Dress flats for any occasion.

Beauty is pain? Nope, stop right there. It’s time to challenge the idea that you have to choose between style and comfort—especially when we’re talking about shoes.

If you’re attending a formal event like a party, what do you imagine you’re wearing? Maybe you conjured up an outfit involving some sort of glamorous dress paired with sky-high heels—but it’s time to break free of that expectation.

The fashion world has finally caught on to the fact that not all women want to teeter around in heels for a night on the town or for formal events. Enter: dressy flats.

You might think there are situations and events that necessitate the need for heels, but there truly is a pair of dressy flats for every occasion. To make flats work with fancier attire, you need to pay attention to the proportions and cut of your clothes. The right balance of colors and lengths can take your look up a notch.

The Flats add an effortless feel to any ensemble, so why not go into your next formal event confidently wearing them, knowing the next couple of hours will be completely pain free?

Read on to find out more about how to properly style dressy flats—or skip ahead to the section relevant to you.

Why should I wear flats with formal dresses?
If you wear high heels regularly, we salute you for your dedication. However, there are a few things you should consider before donning your favorite pair of stilettos for your next night out—the most significant of which is your health.

High heels can be beautiful but all of that added height comes at a price. So, exactly how do high heels affect your body? These towering pieces of footwear force your feet into an unnatural angle which throws muscles, ligaments, and joints out of their proper alignment.

As a result, you might suffer lower back, neck, or shoulder pain from prolonged use of heels. If that’s not enough to convince you to say goodbye to your pumps, the extra pressure placed on the knees, the Achilles’ heel and calf muscles may also cause injury over time. Even one night of dancing in bad heels can make you susceptible to conditions like Achilles’ tendonitis, while wearing heels every day can actually shorten your calf muscles.

And this is why, heel-lovers, it’s time to go to the flat side.

Flats allow your spine to be better aligned and encourage an unforced posture that you can’t replicate while wearing heels. Life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes, especially if they limit your movement and cause pain.

Rocking a pair of flats means choosing not to take a break from dancing at your best friend’s wedding, walking those couple extra blocks to get the best view of the sunset, and being able to chase down your niece during an especially competitive game of tag.

But, the question remains: which women’s dress flats do you go for? Not all shoes are created equally, after all.

Enter Rothy’s. Our sustainably made shoes are perfect for all occasions, from the most casual of get-togethers to formal, black tie events. You won’t even need to have a spare pair of comfortable shoes at your office—one set of Rothy’s is enough to help you power through the day.

As a bonus, you don’t need to break Rothy’s in—they’re comfortable right out of the box, from the very first wear. With four styles to choose from, The Flat, The Loafer, The Point and The Sneaker, you can enjoy a range of flats that complement a variety of outfits. Regardless of the event, you’ll find the perfect fit.

What are the best formal dresses to wear with flats?
So, you’ve made the decision to go with a pair of dressy flats instead of heels. Now you’ve got to figure out what you’re wearing with them to complete the look. Below, we have suggestions for how to balance out the casual elegance of flats with different kinds of formalwear.

A-Line Skirts and Dresses
An A-line skirt or dress is the perfect accompaniment to dressy flats: the fullness of this style elevates your outfit to the next level and provides a perfect base to build on. Its flattering construction nips in at the waist and flares out at the bottom, a classic look for the girl on the go.

Add a flowy blouse, clutch, and blazer for an easy, sophisticated outfit. Pair a bold A-line dress with an equally bold pair of dressy flats like The Point in Flame.

Mini Shift
The 60s are calling; and they say you look great.
A mini shift dress is a mod approach to a formal event and we love pairing it with simple, chic dress flats. Balance out the extra skin showing in a mini shift with long sleeves, The Flat in Mink, and statement earrings for a look Twiggy herself would be proud to wear.

