style. Our key focus was to reduce material consumption and waste. We were able to achieve both through our unique 3D knitting process. This means that each silhouette is knit to shape, which greatly reduces the excess material waste associated with more traditional cut and sew methods of manufacturing. Additionally, we were able to integrate in trim details which kept components minimal across the collection.” -Lavion

On the left, spools of Rothy's signature thread. On the right, one of our team members knitting our bags together.

Can you talk about the aesthetic direction of the collection, and the key details you considered in how the bags came to life?

“Our intent with The Bag Collection was to emphasize the same beauty and craftsmanship reflected in our footwear. We’re staying true to Rothy’s signature modern, functional feel and accentuated it with fun graphic treatments. We were deliberate in giving the bags a life of their own. Our bags are meant to complement our shoes while also creating a clear distinction between the two product lines through execution and details.” -Lavion

Let’s talk about the details! Can you tell us about the functional components like the straps, hardware and bag feet?

“When we were thinking about what we wanted the bag line to be like, besides the aesthetic, functionality became a really important element. Our customer varies, and the same customer may need a bag that will take her from meetings, to the gym, to picking up kids. She wants a bag that does it all—she can throw it over her shoulder or across her body, zip it and go! Plus, the internal pocket is perfect for accessing all her important (phone, keys, wallet) items with ease.” -Manon

“We also focused our attention on durability and hand craftsmanship. Our bags are designed to look beautiful and last. Our bags are fully machine washable—just like the shoes. Plus, details like the bag feet at the base of The Essential Tote and The Handbag add a bit of extra protection against daily wear and tear.” -Lavion

“Each small detail is both aesthetically beautiful and totally functional. These bags are meant to be loved and carried daily—all while looking great wear after wear.” -Manon

The top handles and straps of our bags in our factory.

What is the purpose of the magnetic elements featured on The Essential Tote and The Essential Pouch?

“The magnetic fasteners allow for The Essential Pouch to connect and align neatly against the side of The Essential Tote. This keeps the interior orderly and allows for easy access to all of your essentials. We considered the functional nature of both The Essential Tote and The Essential Pouch, and how they could be used together or separately during a day on the go. You can go to work with The Essential Tote—it easily fits a laptop and all of your daily necessities—and grab The Essential Pouch when you need to head out for lunch or drinks in the evening.” -Lavion

Can you speak about the beautiful halo detail and its placement across the collection?

“When thinking of the concept of a new kind of statement bag, it isn’t about being loud, it’s about being thoughtful as a brand in everything from craftsmanship to our branding marks. The halo is a subtle yet distinctive identifying marker of the Rothy’s DNA and our beautiful product. We worked hard to make sure our signature halo is thoughtfully placed across each silhouette—just like it is on our shoes.” -Lavion

Close up details of The Essential Tote in Bright Poppy.

Can you walk us through the inspiration behind the colors and patterns?

“We focused our initial mood boards around analogous inspiration such as architecture, furniture and textile design. Our intent was to be clean and modern from a graphic point of view by exploring all areas of design. As we began to work on the bags, each trial presented different things for us to consider in terms of how we could bring color and pattern to life. Our knitting technique allowed us to play with angles and gradient effects in interesting ways. Because the technique was so new to us, it freed us up to innovate and try fresh ideas.” -Manon

How did you work with the workshop in Dongguan, China to bring these bags to life?

“We are fortunate enough to own and operate our factory in Dongguan, China. This afforded us the freedom to consider how we wanted to tailor our sample room and production to fit our unique process. We built everything from the ground up and assembled a talented team with years of valuable experience to craft bags only Rothy’s can make.” -Lavion

Our workshop team in China.

Lightning round:

The Essential Tote or The Dual-Zip Crossbody?

M: The Dual-Zip Crossbody. It’s surprisingly spacious thanks to the pleated gussets and is perfect for running around town.

L: The Essential Tote.

Pattern or solid?

M: Pattern.

L: I personally love the camo styles. They have a nice balance of color that adds a special touch to any wardrobe.

Bright colors or classic neutrals?

M: I am more of a classic neutral type of girl. Although, I can't wait to wear Dove Grey during the summer.

L: Classic Neutrals.

Favorite design element from this collection?

M: I love the fact that the bags are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. I find it is all those small details that make them really special.

L: Magnetic attachment detail on The Essential Tote and The Essential Pouch.

And, just for fun! What’s your favorite movie?

M: Call Me By Your Name.

L: Garden State.

Our new collection of timeless, washable, sustainable bags are the perfect carry-it-all companions to every outfit. Discover the collection and find your new go-to.

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