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30 tips for Earth Month.

It’s Earth Month here on this lovely planet we call home. At Rothy’s, we’re celebrating one of our favorite 30-day periods with 30 sustainability tips. We’ve got pro-tips for the home, the lowdown on recycling and even ways to get involved in your community—because we know every small action has a big impact.
As we continue to spend time indoors, some of these tips might not be applicable quite yet. Even still, we want to make sure you’re equipped to make a difference in the future. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Use things you can reuse.
1. Repurpose wine bottles as water bottles/carafes to have cold water on hand in the fridge.
2. Use reusables like: water bottles, coffee mugs, utensils, food containers and grocery bags.
3. Use reusable produce bags or skip the bag completely when buying produce at the market—fruits and veggies naturally have a protective layer but remember to give them a wash when you get home.
4. When you get takeout, ask the restaurant to skip the plastic utensils in your order. Try to use your own at home or keep a set at work.

Make sustainable moves.
5. Walk, ride a bike or join a carpool.
6. Spend time appreciating the beauty and genius of nature.

Reduce and recycle.
7. Switch to online billing. Bonus: going paperless reduces the amount of mail you need to sort through. Plus, the trees will thank you.
8. Educate yourself on your local recycling practices, and challenge yourself to educate others. They vary by region and knowing what goes in which bin is super important. For example, recycling bins “contaminated” with pieces of trash often get thrown away completely.

No place like home.
9. Wash your clothes on the cold setting. In fact, Rothy’s are washed this way, too.
10. Skip the dryer and air dry your clothes.
11. Use eco-friendly cleaning products and reusable rags to clean your home—less chemicals and it saves trees.
12. Instead of air fresheners and aerosol sprays, pick indoor plants that clean the air.
13. Before you buy a new household item to replace a broken one, see if it can be repaired instead.
14. Use smart thermostats and plugs to heat and cool more efficiently. Make sure to turn off your appliances automatically.
15. Buy refillable products.
16. Ask your utility company to provide renewable energy options or explore new financing programs that make it easier to buy solar—and solar hot water systems—for your home.
17. Remember to turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth.

Buy with the planet in mind.
18. Shop second hand for clothing.
19. Skip the wrapping paper! Re-use old wrapping paper, old newspapers or decorate the box—like we love to do with our Rothy’s boxes.
20. Choose to purchase from companies that match your values.

Eat responsibly.
21. Eat what’s in season! The carbon footprint of out-of-season fruits and veggies is large. You can also shop at the farmers market to support local farmers.
22. Replace a meal a week—or more—with a plant-based meal.
23. Grow your own produce—herbs are a great place to start and don’t take up a ton of space.
24. Pack your own lunch instead of purchasing prepackaged meals.
25. Start composting your kitchen scraps and choosing compostable products.
26. Shop the bulk bin at grocery stores to get only what you need and avoid food waste.

Get involved in your community.
27. Contact your city council member or representative to support environmentally friendly policies.
28. Support or volunteer at a forest, wetland or coastline conservation project.
29. If you are able to invest money, see if you can invest in an ESG—this stands for Environment Social Governance—fund which supports environmentally and socially conscious businesses.
30. Educate your kids and young people you know about sustainable practices.

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