Pencil Skirt
Pencil skirts are a workhorse clothing choice for the busy professional who wants to elongate her body with a flattering shape and length. Pair a neutral pencil skirt and a long sleeved button-up with The Loafer in Navy to take on any board meeting with absolute confidence. We recommend choosing a lighter color shoe to help lengthen your body.

Tailored Pants
If pants are your preference, there’s a flat for that. We like a beautifully tailored pair of pants with any style of dressy flats.

For a trendy cropped pant, The Sneaker adds a cool, unexpected touch. Or, if you want to dress like the boss you already are, you can’t go wrong with black tailored pants, a black blouse, and comfortable dressy flats like The Point in a bold color like Chili Red.

What formal occasions can I attend wearing dress flats?
The answer here, of course, is another question: what formal occasion can’t you attend while wearing dress flats? All of Rothy’s flats can be styled into an A-list ensemble. In fact, the added confidence and comfort from your Rothy’s are exactly what you need to complete your outfit.

If you want to be the belle of the ball, forgo heels in favor of some spotted pointed flats. Dancing all night is a cardio workout—so make sure to enjoy every moment of this high school rite of passage by making comfort your number one priority. The right pair of dressy flats will keep you light on your feet all night long.

Outfit ideas: A full-length chiffon gown paired with The Point in Blush or a tea-length black dress paired with The Point in Red Botanicamo for a pop of color.

At weddings, there’s a good chance you’ll be on your feet for a while: you have to stand for the bride’s entrance, dance the night away on the dance floor, stand in line for food or drinks, and walk to the reception area. Weddings can be quite the walking workout—which is why it’s important to be wearing shoes that support all of the activities the nuptials require. Give yourself the gift of truly enjoying the experience undistracted by discomfort. We recommend pairing your attire with The Flat, The Point, or The Loafer styles depending on the rest of your outfit.

Outfit ideas: For a formal wedding, you can’t go wrong with an understated black dress paired with The Point in Marigold as an unexpected footwear choice that’s bright and colorful. If you’re attending a more informal outdoor wedding, we suggest wearing a floral dress paired with a fun style and color like the The Loafer in Cornflower.

Cocktail Party
Headed to a cocktail party where you need to dress to the nines? We suggest wearing a classic little black dress to a cocktail party. You can’t go wrong with a time-honored classic, after all. As for your footwear, round toe flats will provide a modern addition to an iconic look.

Outfit ideas: A black mini-dress paired, minimalist gold jewelry and The Flat in Black. Or, go for a trendy jumpsuit paired with The Flat in Scooter Red.

Awards Ceremony
If you’re attending an awards ceremony, it’s time to outshine the trophies they’re giving out that night with some sparkle of your own. Choosing the right pair of pointed toe flats will help keep your focus on your acceptance speech instead of looking for Band-Aids at the eleventh hour before you’re set to walk on stage.

Outfit ideas: A shimmering gold dress would pair beautifully with The Point in Black Solid.

Fundraising Gala
For a fundraising event, we recommend a long formal dress in satin paired with a shawl so you’ll be warm but chic if it gets chilly later in the night.
Outfit ideas: We love the understated elegance of The Flat paired with a midi-length cocktail dress. Or, go for a matching set with a crop top and corresponding skirt paired with The Point. Have fun playing with different proportions, but remember, lighter colors will elongate while darker colors provide interesting lines and contrast.

Black Tie Event
It’s time to get fancy. Understated and sophisticated are what you’re going for at a black tie event. Floor-length gowns are standard but if you’re adventurous, go for something daring. A backless dress or a semi-sheer illusion dress, for example.

Outfit ideas: A backless, floor-length dress paired with a clutch, statement earrings, and ladies’ flat dress shoes like The Point in Night Metallic.

Whatever occasion you’re dressing up for, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice being comfortable. If you feel good in your footwear, you’ll radiate a glow that you just can’t get while wearing bad shoes. So choose dressy flats from Rothy’s—it’s time to embrace flats as the shoe of your liberation.